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Ebooks Program

The CIP Program has developed a process to provide CIP data for simultaneously published e-books and print books. All CIP publishers that perform simultaneous publication of both formats are eligible to apply for the e-books program and will qualify based on the program requirements. Participating publishers must:

  • Market their e-books to libraries
  • Apply for CIP data for the print version of the title first
  • Apply for CIP data for the e-book version within ten business days of applying for the print version
  • Print the CIP data received in both the print and electronic versions of the title

The Library is currently testing procedures for the secure transfer of e-book files from publishers. After the test period, publishers participating in the e-books program will be asked to:

  • Send a complimentary copy of the e-book to the Library
  • Ensure that the copy is the original version for reading issued by the publisher
  • Ensure that the copy is free of digital rights management

When the Library is ready to accept the transfer of e-book files, more information will be available on this site.

The data application process for CIP data is straightforward. Once a publisher is accepted into the E-books Program, an email message with instructions is issued. Participating publishers will:

  • Submit a CIP data application for the print format first
  • Use a new e-books link on the main menu to access the e-book CIP data application
  • Fill out an abbreviated form associated with a specific print CIP data application
  • Receive CIP data for both print and e-versions of the title

The CIP Program is currently working on developing a composite version of the CIP data to allow publishers to print the same data in both formats for the title. Please visit this page for updates on this and other aspects of the CIP E-books Program.