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ECIP-related Subject and Classification Proposals

1. Create a LCSH subject proposal using the Minaret Subject Proposal System: External Link


Create a LCC classification proposal using the Minaret Classification Proposal System: External Link

a) In the first 670 (i.e. "Work cat.:") provide the ECIP LCCN, author (if applicable), title, and location/data found, for example:

2011xxxxxx: [Lastname, Forename initials]. [Title proper, date]: $b CIP [location (e.g., t.p., galley)] [(data found)] CIP [location (e.g., galley)] [(additional data found)]

Note: for subject proposals, the "Work cat.:" prefix is automatically supplied by the SACO processing application.

b) Add the following note in the "Comments" field of the subject proposal or the classification proposal:

ECIP proposal, please send directly to PSD.

c) Notify the Library of Congress Cooperative Programs (Coop) Section ([email protected]) that a subject proposal and/or a classification proposal created for an ECIP is ready to be forwarded to PSD for expedited processing. Please use the Subject Line: ECIP Proposal.

2. Make the completed bibliographic record available on your server, in the FTP queue, where an automatic process picks it up and loads it into LC's catalog.

3. Forward the ECIP application to the Policy Section using the "ECIP Traffic Manager."

PSD will match the ECIP application with the SACO proposal(s) using the ECIP LCCN provided.