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The CIP Program has developed a more streamlined process to provide CIP data for simultaneously published e-books and print books. Simply check the box on the Application for CIP Data indicating that you would like to receive e-book metadata and provide any simultaneously-published e-book ISBNs.   By checking the box, you agree to send us a digital-rights-free copy of the e-book upon publication, in addition to the print book. 

In addition, you will receive your CIP data in the new combined “print + e” CIP Data Block, which can be included in both the print and the electronic book.  More information about the new CIP Data Block can be found on the Cataloging-In-Publication News and Events page

Library of Congress e-book metadata are distributed to WorldCat and other bibliographic utilities for use by libraries and vendors.  Library of Congress created e-book metadata are considered the highest quality and most complete metadata available to publishers and vendors for their e-book packages.  Having the best metadata assigned to your e-books will make your titles more accessible and retrievable by users worldwide.

The Library of Congress has developed procedures for the secure transfer of e-book files from publishers. The requirements for the complimentary copy of the e-book sent to the Library remain the same:

  • Ensure that the copy is the original version for reading issued by the publisher
  • Ensure that the copy is free of digital rights management

A CIP Program Specialist will be in contact to assist you in the e-book submission process. By participating in the CIP E-books Program, you will be helping to grow the digital repository of American creativity at the Library of Congress and ensuring that good e-book metadata is available for use by libraries and other institutions around the world.