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Import/Merge of OCLC Worldcat records with Voyager IBC records

Guidelines for Library of Congress Catalogers


An IBC record exists in Voyager for an electronic resource for which LC has purchased access and a more "complete" record is created/exists in OCLC (or another remote database). The OCLC record may be imported; however, it must be done in such a manner that the imported record merges with the existing IBC record in order to retain the appropriate links in the acquisitions module. Additionally, an exceptional step must be taken to preserve the "date entered on file" (008/00-06) of the IBC record (CDS will reject the record unless this step is taken).

Step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Search and identify the IBC record (i.e., note the LCCN used on the IBC record, it will be used as the "match point" for the merge).
  2. Search and identify the more "complete" record in OCLC.
    • a. Select: Record, Import, From Remote Database as illustrated:
    • Voyager Cataloging import screen

    • b. Select "OCLC Bibliographic Database" from list of Z39.50 remote locations and click on the "Connect" button.
    • Remote import locations

    • c. The resulting search dialogue window should be familiar although the indexes available for searching on the "Non-Keyword" and "Builder" tabs will be significantly different from those available in the LC production database. Note that the "footer" bar of the Voyager window identifies that you are in a remote connection to OCLC (should you get confused as to which database you are actually in. Hint: use "Local control number" on "Non-Keyword" tab to search the OCLC control number (if known) for easiest access.
    • Voyager Non-keyword screen

    • d. Identify the OCLC record you would like to import and supply the LCCN match point in field 010 $a of the imported record such that the LCCN of the imported record will exactly match the LCCN of the existing IBC record. Hint: you must have identified the LCCNadd or LCCNmerge "Bibliographic Import/Replace Profile" in your cataloging module preferences for the merge to work.
    • e. After adding the LCCN to the record being imported, "boat" the record (you may need to deal with any MARC validation problems at this point, usually requires the deletion of certain OCLC-specific fields (e.g., 994). Hint: you may also use the Preprocessor program to modify the incoming record-- see BWTD 12 Supplement 1 for precise instructions.
    • f. If you have properly set up the merge, upon boating the imported record, you should see a new window, called "Bibliographic Dedupe Detection".
    • Dedupe detection screen

      This window should identify the bibliographic record for the IBC that you intend to merge with -- you can use the "Retrieve" button to confirm that the correct record has been identified if there is not enough information given on the screen to determine that the correct record has been identified.

    • g. Once you have confirmed that the correct record has been identified, use the "Replace/Merge using profile:" button to activate the merge function.

      CAUTION: If the "Bibliographic Dedupe Screen" does not appear after you boat the imported record, the imported record will be added to the database as a duplicate because the merge fields were not accurately staged. If this occurs, immediately delete the imported record and begin again, taking care to assure that the LCCN added to the imported record matches the existing IBC record.

      You will receive a confirmation that the merge was successful:

      confirmation message
    • h. After clicking "OK" on the merge confirmation, IMMEDIATELY CLOSE the existing merged record, even though you will more than likely want to make additional changes to the bibliographic record now retrieved into Voyager. After closing the record, retrieve it again (either by BIBID or LCCN) and make any additional changes you desire (pay particular attention to field order- the 906, 925, 955 fields ordinarily found at the head of the record may have shifted position during the merge and may need to be blocked and moved back to the top- all three fields can be moved at once). Failure to close the record before making any edits will cause CDS to reject the record and all subsequent iterations of the record.
  3. Adjust any bibliographic/holdings/item information as needed.
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  November 9, 2010
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