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Directory of Small Business Providers by State/Possession

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Lead Small Business Development Center: Idaho
Boise State University - Idaho SBDC

1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1655

TELEPHONE: 1-800-225-3815 or (208) 426-1640

FAX: (208) 426-3877



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Mission: To provide direct counseling and training services to individual small businesses in Idaho through a sustained and increasingly effective higher education based network.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Through contracts with data centers, the Center provides secondary market research for small business clients, access to almost all databases, information services, and state and Federal information sources.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Entrepreneurship training in the form of a business planning course called "FastTracNxLevel." A packaged course of study covering 12 weeks, very structured, end result is a comprehensive business plan.

Other services are divided into one-on-one consulting and training programs (non-credit workshops and courses). Workshops (3-4 hours) on special topics.

HOLDINGS: Specialized small business libraries are maintained in each of six regional offices.

LIMITATIONS: Try to avoid serving big businesses (will do referral work for them), but focus on people who generally can't afford services. Serve all small businesses and focus on businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

PUBLICATIONS: Currently 4 newsletters which will be reduced to 2 (one on general information, one on technology), brochures.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: 1/3 federal (through the SBA), 2/3 state and local (from institutions of higher education).

NUMBER OF STAFF: 6 offices statewide: 26 full-time, 4 part-time, about 60 volunteers, plus student interns.


CLIENTELE: 40% start-ups, 20% new product ideas (not businesses), 40% existing businesses.


IMPACT ON REGION: Operate an evaluation system on all workshops, programs, and clients (quarterly) and participate in the National Impact Survey administered by the National Association of SBDC's (a research firm conducts survey).
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Illinois
Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

500 E. Monroe
Springfield, IL 62701-1696

TELEPHONE: (217) 782-7500


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Women's Business Development Center

8 S. Michigan Avenue
4th floor
Chicago, IL 60603

TELEPHONE: (312) 853-3477

FAX: (312) 853-0145



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The WBDC provides technical assistance to women entrepreneurs who are aspiring to or expanding their businesses. WBDC helps women business entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses in such areas as management, finance, marketing, government contracting, WBE certification, and entrepreneurship. The WBDC also strives to enhance the climate in which women business owners can prosper through advocacy and major conferences.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Softshare automated federal bid matching database and software system. Access data base.

WBDC Services for Entrepreneurs:
  • Certification of women business enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship Training and Workshops
  • One-on-One Business Counseling
  • The Women's Business Finance Program
  • The Annual Entrepreneurial Woman's Conference and WBDC/Chicago and the Annual Women's Business and Buyers Mart
  • Women's Business Enterprise Initiative
  • Mentor/Protegee Program and Strategic alliances
  • Advocacy for women's economic empowerment

HOLDINGS: Videos on small businesses and business planning, print, video resources for business development and expansion.

LIMITATIONS: Access to training programs is available through scholarships, which the WBDC provides, and through fees. Counseling is available to all current and interested business owners free of charge. Services through the Women's Business Finance Program and Women's Business Enterprise Initiatives are available.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures, calendar of events, quarterly brochures on training programs, "About Women's Business," published 3 times a year, other promotional materials as needed.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Government agencies, corporations, foundations, and individuals.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 22 full-time, 8 part-time.

FOUNDED: Founded in 1986 by Co-Presidents Hedy M. Ratner and S. Carol Dougal.

CLIENTELE: Age of businesses: 48% start-up, 52% on-going. Demographics: 57% minority, 43% majority. Types of businesses: 60% services, 15% construction related, 12% retail, 7% manufacturing, 6% wholesale.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Greater Chicago area, including the following counties: Cook, Lake, McHenry, Boone, Winnebago, DuPage, Kane, DeKalb, Kendall, Will, and Kankakee.

IMPACT ON REGION: Have served over 35,000 women in Illinois through government contracting, entrepreneurship training, finance, and all other programs.

Through its financial assistance program, the WBDC has helped women-owned businesses obtain millions of dollars in loans since its establishment in 1986.

The WBDC has also helped create 6,000 to 8,000 new jobs in the Chicago area, including those created by new sole proprietors who are now self-employed.

New Programs:
Child Care Business Initiative and Child Care Business Microloan program. Women;s Tech and Venture Center to provide resources and referrals and connections to equity investor and venture capital for women run businesses.

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Lead Small Business Development Center: Indiana
Indiana Small Business Development Center Network

One North Capitol, Suite 900
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

TELEPHONE: (317) 234-2082

FAX: (317) 232-8872


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Columbus Enterprise Development Corporation

4920 North Warren Drive
Columbus, IN 47203

TELEPHONE: (812) 379-4041

FAX: (812) 372-0228



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Provides small business assistance under three programs: Small Business Development Center, Manufacturing Technology Services, and a Business Incubator.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Prodigy, local Internet access.

  1. Business Incubator
  2. SBDC Program
  3. Manufacturing Technology Services Program (MTS) -- field engineering program, help small manufacturers (marketing, troubleshooting, financial assistance)
  4. Micro Lending Program -- initiative is underway

HOLDINGS: The CEDC has over 150 vertical file entries and more than 600 resources on the subject of small business and entrepreneurship, CD-ROMs, and videos.

  • Census of Population & Housing 1C 1990
  • Census of Population & Housing 3A 1990
  • Census of Population & Housing 3C 1990
  • Census of Population & Housing: Equal Opportunity 1990
  • Census of Population & Housing 1A 1990
  • County Business Patterns 1989-1990
  • Current Population Survey 1989,90,91
  • Dialog on Disk Thomas Register 1994
  • Economic Census 1987
  • USA Counties 1992
  • Encyclopedia of Associations
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States 1993
  • National Trade Data Bank 1994
  • Clarisworks Made Easy
  • Closing the Deal
  • Creating a Winner: Real Secrets of Successful Marketing
  • Effective Follow-Up
  • How to Deal with Buying Options
  • How to Get a Business Loan Without Signing Your Life Away
  • How to Create a Successful Business Plan
  • How to Really Start Your Own Business
  • How to Succeed in a Home Business
  • How to Write a Winning Business Plan
  • In Business with Macintosh
  • Making Effective Sales Calls
  • Personal Training for Macintosh System 7
  • Profit Net
  • Raising Capital: How to Finance Your Business
  • Starting a Running Business
  • Successful Sales Relationships
  • Women in Business: Meeting the Challenge

LIMITATIONS: None. Although services are geared toward residents of 5 counties that they serve, at no cost.

PUBLICATIONS: Information brochures, publish a newsletter on a quarterly basis, annual reports, in process of creating a business resource directory.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Federal funds to support the SBDC, state funds, about $40,000 in the private sector, $35,000 from the city of Columbus, $40,000 from the incubator to the Corporation.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 7 full-time, no part-time, volunteers in the form of advisory board members.

FOUNDED: Incubator established in 1986 and the Corporation began in 1989 as the umbrella organization.

CLIENTELE: 50% start-up and 50% existing business, emphasis on small manufacturers and services.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: 5 counties in southcentral Indiana.

IMPACT ON REGION: Client surveys, needs assessments with area businesses.

  1. Northwest SBDC program -- hosted by Northwest Indiana Forum, Jeanine Holcomb, Director, (219) 942-3496.
  2. SBDC - Indianapolis, Steve Thrash, Statewide Director of SBDCs, (317) 264-6871.
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Eastside Community Investments, Inc.

26 North Arsenal Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46201

TELEPHONE: (317) 637-7300

FAX: (317) 637-7581


DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The mission of Eastside Community Investments, Inc. (ECI) is to invest in improving the quality of life for our community. ECI attracts private investment and equips families to become participants in the private economy. ECI works to build assets and a strong community for its families, individuals and institutions. It pursues its mission by making investments in people, buildings, land and industry. These investments are directed toward increasing wealth and building a stronger community.


  • Initiated classes to teach the development of business plans leading to investments by ECI, through the Self-Employment Loan Fund program.
  • Developed a 40 acre industrial park (home to 28 businesses).
  • Invested over $1,000,000 through a Small Business Investment Company, Circle Ventures.
  • Established a Revolving Loan Fund (capitalized at $800,000) which is investing in small businesses.
  • Developed the cottage industry of child care into a cooperative of nine family day care businesses.

LIMITATIONS: Special consideration given to low-income residents of the near east side of Indianapolis.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures, and a quarterly update and annual report.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Grants from local and national religious and philanthropic organizations; government grants; contributions from individuals, businesses and institutions; development fees.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 51 full-time.


CLIENTELE: Residents of the near east side community in Indianapolis.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Highland-Brodeside area (Washington St. on south; I-70 on north; I-65 on west; Sherman Drive on east.

IMPACT ON REGION: ECI touches the lives of 1000 residents of the near east side of Indianapolis daily. They are neighbors who own homes, rent homes, borrow from our loan funds, use the services of our family day care homes, our education or training programs, or our employees.
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Indiana SBDC Network

One North Capitol Avenue, Suite 900
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

TELEPHONE: (317) 234-2082

FAX: (317) 232-8872



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: MISSION: To stimulate the economic development of the Indianapolis regional community by providing business management and technical assistance, business training, and special programming to existing, emerging, and new businesses.

INFORMATION SERVICES: The center is university-based and electronically connected to the IUPI library. Have access to the Internet which gives them a whole host of sources -- access to business and technical data (Infotrac, DIALOG). Statewide network hosts 24-hour FAXBACK retrieval system online which provides access to information on business-related topics.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Have many programs. One is the International Business and Trade Center (joint venture with Dept. of Commerce, Indiana State Dept. of Commerce and other private sector partners) -- goal is to provide assistance to existing manufacturers that are developing from a new-to-export strategy to a proactive strategy. The Center helps in planning for international expansion in 3 areas by accessing and developing three areas:
  1. Management commitment
  2. Financial resources
  3. Product readiness
The second program is the Indianapolis Construction Alliance. This is geared toward building the capacity of minority, women and small disadvantaged businesses in the construction, trade, and construction-related areas. Components of the Alliance:
  1. Training Program (12-week intensive courses)
  2. Financing, Insurance, and Bonding Programs
  3. Networking Component (helps get access to contracts)
  4. Mentor-Protege Program
  5. Loan Executive Program (general contractor loans personnel to a small company)

HOLDINGS: CD-ROMs on their network, Thomas Register, National Trade Databank, US census material.

LIMITATIONS: Any business with less than 500 employees has access to their free services.

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletters and brochures are in the works. Plan to use the FAXBACK system to get their information on programs out to clientele.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: U.S. Small Business Administration, city of Indianapolis, IUPUI, multiple private sector contributions.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 5 full-time counselors, 1 full-time office administrator, have students who do data entry, about 50 active private sector volunteers (do more than just administrative tasks, actually meet and work with clients).

FOUNDED: Established within the university in 1988.

CLIENTELE: 63% are existing companies, the rest are start-ups, (12% are in the manufacturing business).


IMPACT ON REGION: Judged on the economic impact on the community. Do impact survey. Latest results for 1993, based on 22% client respond rate over 10 million dollars generated through sales increase, job creation, job retention, capital investment, and contract procurement.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Iowa
Iowa Small Business Development Center (Iowa State University - College of Business Administration)

340 Gerdin Business Bldg.
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

TELEPHONE: (800) 373-7232 or 515-294-2030

FAX: 515-294-6522


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Lead Small Business Development Center: Kansas
KSBDC STATE OFFICE (Fort Hays State University)

214 S.W. 6th St., Suite 301
Topeka, KS 66603-3719

TELEPHONE: (785) 296-6514

FAX: (785) 291-3261


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Lead Small Business Development Center: Kentucky
Kentucky Small Business Development Center (University of Kentucky - Center for Entrepreneurship)

225 Gatton - College of Business and Economics
Lexington, KY 40506-0034

TELEPHONE: (859) 257-7668 or (888) 475-SBDC

FAX: (859) 323-1907


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Lead Small Business Development Center: Louisiana
Louisiana Small Business Development Center (University of Louisiana at Monroe)

Admin. 2-57
Monroe, LA 71209-6435

CONTACT: Ms. Mary Lynn Wilkerson, State Director

TELEPHONE: (318) 342-5506

FAX: (318) 342-5510



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The Louisiana Small Business Development Center (LSBDC) is a program designed to coordinate the specialized management and technical assistance needs of the small business community throughout Louisiana. The LSBDC is comprised of fourteen centers located throughout the state. The Louisiana SBDC links the resources of its consortium members with those of local, state, and federal agencies and the private sector. These resources are utilized to assist small businesses in areas which promote growth, expansion, innovation, increased productivity, and management improvement.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Louisiana Electronic Assistance Program (LEAP) - a computerized bulletin board and database system aimed at meeting the business and economic development information needs of the state. Funded through LSBDC (contact Dr. Jerry Wall, (318) 342-1215).

  1. LEAP
  2. International Trade Center at the University of New Orleans - provides assistance to people who want to export, import, and/or invest.
  3. Coordinate and conduct continuing education programs and offer special programs for women, veterans, and inventors on an as needed basis. Provide one-to-one counseling.
Other objectives include:
  • Economic diversification, growth, and innovation through increased small business start-ups and expansion programs.
  • Managerial efficiency in functional areas such as marketing, finance, personnel, and production.
  • Expansion of exporting opportunities.
  • Assistance to economically and socially disadvantaged persons.

HOLDINGS: Resource library containing reading material on starting and managing a small business. Statistical information for use by potential and existing small business managers for planning and controlling their small business.

LIMITATIONS: Serve Louisiana small businesses or anyone who wants to go into business in the state.

PUBLICATIONS: Quarterly newsletter, brochures.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: 40-45% funded by SBA, matched by state dollars, some university money.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 30 full-time, 17 part-time, 60 volunteers (around the state).

FOUNDED: July 1983

CLIENTELE: 40% start-up, 60% on-going.


IMPACT ON REGION: Number of jobs created, amount of money returned to the economy, look at how many people come to counseling and training sessions, and survey clients annually.

  1. All SBDC's in the country.
  2. Business Opportunities Center, LSU in Baton Rouge, LA contact: Charlie D'Agostino
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Acadiana Regional Development District

601 Loire Ave
Suite C
P.O. Box 90070
Lafayette, LA 70509

CONTACT: Stan McGee, General Manager

TELEPHONE: (337) 886-7782

FAX: (337) 886-7081



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Provides long-range economic development, comprehensive and special project planning, technical assistance and regional program administration for the municipal and parish governments in its eight parish area.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Census Data Center Affiliate; technical assistance for State business incentive programs; site specific demographics; various planning documents and studies; geographic information system (GIS) services, reapportionment services; enterprise zone information; website development and management.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Administer regional programs for the benefit of the member governments and citizens; counsel individuals who want to expand their business or go into business; operate a small business revolving loan program; provide technical assistance; entrepreneurial training; grants management; support community development, economic development, industry inducement, industry retention, and import/export trade opportunities; administer a WIA/Older Worker Progam; Welfare-to-Work Program Administrator.


LIMITATIONS: Within eight-parish district.

PUBLICATIONS: Maintain District Overall Economic Development Program, published "Hurricane Andrew -- A Strategy for Economic Recovery"; Industrial Park listings, numerous parish and municipal planning documents; Coastal Zone Management studies, and others.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Membership dues from parish councils/police juries and municipalities, planning grant from EDA, job training grant from U.S. Dept, of Labor; entrepreneurial training grant from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; and administrative funds from various programs operated on behalf of our member governments.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 8 full-time, 1 part-time, 2 temporary/part-time.


CLIENTELE: Elected officials, consultants, engineers, school officials, private citizens, citizen groups, non-profit community agencies, State and Federal officials, and businesses.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Southcentral Louisiana comprising of the parishes of Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, and Vermillion.

IMPACT ON REGION: Provide crucial support services and information for the activities of member governments, local economic developers, businesses, community agencies, and citizens.
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Louisiana Capital Certified Development Company, Inc.

302 La Rue France
Suite 200
Lafayette, LA 70508

CONTACT: P. Andre Fruge

TELEPHONE: (337) 234-2977

FAX: (337) 234-3009



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Louisiana Capital, a private, non-profit corporation, through a public/private partnership between participating lenders and the United States Small Business Administration, offers small businesses long term fixed asset financing through the SBA 504 Loan Program.


AREAS OF INTEREST: SBA 504 Loan Program, SBA 7A Loan Program.


LIMITATIONS: Most healthy, expanding businesses qualify for consideration if Net Worth of the company and affiliates is $6 million or less and Net Income over the previous two years has averaged less than $2 million. Expansion and start-up projects which create jobs and involve the purchase of fixed assets such as land and building or construction, and fixed machinery and equipment can be considered.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures, quarterly newsletter

SOURCES OF FUNDING: SBA 504 origination and servicing fees.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 3 full-time.

FOUNDED: August 15, 1983 as Lafayette Centre Certified Development Company, Inc.

CLIENTELE: Healthy, expanding businesses.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: The following 8 parishes of Louisiana: Acadia, St. Mary, Vermilion, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin.

IMPACT ON REGION: Number of jobs created by the program. During FYE 1993, Louisiana Capital was responsible for the creation of over 400 jobs available to our local residents.

Last updated: 09/15/2015

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