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BEOnline Bibliographic Elements for Monographic Remote Electronic Resources

(Draft to be updated and amended as needed)

007 "cr¦¦¦¦" should be assigned to all titles
Leader Code per " Leader/06 Coding Guidelines"
906 Code per BWTD 8; $g should always be "y-gencompf"
925 $a "undetermined" for resources selected to be cataloged but not in LC possession; "acquire" for resources owned, purchased and/or archived by LC
925 $x Code per BWTD 9 or initials of Selector + project name [eg. BEOnline+, Minerva]
955 Supply each cataloger's code and date
010 LCCN: assigned to all titles
020 ISBN; supply as required
040 Remove all LCP and LNN codes and replace with DLC
042 supply "lccopycat" if reocrd created by another institution;
Assign "pcc"to all LC-originated records (even if originated in CORC) when encoding level equals core (4)
043 Supply as required
050 LC classification numbers: supplied up to the book number portion; no shelflisting
1XX Main entries: use as required
240 Uniform titles; use as required
245 Title proper: OTI, SOR &GMD as identified by cataloger
246 Variant titles: as identified by cataloger
250 Edition statement: supply as required
260 #a Place of publication: city, if clear and identified by selector, otherwise supply state or country, if readily apparent
260 #b Publisher: supply if available
260 #c Publication date: select a date which represents publication or production of the item described, if no such date is present, use the latest copyright date or bracket in an approximate date of publication or production. E.g., [2000?-]; Assume all remote-access resources to be published
440 Series as required
500 "Title from [...] as viewed on [date]" - note
500 Additional notes; use sparingly, only as crucial for identification or clarification of the resource
520 Summary: Give a brie, objective, generic summary of the content unless another part of the description provides enough information.
530 Other physical forms available note: used when there are multiple formats available
538 Mode of access: World Wide Web
653 Uncontrolled subject terms: used for terms derived by CORC software that do not fall under a 650 controlled term; no limit on number when CORC-derived
6XX Subject headings: use or propose as needed; use form/genre subdivisions as appropriate
7XX Personal and corporate added entries: use as necessary. Create authority records as needed.
730 Added entry: Uniform title: use as needed for title added entries
856 Electronic location: use for all resources
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  November 9, 2010
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