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Directory of Small Business Providers by State/Possession

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Lead Small Business Development Center: Ohio
Ohio Dept. of Development Small Business Development Center

77 S. High Street, 28th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6108

TELEPHONE: (614) 466-2711 or (800) 848-1300

FAX: (614) 466-0829



Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Research Center (fee based service)
325 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

TELEPHONE: (216) 623-2800

FAX: Cleveland Research Center: (216) 623-6987



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The library's mission is to make the universe of information available to people when they need it and in the way they need it. Cleveland Research Center provides service beyond the tax base for a fee.

INFORMATION SERVICES: FirstSearch db (free), selected Infotrac db (free, dial-in), DIALOG, Dow Jones, Mead Data Central, NEXIS/LEXIS, Data Times, Dunsprint, Maxwell Online, Hannah (legislative tracking), and others.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Library orientation training, competitive intelligence seminars, presentations on special industries.

HOLDINGS: Total System Titles: 1,743,972
BOOKS 1,383,769
MAPS 114,105
BOOKS 1,858,431 652,865 2,511,296
BOUND PERIODICALS 257,118 0 257,118
CD-ROM 1,433 0 1,433
GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS 212,417 0 212,417
LASERDISCS 315 0 315
MAPS 150,718 0 150,718
MICROFORMS 3,667,939 0 3,667,939
PAPERBACKS 18,418 193,193 211,611
PHOTOGRAPHS/PICTURES 1,020,176 0 1,020,176
SHEET MUSIC 23,572 0 23,572
SLIDE 457 0 457
SOFTWARE 3,101 0 3,101
SOUND RECORDINGS 57,693 77,572 135,265
VIDEO CASSETTES 9,683 27,023 36,706
GRAND TOTAL ITEMS 7,281,488 950,653 8,232,141


PUBLICATIONS: Brochures on Small Business Resources, Direct Marketing Information and Resources, Minority Business Information Resources, Women and Entrepreneurship, How to Find a U.S. Government Publication, Standards and Specifications Collection, Patents and Trademarks, Cleveland Research Center, Science and Technology Department, Government Documents Department, The Main Library Guide, The Electronic Library, Public Administration Library (collection in City Hall), Interlibrary Loan Service, Photoduplication Service.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Income is derived from the proceeds of the library and local government support fund (LLGSS). Another portion comes from property taxes.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 469 full-time equivalents, 78 part-time equivalents.



GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Primary: City of Cleveland; Secondary: Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio. Also serve out-of-state and foreign clientele.

IMPACT ON REGION: The Cleveland Public Library serves as a centrally-located library providing general interest material in a well-balanced collection to meet the needs of individuals and organizations in the metropolitan community.

It serves as a major resource center for northeastern Ohio, supporting the work of 18 independent library systems through its automated network (CLEVNET). It also serves as a major research center, providing distinctive, scholarly and specialized collections accessible at national and international levels.

  1. Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE)
    (under the auspices of the Great Cleveland Growth Assoc.)
    200 Tower City Center
    50 Public Square
    Cleveland, OH 44113
    (216) 621-3300
    Any small business owner within Ohio can join COSE. Their special programs focus on government relations, business development, insurance/benefits and counseling.

  2. Enterprise Development Inc. (EDI)
    (under the auspices of CWRU's Weatherhead School of Management)
    1100 Cedar Avenue
    4th Floor
    Cleveland, OH 44106-3052
    (216) 229-9445
    Charles Burkette, Director

    EDI offers a broad range of programs designed to improve the climate for entrepreneurial ventures in NE Ohio. These offerings include a business counsel, strategic appraisals, minority assistance and special conferences and courses (i.e. on growth capital and finance). EDI also manages one of Ohio's Edison Incubator Programs; in addition, it publishes Cleveland Enterprise Magazine.
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Columbus Metropolitan Library

96 S. Grant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

TELEPHONE: (614) 645-2275 or (614) 645-2590

FAX: (614) 645-2051



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: A public metropolitan library.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Medline, Dun & Bradstreet, Disclosure on CD-ROM, Trademark Scan, F & S Index, Duns Direct Access. Some online searching for the public. In-depth marketing collection, grants collection, investment center, census.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Orientations to parts of the collection (career and job orientations weekly), have a monthly grants collection orientation, small business marketing programs, individualized tours for investment clubs.

HOLDINGS: Books, periodicals, audio tapes, cd's, VCR tapes, CD-ROMs, census material on CD, loose leaf services, microfilm, microfiche, newspapers, and magazines.

LIMITATIONS: Need a library card for certain services (telefaxing, checking out books), online searching time limited to the public.

PUBLICATIONS: Bibliographies, "Pathfinders" to various parts of the collection, have brochures on marketing and demographic type tools (brochures to help guide one through the collections).

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Property taxes and state income tax money.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 692 employees for the library (includes all branches and administration), some volunteers.




IMPACT ON REGION: From the 1993 Annual Report -- 10.6 million in circulation, 6.6 million user visits, 1,960,301 total reference questions answered.
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Ohio 1st Stop Business Connection

Ohio Department of Development
1st Stop Business Connection
P.O. Box 1001
Columbus, Ohio 43216

TELEPHONE: (614) 466-4232 or 1-800-248-4040

FAX: (614) 466-0829



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: One-Stop is part of the Small Business Development Center network that provides direct assistance to new and expanding businesses. Distributes information on licenses, permits, and taxes. Coordinates and expedites the necessary permits, distributes business start-up kits and refers clients to other state, federal, and private sector agencies that provide a variety of assistance programs for new businesses.


AREAS OF INTEREST: Seeks to help the entrepreneur start his or her own business.

HOLDINGS: Vertical files.

LIMITATIONS: Must be an entrepreneur starting a business in Ohio.

PUBLICATIONS: Start-up packages for any type of business. Kits have many components to them (for example: brochures on licenses, permits, handicapped programs). Each client receives individual attention.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: State funding.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 5 full-time, 1 part-time, 2 volunteers in the summer.


CLIENTELE: Anyone in Ohio needing help may call 800-248-4040 (Monday through Friday, from 8 to 5) and have a package of information in the mail to them within 24 hours. This information covers such areas of interest as: permits and licensing, developing a business plan, obtaining financing, hiring employees, incorporating, paying taxes, patenting inventions, and obtaining copyrights, trademarks, and product codes. Most clients are from small start- ups with fewer than three employees. Clients are referred from attorneys, accountants, business consultants, schools, local chambers of commerce, county auditor's offices, SBA offices, SCORE volunteers, and Small Business Development Centers, as well as such state agencies as: Taxation, Workers' Compensation, OBES, Attorney General, and the Secretary of State's office.


IMPACT ON REGION: Track the number of information packages they send out (sent out 40,000 last year), survey people who actually start businesses who requested the information (50% do start their own business). Have grown continuously since 1983; do no advertising or PR.
Edison Technology Centers

Ohio Development Services Agency
77 S. High Street, 28th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108

TELEPHONE: (614) 466-3887

FAX: (614) 644-5758


DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Thomas Edison Program -- $300 million state/industry/university partnership to promote technological innovation, industrial competitiveness, and entrepreneurship in Ohio. Currently operates within the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

Edison Technology Centers -- seven centers link industrial consortiums and R & D institutions. Each center conducts research, develops, applies, and commercializes technology within specific areas, including: biotechnology, materials, material processes, material joining, and advanced manufacturing.

Edison Technology Incubators -- four incubators create new or expanded base of industry by assisting technology-based small businesses during their start-up phase.

INFORMATION SERVICES: All Edison centers, through their university partners, are connected to Internet.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Technology Transfer Initiatives -- encourage and assist Ohio industry in adopting manufacturing techniques and new technologies to improve competitiveness.
  • Great Lakes Manufacturing Technology Center (GLMTC) -- a division of the Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program, GLMTC is a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Technology Center.
  • Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center (GLITeC) -- established by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to make federal technology available to Ohio industry.
  • Ohio Advanced Technology Center (OATC) -- designed to assist in the transfer of technology from the Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) and to help solve technical problems through the expertise available at WPAFB.
  • Ohio's Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) Designed to help small research-oriented firms take advantage of the R & D opportunities available through the Federal SBIR Program.
  • Services include: assistance in topic selection; proposal review; access to forms and publications; and winner support.
  • Ohio Science and Technology Council (OSTC) Created by Gov. George V. Voinovich's Executive Order, the Council consists of leaders from Ohio's universities, science and technology community, and major industrial corporations.
  • Formed to identify and assess areas where Ohio has established or can establish a leadership role in science and technology.
  • Advises and recommends state level actions geared at maintaining and enhancing areas of leadership.
Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO)
  • Brings to commercialization viable clean coal technologies that will use Ohio's high sulfur coal in an environmentally- acceptable, efficient, and cost-effective manner.
  • Ultimately exists to return the demand for Ohio coal and, thus, the creation of jobs associated with its production.
HOLDINGS: Mostly vertical files.

LIMITATIONS: Each of the center programs offers its own special capabilities in specific technologies.

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletters, annual reports.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Part of the funding comes from the state, which is matched by private and federal sectors, depending on the center program.

NUMBER OF STAFF: Varies by center program. Anywhere from less than 10 employees to 40 or more. No volunteers.


CLIENTELE: Technology based or manufacturing businesses of various sizes.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Primarily the state of Ohio, although some center programs go outside of the state.

IMPACT ON REGION: A study is currently underway to determine how to best measure their effectiveness, track the number of jobs created and whether or not clients come back for services. Surveys have shown that the Centers have contributed to significant increases in sales, profits, and market share of many companies.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Oklahoma
Oklahoma Small Business Development Center (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)


517 University
Station A, Box 2584
Durant, OK 74701

TELEPHONE: 1-800-522-6154 or (580) 745-7577

FAX: (580) 745-7471


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Lead Small Business Development Center: Oregon
Oregon Small Business Development Center Network Office (Lane Community College)

99 W. 10th Ave., #390
Eugene, OR 97401

TELEPHONE: (541) 463-5250

FAX: (541) 345-6006


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Lead Small Business Development Center: Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (University of Pennsylvania)

The Wharton School
423 Vance Hall
3733 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6374

TELEPHONE: (215) 898-4861

FAX: (215) 573-2135


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Catalyst Connection (formerly Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center - SPIRC)

2000 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

TELEPHONE: 412-687-0200; 1-888-887-7472




DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: SPIRC is a private, non-profit consulting organization providing management and technical support to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

GOAL: To improve the competitive performance of southwestern Pennsylvania manufacturers and, in turn, strengthen the regional economy.

OBJECTIVE: Offer comprehensive services and support programs to assist companies with the implementation of modern manufacturing techniques, technologies and philosophies. SPIRC provides practical solutions to help manufacturers reduce costs while improving quality and productivity.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Manufacturing databases, defense contractors database, private consultant database (a computerized inventory of 250 professional service providers skilled in helping smaller manufacturers).

AREAS OF INTEREST: Youth Apprenticeship; International Marketing; Defense Conversion; Financial


LIMITATIONS: Existing manufacturers with less than 500 employees, within a 13 county region.


SOURCES OF FUNDING: Federal funding from NIST, state funds from the Department of Commerce, fee income, private funds from foundations.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 22 full-time, 4 part-time.


CLIENTELE: Existing manufacturers under 500 employees.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: 13 counties, southwestern Pennsylvania.

IMPACT ON REGION: Over 600 companies assisted, continuous value added, do not count jobs created.

Innovation Works (Ben Franklin Technology Partners of SW Pennsylvania)

2000 Technology Drive
Suite 250
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3109

TELEPHONE: (412) 681-1520

FAX: (412) 681-2625



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Innovation Works is one of four regional Centers sponsored by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Partnership program. The Center links public, private, and educational resources to help small businesses develop and commercialize new products and processes. The overall objectives of the Center are job creation, job retention, and regional economic growth through the commercialization of innovative technologies.

MISSION: To increase the number and size of small, technology- based, internationally competitive manufacturing companies in the nine-county southwestern Pennsylvania region.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Working on acquiring information services with a Technology Reinvestment Program Award(TPA).

AREAS OF INTEREST: Challenge Grant Program for Technological Innovation is the largest grant program (grants awarded up to $100,000). Challenge Grant support is provided for joint research and development between partners such as colleges or universities and entrepreneurs, or between companies working together to develop products and processes. Matching funds required. Additional support for technology development is available through the Seed Grant Program (maximum of $35,000), which is focused on proof-of- concept research and serves as a feeder system to the Challenge Grant Program. Seed Grants are awarded to small southwestern Pennsylvania firms to help them transform innovative and technologically sound ideas into successful products and processes. Through the Implementation Grant Program, the Center supports the modernization of manufacturing systems and the deployment of new manufacturing technologies (maximum of $8,000).

Prototype Grants (maximum of $8,000) are made available to business and university researchers for prototype development. The Center also supports the Commonwealth's recycling efforts by administering the Environmental Technology Research and Development Fund on behalf of the Department of Commerce and PENNDot. This program provides grants for developing new products from recycled materials or improving the processing of recycled materials (maximum of $100,000).

Through its Challenge Grant Programs, the Center also supports a regional network of Entrepreneurial Assistance Services which provide technical and business development services to foster the growth and development of technology-based enterprises. Support is also given for Education and Training initiatives to provide skilled workers for high-performance jobs in new and existing industries.

HOLDINGS: Mostly vertical files.

LIMITATIONS: In order to get a grant you need match (3:1), the match can be cash and/or in-kind, also need a fairly well-conceived idea of what you want the grant for, must be of the high-tech variety (precision tooling or software, for instance), and must be technically and commercially competitive.

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletter -- "The Innovator" (3 or 4 times a year), brochures, general information package, The BRD (Business Resource Directory).

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Funded by the state each year.

NUMBER OF STAFF: Proposals are reviewed by outside volunteers who are technical and commercial experts. 15 full-time, 3 part-time, no volunteers (at the Western Pennsylvania center).


CLIENTELE: Primarily manufacturers and technology based businesses, also university researchers, start-ups or companies with specific development needs.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Western Pennsylvania.

IMPACT ON REGION: Between 1983-1993, 127 products commercialized and manufacturing processes implemented, 4,453 jobs created with an annual pay of $30,500.

In addition to the Ben Franklin Center of Western Pennsylvania, there are three other Ben Franklin Technology Centers in Pennsylvania:

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania
101 Technology Center
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-4558

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Eleven Penn Center, Suite 1100
1835 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 972-6700

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania
125 Goodman Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015-3715
(610) 758-5200
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Manufacturing Technology IRC (MANTEC)

600 North Hartley Street
Suite 100
York, PA 17404

TELEPHONE: (717) 843-5054 OR (888) 843-5054

FAX: (717) 854-0087



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: MANTEC is a private, non-profit, state supported organization assisting the manufacturing community in the ten counties of southcentral Pennsylvania. One of eight Industrial Resource Centers in the Commonwealth, MANTEC's charter is to help manufacturers improve their quality and productivity in order to compete more effectively and profitably in the global marketplace.

To assist manufacturers in achieving optimum performance and profitability in their target market(s) through team efforts by utilizing the IRC resources, other service providers, and specialized professionals.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Linked to various services. Use DIALOG primarily.

  1. Advisory Services -- maintain a database of consultants, hire consultants to work one-on-one with manufacturing firms. MANTEC doesn't do the consulting, but rather the matching up of consultants with companies. The goal is to contribute to improving the quality and productivity of manufacturing firms.
  2. Information Services -- through electronic and hard copy format provide manufacturers with various types of information (about a new market for a product or information about a competitor, for example). Looking to expand this service.
  3. Regional Initiative -- one consultant works with a group of companies that have a common need, companies are from the same region (could be different types of companies) that could all benefit from the same information, or the companies could all be in the same industry. MANTEC is trying to do as many of these initiatives as possible since it allows you to reach more manufacturers this way.
HOLDINGS: Small library with printed material and some videos.

LIMITATIONS: Only work with small to medium-sized manufacturing firms. Prohibited from any promotional marketing activities.

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletter, brochure, manufacturing alerts.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Primarily from the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 9 full-time, no part-time, no volunteers.


CLIENTELE: Small to medium-sized manufacturers.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: 9 counties in Pennsylvania (Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York).

IMPACT ON REGION: Look at jobs created, jobs retained, measurable product improvements, and measure intangible things (morale of a company, organizational issues, for example), but cannot document this. Also, measure the "value-added" to a firm or a particular project as directed by the state department of commerce. Over time, they look back and see if any value was added and can then also determine a dollar value.

  1. Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PENNTAP) - provides free short- response technical expertise and information to specific questions or problems.

    Penn State University
    110 Barbara Building II
    810 N. University Drive
    University Park, PA 16802-1013

    Northeast Region
    P.O. Box PSU
    Lehman, PA 18627
    (717) 675-9141

    Northwest Region
    Penn State Erie
    The Behrend College
    Station Road
    Erie, PA 16563
    (814) 898-6270

    Southeast Region
    Penn State Great Valley
    30 East Swedesford Road
    Malvern, PA 19355
    (215) 648-3298

    Southwest Region
    Penn State
    Monroeville Center for Continuing and Graduate Education
    4518 Northern Pike
    Monroeville, PA 15146
    (412) 372-4095

  2. Ben Franklin Technology Centers - provide financial assistance for new and emerging product and process development or improvement projects.

  3. Other Industrial Resource Centers (IRC) - provide technical and financial assistance for implementing projects to improve productivity and quality.

    Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC)
    12265 Townsend Road
    Suite 500
    Philadelphia, PA 19154
    (215) 464-8550

    The Industrial Modernization Center (IMC)
    Farm Complex
    Route 5
    Box 220-62A
    Montoursville, PA 17754
    (717) 368-8361

    Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC)
    301 Broadway
    Bethlehem, PA 18015
    (215) 758-5599

    Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC)
    Suite 125
    16 Luzerne Avenue
    West Pittston, PA 18643
    (717) 654-8966

    Northwest Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NWPIRC)
    2107 West 12th Street
    Erie, PA 16505
    (814) 456-6299

    Catalyst Connection (formerly SPIRC)
    One Library Place
    Duquesne, PA 15110
    (412) 469-3530

    Bioprocessing Resource Center (BRC)
    Ceased as of December 31, 1998. Functions assumed by the Chemical Engineering Department at Pennsylvania State University
    The Pennsylvania State University
    519 Wartik Laboratory
    University Park, PA 16802
    (814) 863-3650
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R.R. 1, Box 372,
Lewisburg, PA 17837

CONTACT: Dennis Robinson, Executive Director

TELEPHONE: (570) 524-4491

FAX: (570) 524-9190



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The SEDA-Council of Governments serves 11 counties in Central Pennsylvania. Services are offered in the general categories of economic development, community development, energy conservation, and transportation. Direct services to private businesses include development financing, export development assistance, procurement technical assistance, and the Manufacturers Marketing Network. Through its Community Resource Center, SEDA-COG offers community improvement and revitalization services. Working with area banks, SEDA-COG helped initiate a first-time home buyers program. The organization also administers housing rehabilitation programs in several area communities.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Census information on-line, scan Commerce Business Daily, Manufacturers Marketing Network, computer programs for export services and trade leads.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Direct service to small and medium-sized companies with the primary objective of creating and retaining jobs; housing and community development services intended to improve region's housing stock and infrastructure; transportation services including rail line preservation and rural transportation planning; home weatherization for low-income families; and community revitalization and improvement programs through the Community Resource Center.

HOLDINGS: Vertical files.

LIMITATIONS: Some services dictated by contracts and government program regulations.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures on programs.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Local contributions by member counties, state and federal grants, fees for services, interest in revolving loan funds.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 60 full-time, 3 part-time, advisory committees.

FOUNDED: The Susquehanna Economic Development Association (SEDA) was incorporated in 1957. It was designated as a Local Development District under the federal Appalachian Regional Commission in 1968. Reorganization occurred in 1972 and the organization officially became the SEDA-Council of Governments.

CLIENTELE: Counties, communities, private companies, low-income individuals who qualify for home weatherization services.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: 11 counties in central Pennsylvania.

IMPACT ON REGION: Each program has a required performance-based system which monitors its impact.Also undertake their own impact study.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Small Business Development Center

Union Plaza Building, 10th Floor
416 Ponce De Leon Avenue
Hato Rey, PR 00918

TELEPHONE: (787) 763-6811

FAX: (787) 763-6875


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Lead Small Business Development Center: Rhode Island
Rhode Island SBDC

Bryant College
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917-1284

TELEPHONE: (401) 598-2702

FAX: (401) 598-2722



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The mission of the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center is to promote entrepreneurship and strengthen small businesses in Rhode Island by providing a broad-based system of consulting and educational services. These services are provided by involving a large variety of experts in various business disciplines and are offered in a high quality yet efficient manner.

The primary targets of RISBDC services are existing businesses. Certain specific services (notably educational programs) are offered to start-up businesses.

The Rhode Island Small Business Development Center serves as a focal point for the coordination of federal, state, local, academic, and private resources to aid small businesses and to promote economic development. The RISBDC is committed to concentrating resources on direct delivery of services to small businesses.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Setting up a connection to a research network run by the Association of SBDC in Albany-a database system available via modem or mail.

AREAS OF INTEREST: One-on-one consulting and training programs with small businesses. Interested in marketing, financing, innovation and entrepreneurship training, general business management.


LIMITATIONS: Prohibited from sharing information about a client with others. Confidentiality is their biggest issue.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures for seminars, publish Business Plan Guide, Cash Flow Guide, Market Plan Guide, Financial Resources Directory - lists all lenders in the area.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: By the federal government through the SBA with matching funds from Bryant College and some funds from the state of Rhode Island.

NUMBER OF STAFF: Network of 5 centers in the state.

FOUNDED: 1982 at Bryant College.

CLIENTELE: Established businesses.


IMPACT ON REGION: Have had impact studies done (track number of jobs created, number of tax dollars returned to state and federal government for programs) internally for the SBA. Must assist a certain number of businesses every year and do a certain number of training programs every year.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: South Carolina
Small Business Development Center of South Carolina (University of South Carolina)

The University of South Carolina at USC Technology Incubator
1225 Laurel Street, 3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 29201

TELEPHONE: (803) 777-5118

FAX: (803) 545-0079


E-MAIL: [email protected]

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JEDA (Jobs-Economic Development Authority)

1201 Main Street
Suite 1750
Columbia, SC 29201

TELEPHONE: (803) 737-0079

FAX: (803) 737-0016



DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: A legislatively created organization by the general assembly of South Carolina to provide alternative sources of capital for small and middle market business through lending programs (not designed to be in competition with the banking community). JEDA is a private-public partnership.

INFORMATION SERVICES: None, other than talking with a potential borrower to get a sense of the proposed venture.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Economic development seminars, programs that the entrepreneur needs to equip him/herself with.


LIMITATIONS: Certain programs are restricted to small cities and rural areas of the state.

PUBLICATIONS: Program brochure.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Will be independent starting on July 1, 1994.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 16 full-time, 2 students, no volunteers.


CLIENTELE: Range from entrepreneurs up to bigger business ventures. Large bulk of business has traditionally come from white males, some females. Have started to see more African-Americans in business.


IMPACT ON REGION: Look at jobs created or retained and use a formula by the state tax commission. Also, 2 years ago, in direct lending did $6.4 million in loans and loan guarantees, leveraging an additional $67 million in lending.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: South Dakota
South Dakota Business Help
(South Dakota Small Business Development Center)

414 E. Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069-2390

TELEPHONE:(605) 367-5757



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