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   Spring 2013
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Uncle Sam, Census 1940.

Census Reference Publications

Censuses of Population: 1970

Census Data       Catalogs, Guides, Indexes Census History: 1970      Census Tracts: 1970   

Census Data

Censuses of Population and Housing Publications

This page contains links to all of the historical census reports from 1790 to 2010, including Census of Housing reports). Note: Not all titles are available within these online individual census reports series. Those titles indicated as not available can be searched using the Library of Congress Online Catalog to determine LC holdings: Direct links to the catalog records pertaining to the 1970 decennial Census are included below.
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Spring 2013

Census Connections

A Guide To Locating Selected U.S. Decennial And Economic Census Publications In The Library Of Congress

Table of Contents

Census Reference Publications
      Censuses of Population
            Census Data
            Specific Censuses
            State Censuses
      Economic Censuses
Census Search Strategies
Current Business Reports
Special Censuses
LC Catalog Searches

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Promotional Poster "It's your America! Help the ten-year roll call,"
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Uncle Sam, Census 1940.
    U.S. Bureau of the Census
Library of Congress
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1970 Census of Population
LC Call Number: HA201 1970.A568
LC Catalog Record: 72600036
Volume 1 Part A. Section 1: Characteristics of the Population [ZIP, 102.4 MB]
Volume 1 Part A. Section 2: Characteristics of the Population [ZIP, 84.5 MB]

1A-1C. [ZIP, 154.3 MB]
1A. National Origin and Language.
1B. Negro Population.
1C. Persons of Spanish Origin.

1D-1G. [ZIP, 120.4 MB]
1D. Persons of Spanish Surname.
1E. Puerto Ricans in the United States.
1F. American Indians.
1G. Japanese, Chinese, and Filipinos in the United States.

2A-2C. [ZIP, 197.2 MB]
2A. State of Birth.
2B. Mobility for States and the Nation.
2C. Mobility for Metropolitan Areas.

2D-2E. [ZIP, 118.1 MB]
2D. Lifetime and Recent Migration.
2E. Migration Between State Economic Areas.

3A-3B. [ZIP, 141.3 MB]
3A. Women by Number of Children Ever Born.
3B. Childspacing and Current Fertility.

4A-4C. [ZIP, 146.8 MB]
4A. Family Composition.
4B. Persons by Family Characteristics.
4C. Marital Status.

4D-4E. [ZIP, 118.9 MB]
4D. Age at First Marriage.
4E. Persons in Institutions and Other Group Quarters.

5A-5C. [ZIP, 159.4 MB]
5A. School Enrollment.
5B. Educational Attainment.
5C. Vocational Training.

6A-6C. [ZIP, 147.4 MB]
6A. Employment Status and Work Experience.
6B. Persons Not Employed.
6C. Persons With Work Disability.

6D-6E. [PDF Format: 9KB /1p] Table of Contents page: Links to multiple tables.
6D. Journey to Work.
6E. Veterans.

7A-7B. [ZIP, 194.1 MB]
7A. Occupational Characteristics.
7B. Industrial Characteristics.

7C-7F. [ZIP, 170.3 MB]
7C. Occupation by Industry.
7D. Government Workers.
7E. Occupation and Residence in 1965.
7F. Occupations of Persons with High Earnings.
8A-8B. [ZIP, 151.9 MB]
8A. Sources and Structure of Family Income.
8B. Earnings by Occupation and Education.

8C. [ZIP, 106.9 MB]
8C. Income of the Farm-Related Population.

9A-9B. [ZIP, 225.5 MB]
9A. Low-Income Population.
9B. Low-Income Areas in Large Cities.
10A-10B.[ZIP, 114.8 MB]
10A. Americans Living Abroad.
10B. State Economic Areas.

Volume 2 Subject Reports:

Series PC(S1): Supplementary Reports [ZIP, 64.7 MB]

Selected Print Resources in the collections of the Library of Congress related to the
United States--Census--1970 (Population)

1970 Census of Housing
LC Call Number: HD7293.A512
LC Catalog Record: 72600057
  Volume 1: Housing Characteristics for States, Cities, and Counties[ZIP, 81.9 MB] .
  Volume 2: Metropolitan Housing Characteristics

1 - 16. United States and Regions - Atlantic City, New Jersey [ZIP, 217.9 MB]

17 - 37. Augusta, Georgia-South Carolina - Canton, Ohio [ZIP, 192.4 MB]

38 - 56. Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Dayton, Ohio [ZIP, 249.3 MB]

57 - 76. Decatur, Illinois - Fort Worth, Texas [ZIP, 187.4 MB]

77 - 98. Fresno, California - Jersey City, New Jersey [ZIP, 194.1 MB]

99 - 119. Johnstown, Pennsylvania - Lorain-Elyria, Ohio [ZIP, 267.7 MB]

120 - 137. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California - Modesto, California [ZIP, 209.3 MB]

138 - 156. Monroe, Louisiana - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [ZIP, 202.1 MB]

157 - 176. Omaha, Nebraska-Iowa - Raleigh, North Carolina [ZIP, 188.3 MB]

177 - 195. Reading, Pennsylvania -San Francisco-Oakland, California [ZIP, 537.4 MB]

196 - 218. San Jose, California - Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida [ZIP, 229.4 MB]

219 - 234. Terre Haute, Indiana - Waterloo, Iowa [ZIP, 159.7 MB]

235 - 248. West Palm Beach, Florida - San Juan, Puerto Rico [ZIP, 151.8 MB]

 Volume 3: Block Statistics [ZIP, 49.8 MB]

Selected Print Resources in the collections of the Library of Congress related to the
United States--Census--1970 (Housing)

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Census History

Decennial Census History

See the 1970 Overview Section for links to additional information about the 1970 census, including reports and statistics.

Measuring America : the decennial censuses from 1790 to 2000. Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau. : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., [2002]
Available online [PDF Format: 16.45 MB/ 149pp.]
LC Call Number: HA37.U55M376 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2002485403

Provides for each decennial census: the questionnaires and instructions, individual histories of the U.S. decennial censuses, census cost, sampling, publicity, availability of population schedules, and more. Information on the 1970 Census appears on page 138.

1970 Census of Population and Housing. Procedural History.
LC Call Number: HA37.U52 1976
LC Catalog Record: 76005793

Procedural Histories of the Decennial Census: 1950-1990
Also available for downloading: Procedural history for 1970 census [ZIP 165MB]

Catalogs, Guides, Indexes

Bureau of the Census Guide To Programs and Publications Subjects and Areas 1973
LC Call Number: HA37.U52 1973b
LC Catalog Record: 73600168

The second in a series of Guides which provide a comprehensive review of the statistical programs of the Census bureau and of the reports issued by the Bureau in the 1960's and early 1970's. Like it's predecessor, Census Bureau Programs and Publications: Area and Subject Guide, published in 1968 (see above entry), it shows the geographic areas and principal subjects for most of the publication. It has a geographical and also a subject index which will lead the researcher to a report containing the subject wanted even though it may not be specifically mentioned in the census title report description.

1970 Census Users' Guide.
LC Call Number: HA37.U52 1970c
LC Catalog Record: 71610123

Designed to provide information to data users on the planning, procedures, and implementations involved in carrying out the 1970 Census. Part 1 is a dictionary containing comparison of printed reports from the 1970 Census with the Summary Tape Files from which they are derived. It also provides a glossary. Part 2 contains information on technical documentation, address coding and more.

Schulze, Suzanne . Population information in the Twentieth Century: 1950-1980.
LC Call Number: Z7164.D3546 1988
LC Catalog Record: 88017937

Third in the series providing subject access to decennial census publications from 1950 to 1980. Includes LC call numbers, LC Catalog Records and subject access to tables in the census reports.

Subject Index to the U.S. Bureau of the Census' Current Population Survey Reports, 1970-current.
LC Call Number: HA203.M57
LC Catalog Record: 80124095

Gives titles of reports in this series and their report numbers.

Subject Index to the U.S. Bureau of the Census' Current Population Survey Reports. 2nd Edition.
LC Call Number: Z7164.D3S53 1981
LC Catalog Record: 81067669

Gives report title, subject, number and series.

Zeisset, Paul T. Index to 1970 Census Summary Tapes.
LC Call Number: Z7554.U5 Z44
LC Catalog Record: 78603429

Zeisset, Paul T. Index to Selected1970 Census Reports.
LC Call Number: Z7165.U5Z44
LC Catalog Record: 74602987

Census Tracts: 1970

1970 Census of Population and Housing. Census Tracts.
LC Call Number: HA201 1970.A542
LC Catalog Record: 73186611

Index To 1970 Census Tract Reports

See page 9 of the folder, "How To Locate Census Tracts in the Library of Congress," [PDF format: 786KB/17p.] also available at the Business Reference Desk in the Science and Business Reading Room of the Library of Congress.

Census Maps: 1970

Center of population for states and counties: 1950, 1960, 1970
Washington. Bureau of the Census. 96p.
LC Call Number: HB3505.U54 1974
LC Catalog Record: 74600173

Online search, but not full-text viewing, available via HathiTrust.External Link

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