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No radio
in car 

No radio on board

No radio
Already stolen

Absolutely no radio!

Radio broken
Alarm is set
To go off

No radio
No money

No radio
no valuables

No radio or
in car or trunk

No radio
Stolen 3X

No radio
Empty trunk
Empty glove compartment

In car
Nothing of value

No radio
No nuthin
(no kidding)

Radio Broken
Nothing Left!

Radio Gone
Note Hole in Dashboard

Radio Will Not Play
When Removed
Security Code Required

Would you keep
Anything valuable
In this wreck?

No valuables
In this van

Please do not

Thank you
For your kind

Nothing of value
in car
No radio
No tapes
No telephone

—Laurel Blossom

From The Papers Said , 2001
Greenhouse Review Press

Copyright 2001 by Laurel Blossom.
All rights reserved.

Reprinted by permission of Greenhouse Review Press. Copyright 2001 by Greenhouse Review Press. For further permissions information, contact Greenhouse Review Press, 3965 Bonny Doon Rd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

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Laurel Blossom (1943- ) is the author of the poetry collection Degrees of Latitude (Four Way Books, 2007).

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