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ECIP Cataloging Partnership Program Expands Membership Requirement to include NACO Member Institutions

The Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) Program is changing one of the key requirements for joining its Electronic Cataloging in Publication Cataloging Partnership Program. Previously, cataloging institutions interested in becoming cataloging partners with the CIP Program were required to be members of BIBCO. The CIP Program is proud to announce that NACO member institutions qualify for joining the Partnership Program effective February 1, 2016. This will greatly increase the number of potential partner libraries and institutions available while still preserving the highest cataloging standards which the Library of Congress, the CIP Program, and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) are dedicated to producing.

The CIP Program is able to achieve this balance between expanding the potential membership base of the PCC program while still maintaining cataloging standards for several reasons. BIBCO and NACO institutions are both members of PCC. Name access points are among the most important elements in a bibliographic record and those libraries likely to be targeted as potential partners by the CIP Program will have a high likelihood of quality cataloging. OCLC has also changed its policy to reflect this expertise; authorizing NACO users to update master records as members of a group of “expert users”. All partner-created records, whether done by a BIBCO or NACO institution, will be completed by the Library of Congress and have the “pcc” code present in the 042 MARC field. While completing these partner-records, LC staff will also perform an automated validation on all name and subject headings in the bibliographic record through the Library’s ILS system. Additionally, CIP Program Specialists will review all of the initial records created by a new partner library, adding another layer of quality control.

The CIP Program is excited to begin this new era of greater cooperation in cataloging, forging relationships with new partner institutions and strengthening the rapport with our existing partners. If you have any additional questions about the change or are interested in becoming a cataloging partner with the CIP Program, please feel free to contact the Acting CIP Program Manager, Caroline Saccucci, at [email protected].

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