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Census Reference Publications

Censuses of Population: 1990

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Census Data

Census of Population and Housing Publications

This page contains links to all of the historical census reports from 1790 to 2010, including Census of Housing reports). Note: Not all titles are available within these online individual census reports series. Those titles indicated as not available can be searched using the Library of Congress Online Catalog to determine LC holdings: Direct links to the catalog records pertaining each decennial Census are included below.

Summary Population and Housing Characteristics (CPH-1) Series. State Census Reports

LC Call Number: HA221.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 91601839
Online   [PDF Format: 9.8 MB /354 pp.]

LC Call Number: HA231.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600236
Online [PDF Format: 4.9 MB/ 293 pp.]

LC Call Number: HA241.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600237
Online   [PDF Format: 6.2 MB / 366 pp.]

LC Call Number: HA251.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600238
Online [PDF Format: 6.2 MB / 368 pp.]

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Spring 2013

Census Connections

A Guide To Locating Selected U.S. Decennial And Economic Census Publications In The Library Of Congress

Table of Contents

Census Reference Publications
      Censuses of Population
            Census Data
            Specific Censuses
            State Censuses
      Economic Censuses
Census Search Strategies
Current Business Reports
Special Censuses
LC Catalog Searches

Head-and-shoulders portrait of Uncle Sam, Census 1940.
Image (above):
Promotional Poster "It's your America! Help the ten-year roll call,"
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Uncle Sam, Census 1940.
    U.S. Bureau of the Census
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division
LC Call Number: HA261.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600239
Section 1: Online
  [PDF Format: 11 MB / 695 pp.]
Section 2: Online
  [PDF Format: 12 MB / 705 pp.]
Section 3: Online
  [PDF Format: 12 MB / 699 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA501.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600263
Online [PDF Format: 4 MB / 268 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA271.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600240
Online   [PDF Format: 7.5 / 448 pp. ]
New Hampshire
LC Call Number: HA511.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600264
Online   [PDF Format: 4 MB / 252 pp. ]
LC Call Number: HA281.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600241
Online   [PDF Format: 7.9 MB / 468 pp.]
New Jersey
LC Call Number: HA521.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600265
Section 1: Online   [PDF Format: 7.6 MB / 490 pp.]
Section 2: Online   [PDF Format: 11.2 MB / 635 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA291.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600242
Online   [PDF Format: 3.1 MB / 188 pp.]
New Mexico
LC Call Number: HA531.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600266
Online   [PDF Format: 5 MB / 348 pp.]
District of Columbia
LC Call Number: HA301.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600243
Online   [ PDF Format: 2.6 MB / 157 pp.]
New York
LC Call Number: HA541.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600267
Section 1: Online [PDF Format: 11 MB / 702 pp. ]
Section 2: Online [PDF Format: 11 MB / 635 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA311.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600244
Section 1: Online [PDF Format: 8 MB / 527 pp.]
Section 2: Online [PDF Format:10 MB / 576 pp.]
North Carolina
LC Call Number: HA551.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600268
Online   [PDF Format: 10 MB / 597 pp. ]
LC Call Number: HA321.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600245
Online   [PDF Format: 11 MB / 695 pp. ]
North Dakota
LC Call Number: HA561.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600269
Online   [PDF Format: 4.3 MB / 254 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA329.I5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600246
Online   [PDF Format: 5.6 / 336 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA571.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600270
Online   [PDF Format: 12 MB / 698 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA331.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600247
Online   [PDF Format: 4 MB / pp.]
LC Call Number: HA581.5 1990
LC Catalog Record:
Online   [PDF Format: 8 MB / 504 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA341.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600248
Online   [PDF Format: 14 MB / 859 pp. ]
LC Call Number: HA591.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600272
Online   [PDF Format: 6.5 MB / 380 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA361.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600249
Online   [PDF Format: 7 MB / 462 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA601.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600273
Section 1: Online   [PDF Format: 9 MB / 518 pp.]
Section 2: Online   [PDF Format: 11 NB / 654 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA371.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600250
Online   [PDF Format: 6 MB / 377 pp.]
Rhode Island
LC Call Number: HA611.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600274
Online   [PDF Format: 13 MB / 225 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA381.5 1990
LC Catalog Record:
Online   [PDF Format: 7 MB / 435 pp.]
South Carolina
LC Call Number: HA621.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600275
Online   [PDF Format: 6 MB / 397 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA391.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600252
Online   [PDF Format: 7 MB / 418 pp.]
South Dakota
LC Call Number: HA631.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600276
Online   [PDF Format: 4 MB / 272 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA401.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600253
Online   [PDF Format: 8 MB / 496 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA641.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600277
Online   [PDF Format: 7 MB / 428 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA411.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600254
Online   [PDF Format: 4 MB / 284 pp.]/td>
LC Call Number: HA651.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600278
Section 1: Online   [PDF Format: 11 MB / 703 pp.]
Section 2: Online   [PDF Format: 13 MB / 841 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA421.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600255
Online   [PDF Format: 8.7 MB / 516 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA661.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600279
Online   [PDF Format: 5 MB / 310 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA431.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600256
Online   [PDF Format: 10.2 MB / 602 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA671.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600280
Online   [PDF Format: 3 MB / 221 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA441.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600257
Online   [PDF Format: 16 MB / 962 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA681.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600281
Online   [PDF Format:10 MB / 653 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA451.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600258
Online   [PDF Format: 8 MB / 512 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA691.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600282
Online   [PDF Format: 9 MB / 573 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA461.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600259
Online   [PDF Format: 6.6 MB / 402 pp.]
West Virginia
LC Call Number: HA701.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600283
Online   [PDF Format: 4 MB / 266 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA461.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600259
Online   [PDF Format: 8 MB / 501 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA711.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600284
Online   [PDF Format: 9 MB / 555 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA481.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600261
Online   [PDF Format: 4 MB / 255 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA721.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600285
Online   [PDF format: 3 MB / 224 pp.]
LC Call Number: HA491.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600262
Online   [PDF Format: 5.3 MB / 308 pp.]
Puerto Rico
LC Call Number: HA901.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 95226163
English: Online   [PDF Format: 7 MB / 434 pp.]
Spanish: Online   [PDF Format: 8 MB / 443 pp.]
United States
LC Call Number: HA201 1990ag
LC Catalog Record: 94170569
Online   [PDF Format: 13.4 MB/ 710 pp.]
Virgin Islands
LC Call Number: HA911.5 1990
LC Catalog Record: 92600287
Online   [PDF Format: 3 MB / 192 pp.]

Census History

Decennial Census History

See the 1990 Overview Section for links to additional information about the 1990 census, including reports and statistics.

Measuring America : the decennial censuses from 1790 to 2000. Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau. : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., [2002]
Online: [PDF Format: 16.45 MB/ 149pp.]
LC Call Number: HA37.U55M376 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2002485403

Provides for each decennial census: the questionnaires and instructions, individual histories of the U.S. decennial censuses, census cost, sampling, publicity, availability of population schedules, and more. Information on the 1980 Census appears on page 139.

1990 Census of Population and Housing. History (1990 CPH-R-2).Issued in 4 parts.
LC Call Number: HA201 1990aj Parts A-D
LC Catalog Record: 95193002
SuDoc Number: C3.223/22:1990 CPH-R-2 A-D
Online [PDF format: 16 KB / 1p. ] as part of the Census Bureau's Procedural Histories of the Decennial Census: 1950-1990
Some sections also online via the HathiTrust:
Part AExternal Link Chapters 4, 6 and 9
Part DExternal Link Chapter 11-14, Appendix A

Gives an overview of the planning, implementation, procedures and methodologies for the 1990 Census of Population and Housing. Describes in detail, through a series of separately published sections, most aspects of the 1990 census from its early stages to the final results. It concentrates mainly on census process and procedures and how problems were resolved. Partial Table of Contents:
1990 CPH-R-2A, Pt. A
Ch. 4, Addresses and questionnaire printing.
Ch. 6, Field enumeration.
Ch. 9, Sampling and estimation
1990 CPH-R-2B, Pt. B
Ch. 2, Planning the census.
Ch. 5, Census promotional program.
Ch. 10, Data products and dissemination
1990 CPH-R-2C, Pt. C

Ch. 1, Introduction and overview.
Ch. 3, Census geography.
Ch. 7, Processing offices--establishment and organization.
Ch. 8, Pre tabulation processing
1990 CPH-R-2D, Pt. D,
Ch. 11, Census research, evaluation, and experimental (REX) program.
Ch. 12, Legislation and litigation.
Ch. 13, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the Pacific Island Territories.
Ch. 14, 1990 census content, population, and housing items.
App. A. 1990 decennial census, appropriations, obligations, and costs

Catalogs, Guides, Indexes

1990 Census Access Points

1990 Census Data Locator External Link

Designed to assist in identifying appropriate 1990 Census Report for your research needs.

1990 Census of Population and Housing Guide (1990 CPH-R-1) Part A, Text, Part B, Glossary
LC Call Number: HA201 1990f
LC Catalog Record: 93104159
Microfiche Number: ASI 1992 2555-1.1 Pt. A, ASI 1993 2555-1.2 Pt B.
SuDoc Number: C3.223/22:1990

This is the principal reference source for the 1990 Decennial Census. It is issued for each decennial census. It contains everything from how the census data was collected to how to choose the right data product to information on consultation, training, and computer tape processing.

1990 Census of Population and Housing Selected Topics

1990 Census Questionnaires and Other Public-Use Forms (1990 CPH-R-5)
SuDoc Number: C 3.223/22:1990 CPH-R-5
OnlineExternal Link via the HathiTrust
Not located at the Library of Congress (Enter your zip code at WorldCatExternal Link to locate libraries in your area reporting holdings.)

Provides facsimiles of the questionnaires and other "public-use" forms used for the 1990 Census of Population and Housing. A brief description of the use of the form and production information such as number of forms printed and schedule dates are given for each form. Selected forms for the 1990 censuses of the U.S. commonwealths and territories are included in the procedural history for those censuses, 1990 CPH-R-2 (the history volume for the census).

Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations (1990 CPH-R-3).
LC Call Number: HC106.7.C446 1992
LC Catalog record: 5192602
Microfiche Number: ASI 1992 2628-1
SuDoc Number: C3.223/22:90-R-3

Developed primarily for use in classifying responses to certain census questions relating to an employer's kind of business and an employee's kind of work. This index lists approximately 21,000 industry and 30,000 occupation titles in alphabetical order. It is based on the Dictionary of Occupational Titles published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

Classified Index of Industries and Occupations (1990CPH-R-4)
LC Call Number: HC106.7.C447 1992
LC Catalog Record: 95192607
Microfiche Number: ASI 1992 2628-2
SuDoc Number: C3.223/22:90-R-4

Discusses the industrial and occupational classification systems adopted for the 1990 Census of Population. There are 236 industry and 501 occupation categories listed, reflecting the standard industrial classification (SIC) and the standard occupational classification (SOC), respectively.

Do you know which 1990 products contain data on: [Black population, Hispanic population, Ancestry, and Older populations]
LC Call Number: HA201 1990ai
LC Catalog Record: 93247398

Guide to 1990 U.S. Decennial Publications: detailed abstracts and indexes derived from the American Statistics Index: publications issued through March 1996.
LC Call Number: HA201 1990as
LC Catalog Record: 96209141

Index to 1990 decennial census publications available on microfiche via the American Statistics Index of microfiche publications.

Major Differences in Subject-Matter Content Between the 1990 and 2000 Census Questionnaires

Subject index to the 1990 census of population and housing, 1997
LC Call Number: HA201 1990au
LC Catalog Record: 98201134

The companion volume that provides a detailed guide to the tables found in the major print and CD-ROM publications of the 1990 Census.

Understanding the census; a guide for marketers, planners, grant writers and other data users.
LC Call Number: HA201 1990ar
LC Catalog Record: 9614699

Provides detailed information on census concepts, methods, terminology, and data sources and assists researchers in locating desired census data.

Census Maps: 1990

Census Tract/BNA outline maps (recreated) 1990 [electronic resource]: census of population and housing.
LC Call Number: G3701.E25 1990.U25 CD
LC Catalog Record: 2004632138

Census Tracts: 1990

Due to the large volume of census tract reports for the 1990 Decennial Census, there are ten individual LC Call numbers, as follows:

LC Call Number
LC Catalog Number
Census Tract Report Number
HA201 1990n932121771-55; 56 & 57 not assigned
HA201 1990q9322689758-97
HA201 1990r9322837498-125B
HA201 1990s93228394126-168
HA201 1990t93229442169-199
HA201 1990u93229694200-230
HA201 1990v93230142231-258
HA201 1990w 93230317259A-282
HA201 1990x93230404283-314
HA201 1990y93230464315-346
To locate the correct tract number for the geographic area (state, county, or metropolitan area) in which you are interested, consult the folder, "How To Locate Census Tracts in the Library of Congress," [PDF format: 786KB/ 17pp]. Locate the desired geographic area under the section on the 1990 census to see the corresponding tract number. You may also wish to review the information on the Census Frequently Asked Questions web page about locating Census tract numbers for a specific address.

Population and housing characteristics for census tracts and block numbering areas. Finders guide to census tract reports.
Washington, D.C. : Bureau of the Census. [1993]. 1 volume. various pagination.
LC Call Number: HA201 1990o
LC Catalog Record: 93226827
OnlineExternal Link via the HathiTrust

Census Tracts and Block Numbering Areas [PDF Format: 502 KB/ 17pp.], Chapter 10 of Geographic Areas Reference Manual. U.S. Bureau of the Census. 1994.
LC Call Number: HA214 .U68 1994
LC Catalog Record: 95137260
Also Online as Chapter 10 of Geographic Areas Reference Manual and via HathiTrust. External Link

Defines Census Tracts and Block Numbering Areas, provides a short history of their development and discusses their use in the 1990 Census.
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