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New Summaries Requirement

Beginning September 5, 2017, all applications for CIP data will be required to include an English-language summary that succinctly describes the contents of the forthcoming book. Summaries will enable catalogers to process CIP applications more efficiently and may also be included in bibliographic records to enhance keyword access.

Please do not include promotional language in summaries.

Here are some examples of possible summaries:

  • "Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to fall. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"--Provided by publisher.
  • This book provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of takfīr in Islamic thought. It discusses the concept in the doctrines of the major theological schools and in the thought of prominent medieval Muslim theologians.
  • Features 18 patterns from around the country for largemouth and smallmouth bass, explains how to fish them, and has detailed tying steps.
  • The European Union and the Arctic brings together academics from a range of disciplines to discuss the EU's potential roles in shaping Arctic governance. The book is divided into three parts. The first part examines the EU's current Arctic policy framework. The second part focuses on the EU's engagement with Arctic governance at the regional level and encompasses the EU's engagement with the so-called Arctic Five (five coastal States of the Arctic Ocean), providing examples of some of those relationships. The third part takes a sectoral approach, analysing the EU's potential contribution to regulation of key human activities in the Arctic, including shipping, fisheries, oil and gas operations, and marine mammals.
  • This volume, which contains essays by both historians and legal scholars, examines various aspects of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the first federal civil rights statute in American history.
  • Introduces the reader to the stars.