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Relief department. Statement of receipts and disbursements for the month of December, 1918.

Cost of Operations

The cost of operations covers expenses, taxes, employees and compensation, and equipment and also reflects the sources of revenue for freight and passenger traffic. Information was gathered on the revenue contribution by commodity groups (freight) as well as revenue based on passengers by car/train. Many of these texts are out of copyright and available in the public domain and might be found on Google Books External Link or Project Gutenberg.External Link A sample of available titles is presented here. There are additional sources that cover some of this type of information in the General Resources section of this guide.

BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 19/20: Spring 2014
Updated: Spring 2018

RAILROADS: Historical Research Sources at the Library of Congress

Table of Contents

General Resources
Cost of Operations
      Finance & Revenue
      Wages & Compensation
      Print Indexing
Maps and Time Tables
Accidents and Safety
The Transcontinental Railroad New Resource
Internet Resources
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Caption (image left):
Relief department. Statement of receipts and disbursements for the month of December, 1918. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.
From An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera collection
Library of Congress. American Memory
Printed Ephemera Collection; Portfolio 32, Folder 9.


Finance & Revenue

Company Annual Reports - Microfiche
There are 2 sets of microfiche of the glossy annual reports.
Pre -1974 set

Chicago Burlington & Quincy RR Co. (1857-1968)
Great Northern Railway Co. (1890-1968)
Northern Pacific Railway Co. (1897-1968)
Burlington Northern, Inc. (1969-1974)
Norfolk & Western Railroad Co. (1881-1895)
Norfolk & Western Railway Company (1897-1974)
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. (1847-1966)
New York Central Railroad Co. (1855-1867, 1916-1966)
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Co. (1874-1875, 1877-1883, 1885-1914)
New York, New Haven & Hartford RR Co. (1872-1967)
Penn Central Co. (1967-1974)
Southern Railway Co. (1895-1974)
Union Pacific Railroad (1873-1878)
Union Pacific Railway Company (1879-1897)
Union Pacific Railroad Company (1898-1968)
Union Pacific Corporation (1969-1974).
1975-1983 set

Burlington Northern, Inc. (1975-1982)
Seaboard Coast Line Industries, Inc. (1975-1979)
CSX Corporation (1980-1982)
Chessie System, Inc. (1975-1979)
Union Pacific Corporation (1975-1982); etc.

Bulletin of Revenues and Expenses of Roads in the United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington, 1909-.
LC Call Number: HE2708.I76
LC Catalog Record: 09035821

This is monthly and the collection includes the years 1909-1914 (v. 1-v69). Coverage includes financial information for all steam railways with revenues over $1,000,000. There is an alphabetical index near the front with gives the page where a particular railroad is covered.

Distribution of the Rail Revenue Contribution by Commodity Groups. United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Accounts. Washington.
LC Call Number: HE2231 .U64
LC Catalog Record: a50008955
LC Holdings for 1950, 1955 - 1961

These studies, based on revenues and costs for a given year, are continuations of past studies to provide a comparison of carload revenues and costs by commodity classes and groups; and the broad purpose is to indicate the extent to which the revenue derived from the several commodity classes and groups exceeds or fails to equal the out-of-pocket costs of handling the traffic. These volumes present a breakout of commodities and also their movement within and between territories.

Dougall, H.E. & Farwell, L.C. (1940). "A Review of Railroad Financing, 1920-1938: I. Volume and Cost of Railroad Capital." The Journal of Land & Public Utility Economics, Vol. 16 (2) p. 207-213.

This was written to cover the time period after World War I and focuses on two main areas: the volume and type of new railway security issues and the cost of railway borrowed capital. It was based on data collected privately but checked against and available in reports of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Earning Power of Railroads. Jas H. Oliphant & Co.: New York, 1905-.
LC Call Number: HG 4971 .M78 (1905-1907)
LC Call Number: HG4971.M8 (1902-1947)
LC Catalog Record: 10008992

From 1902 - 1938 it was known as Mundy's Earning Power of Railroads but in 1939 it became Oliphant's Earning Power of Railroads though Floyd W. Mundy was still the editor. There are two call numbers associated with this title - HG 4971 .M78 covers years 1905-1907 and HG 4971 .M8 covers years 1902-1947. Includes: mileage, industry statistics, capitalization, earnings, operating expenses, dividends, investments, affiliations, maturities, maps. Includes the United States and Canada.

Eaton, J. Shirley. Handbook of Railroad Expenses. New York [etc.] McGraw-Hill book company, 1913.
LC Call Number: HE2236 .E3
LC Catalog Record: 13004131

Good explanation of accounting and accounting statistics of railroads rendered by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Interstate Commerce Commission Reports. Valuation Reports : Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 1929-1965.
LC Call Number: KF2300.A559 U55
LC Catalog Record: 30026125

Vol. 22 (Jan. 1929)-v. 57 (Mar. 1960-Mar. 1964). By volume and then number. For individual reports see valuation docket entry. See Herbert William Rice index for assistance. Former Call Number HE2708 .I94.

Investigation of Ownership and Control by Holding Companies of Common Carriers. Washington, U.S. Govt. print. off., 1930
LC Call Number: HE2236 .U7 1930
LC Catalog Record: 30036818

Related to House Resolution 114 (Report No. 7064 of the 71st Congress, 2nd Session). Investigation pertains to control of the railroads though stock ownership. Volume one is fairly general but volumes 2 look at particular railroad companies and 3 is mostly covering the Burlington lines.

Kirkman, Marshall M. Railway Expenditures: Their Extent, Object and Economy. Chicago, Railway age publishing company [1880]
LC Call Number: HE2231 .K595
LC Catalog Record: 06008710

Discussion of the costs of establishing a railroad company as well as the costs of construction and maintenance of the line.

McPherson, Logan Gl. Railroad Freight Rates in Relation to the Industry and Commerce of the United States. New York: Henry Holt & Company (1909)
LC Call Number: HE2123.M25
LC Catalog Record: 09013047

As federal legislation discussions for the regulation of the railroads began a need arose to determine the effect of the freight rates upon the industry and commerce of the United States. The author, through discussions with shippers and representatives from commercial organizations and railroads throughout the country, has put together a nice history and accounting of the various channels of rail traffic, regional and commodity rate structures, public sentiment and legislation, and interstate commerce law.
Logan Grant McPherson was a railway statistician, economist, and organizer of railway publicity. He later became a lecturer on transportation at the Johns Hopkins University from 1905-1915. He also organized The Bureau of Railway Economics with the purpose of exchanging statistics among railroads.1 Other titles by the author include: The Working of the Railroads (1907) and Transportation in Europe (1910).

Moody's Manual of Railroad & Corporate Securities. HG 4905 .M85 (1900-1924)
Moody's Analyses of Investments. HG 4961 .M7 (1913-1953 - this is a mixed set so ask for the Transportation volume)
Moody's/Mergent Transportation Manual. HG4971.M74 (1954-2000)
Moody's Transportation. HG4971 .M73 (weekly, 1929-1976 incomplete):
1952-1964 Includes basic corporation information. Manuals only are also available in Mergent WebReports database.

Pamphlet Collection. [Railroad and railroad equipment pamphlets].
[Railroad pamphlets. Part 1].
[Railroad pamphlets. Part 2].
[U.S. railroads, railroad law, and railroads and mineral resources pamphlets].

This is a collection of pamphlets and other ephemeral material that is collected and organized on a collection level. Detailed information on the contents of a box is provided in the cataloging record. The material in these collections is off-site and retrieval time takes about two days.

Preliminary Report on Income Accounts of Railways in the United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington : U.S. G.P.O.
LC Call Number: HE2708.I75
LC Catalog Record: 06005812

Collection includes the years 1895-1904. Detailed information by group and by rail name.

Railroad Operating Costs; A Series of Original Studies in Operating Costs of the Leading American Railroads. New York, Suffern & son, 1911-
Vol. 1 (1911); Vol 2. (1912)
LC Call Number: HE1621 .S8
LC Catalog Record: 12002117

Presented in two volumes, as a series of original studies in operating costs of the leading American railroads. With the success of the first series of studies, the authors set out to expand on the earlier work and to include additional areas of interest for operating costs (e.g. fuel costs). These studies were completed in an effort to find what is best, who is doing it, and how.

Railroad Statistics, Comparative Operating Statistics of 53 of the Principal Railroads in the United States ... New York, Price Waterhouse & Company [c1911]
LC Call Number: HE2713 .P8
LC Catalog Record: 12013641

"These statistics are based upon information derived from the annual pamphlet reports of the several companies, supplemented in certain cases, by the annual returns to the Interstate Commerce Commission." Covers date 1910 to 1914 and includes data by rail line.

Railroads: Rates and Regulation. New York, Arno Press, 1973 [c1912]
LC Call Number: HE1843. R6
LC Catalog Record: 73002532

Reprint of a contemporary book on the history of transportation as it relates to Railroads. Also includes information on rate making including a history. The title also touches on related legislation like the Interstate Commerce Act (1887), the Hepburn Act (1906), and the Mann Elkins Act (1910).

Rice, Herbert William. United States Interstate Commission. Valuation Reports. (Indexes)
LC Call Number: HE2708.I942

Cases listed by companies involved. The Interstate Commerce Commission Reports. Valuation Reports moved to the Law Library this stayed in the general collection.

Poor's Manual of Railroads. Standard & Poors.
LC Call Number: HG 4905 .P5 (1925- 1941 - this is a mixed set so ask for the Transportation volume)
LC Catalog Record: 26017623
LC Call Number: HG 4905 .P518 (1941 - daily publication)
LC Catalog Record: unk82085318
LC Call Number: HE2721.P8 (1870-1924)
LC Catalog Record: 01024959

Other than the daily publication these manuals are similar to the Moody's Manuals with general corporation and stock information.

Statistics of Railways. Washington, D.C., Bureau of Railway Economics, 1914-18.
LC Call Number: HE2713 .B823 - HE2713 .B825
LC Catalog Record: a14002314

Presenting statistics for the following: Population and Area; Railway Mileage; Capital Securities and Dividends; Revenues, Expenses and Taxes (total and net figures); Employees and Compensation; Equipment (number by type/class; capacity of freight cars); Freight Traffic Statistics (includes revenue); Passenger Traffic Statistics (includes revenue and passengers per train/car). Coverage from 1900-1916

Valuation Docket. Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 1922-
LC Call Number: HE2708.I93D7
LC Catalog Record: unk84005900

Information by docket number. See: Interstate Commerce Commission Reports. Valuation Reports above and Herbert William Rice index.

White & Kemble's Atlas and Digest of Railroad Mortgages. White & Kemble : New York
LC Call Number: HG4973 .W6 FT MEADE
LC Catalog Record: 12008467

Includes basic railroad information as well as basic corporate information. There were supplemental color foldout maps by rail line that can be found by doing a call number BROWSE in the catalog with the call number HG4973 .W6. They are numbered but in alphabetical order.

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Annual Earnings of Railroad Employees, 1924-1933. Office of Federal Coordinator of Transportation. Washington, 1935.
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U39
LC Catalog Record: a35000988

Statistical data covering the years 1924-1933.

Annual Report on the Statistics of Railways in the United States, the Interstate Commerce Commission for the year ending ... Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O., 1889-[1954]
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I73
LC Catalog Record: 05011209

Otherwise known as the Bluebook, this title covers very general statistics for things like mileage per state to freight, class of cars, employees, equipment, etc. by region Group. There are also statistics on general balance sheet data, accidents, earnings & expenses, etc. The statistical tables are done by region Group and then alphabetically by "name of road" with miles owned and miles operated. Each has a remarks section which often covers current event like large purchases of land, other railroads, mergers, name changes, etc. Other tables go over earnings & income (and if they are derived from passenger, mail, freight), general expenditures, etc. There is an index to railways for finding where the rail line is mentioned as well as a general index.
Covers 1888-1990 (for the year 1954 it becomes Transportation Statistics in the United States).

Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
LC Call Number: HD8051 .A62
LC Catalog Record: 15023307

This publication began in 1886. Early editions have several articles per issue, later publications usually have either one article or even publication per issue. Each Bulletin is numbered so knowing the number is essential. For example there is information on the Union Scales of Wages and Hours of Labor: 1927-28, Bull. 476 (1929); May 15, 1929, Bull. 515 (1930); May 15, 1930, Bull. 540 (1931); May 15, 1931, Bull. 566 (1932). There is also Pennsylvania Railroad Wage Data, Bull. 514 (1930).

Railroad wages and labor relations, 1900-1952. Bureau of Information of the Eastern Railways, New York. [New York] 1953.
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U492
LC Catalog Record: 54000426

This title includes statistical data on wages. There is an earlier edition that covers the years 1900-1941.

Compensation and Service, Washington, D.C. [etc.] U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, 1940-
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U365
LC Catalog Record: 44039260

Covers years 1948-1966, 1977. Number of employees covered the Railroad Retirement Act. Detailed statistical data on the number of employees by class, occupation, occupation group.

Hearings. United States. Railroad Wage Commission. 1918-.
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U4 1918a
LC Catalog Record: unk82042035

Multi-volume set. Index page for each data has who testified before the U.S. Railroad Wage Commission in a series of hearings from January to March 1918. Set 1 has 11 volumes numbered by hearing: v1-3 (January 28-30); v4-5 (February 4-5); v6 (February 8); v7-8 (February 11-12); v9 (February 13); v10-11 (February 14 and 18); v12-13 (February 19-20); v14 (February 21); v15 (February 25); v16-17 (February 26 and 28); v18-21 (March 7, 13, 15, 28).

Monthly and Annual Earnings and Details of Service of Train and Engine Service Employees, Covering Calendar Year 1923. United States Railroad Wage Commission. Chicago, 1925-26.
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U35
LC Catalog Record: 46032049

This was compiled from reports of 15 representative Class I Carriers by the Statistical Bureau and covers the earnings of employees.

Rates of Pay of Mechanics and Helpers in the Maintenance of Equipment Department, and of Coach Cleaners. United States Railroad Wage Commission. Chicago, 1926.
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U4 1925
LC Catalog Record: 46032001

This was done by the Statistical Bureau for Class I carriers.

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board. Service and Taxable Compensation of Railroad Employees. Chicago : The Board
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U75
LC Catalog Record: 81649859

Data covers the years 1963-1976 for jobs covered by the Rail Road Retirement & Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. Detailed information employees and compensation by class and occupation group.

Wage Chronology. Railroads-Nonoperating Employees. [Washington] : U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
LC Call Number: HD4966.R12 U775a
LC Catalog Record: l62000022

Traces changes in wage scales 1922-1977 in chronology form. Department of Labor Bulletin number 2041.

1. "Logan Grant McPherson." Dictionary of American Biography Base Set. American Council of Learned Societies, 1928-1936. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: Gale, 2009.

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