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Cat Scat

I am watching Cleo listening, our cat
listening to Mozart's Magic Flute. What
can she be hearing? What
can the air carry into her ears like that,
her ears swivelling like radio dishes that
are tuned to all the noise of the world, flat
and sharp, high and low, a scramble of this and that
she can decode like nobody's business, acrobat
of random airs as she is? Although of course a bat
is better at it, sifting out of its acoustic habitat
the sound of the very shape of things automat-
ically-- and on the wing, at that. The Magic Flute! What
a joy it is, I feel, and wonder (to the end this little scat)
does , or can, the cat.

—Eamon Grennan

from What Light There Is and Other Poems, 1988
North Point Press

Copyright 1988 by Eamon Grennan.
All rights reserved.

Reprinted by permission of North Point Press from What Light There Is and Other Poems. Copyright 1988 by Eamon Grennan. For further permissions information, contact Eamon Grennan, Vassar College, Department of English, fax 845-437-7578.

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About the Poet

Eamon Grennan (1941- ) is the author of over ten poetry collections, including But the Body (Gallery Books, 2012). Grennan was born in Dublin and attended boarding school at a Cistercian monastery.

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