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Directory of Small Business Providers by State/Possession

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware D.C. Florida Georgia Guam
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
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South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


Lead Small Business Development Center: Tennessee
Tennessee Small Business Development Center (The Tennessee Board of Regents)

1415 Murfreesboro Road Suite 350
Nashville, TN 37217

TELEPHONE: (615) 366-3900

FAX: (615) 366-3939


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Nashville Public Library

615 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37219

TELEPHONE: 615-862-5842

FAX: 615-862-5849


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AREAS OF INTEREST: Foundation Center; Government Depository.

Videos - 60; Audio tapes - 100; CD-ROM - Compact Disclosure, NESE

(National Economic, Social and Educational), NTDB (National Trade Data Bank), Prophone.


PUBLICATIONS: Quarterly newsletter.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: State and local government.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 4 full-time, 1 part-time.


CLIENTELE: General public.


IMPACT ON REGION: Population served:

Nashville-Davidson 519,300
Nashville MSA 1,031,100

Requests (1993): 57,189
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Texas
North Texas Small Business Development Center Network
Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development (Dallas County Community College)

1402 Corinth Street
Dallas, TX 75215

TELEPHONE: (214) 860-5831

FAX: (214) 860-5813


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Provide free business counseling and business training to small businesses.

INFORMATION SERVICES: DIALOG, some of the TELTECH services, Commerce Business Daily online, a government procurement search database, TINS, Knowledge Express, Mid-Atlantic TTC.


  1. Program with the city of Dallas to provide loan document assistance to minority city vendors. The center facilitates the process of applying for loans or in obtaining other sources of funding.
  2. Another program with the city is to provide business counseling and business training to 5 business incubators. Do some counseling and business training at satellite locations (banks, departments . of commerce).

HOLDINGS: Wide range of CD-ROMs, have a Business Information library with printed material and videos, have a downlink capability for teleconferences.


PUBLICATIONS: Publish training schedule and brochures.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: SBA, state of Texas, Dallas County Community College District, city of Dallas, and some private sector support.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 8 full-time, 6 part-time, 8 volunteers.


CLIENTELE: 40% pre-venture, rest are start-up (first year businesses), on- going and existing businesses.


IMPACT ON REGION: Recently changed the way they measure their impact. Now look at the number of jobs created, sales revenue increased, jobs retained, amounts financed.
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Collin Small Business Development Center

4800 Preston Park Blvd., Suite A126
Box 15
Plano, TX 75093

TELEPHONE:(972) 985-3770

FAX: (972) 985-3775


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The SBDC is a professional management counseling/training service funded by Collin County Community College and the U.S. Small Business Administration. The SBDC is designed to provide potential and existing businesses in Collin County with the practical assistance needed to survive, grow, and prosper.

INFORMATION SERVICES: The SBDC has access to a wide range of information for business success. We can provide businesses with information concerning contracting with government, international trade, intellectual property protection and technology transfer. Also, with the help of SBDC resource partners, clients can tap into information contained within several on-line databases to gain a competitive edge.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Individual counseling is offered in such areas as new business feasibility and start-up, business plan preparation, financial management, and general management strategies for small businesses engaged in retail, service, manufacturing, and wholesale industries. Counseling is free and is provided through one-on-one and group sessions.

The SBDC offers free and low cost workshops, seminars and courses geared to the needs of small businesses. Utilizing qualified professionals recruited from the business world, the SBDC provides hands-on, expert instruction on varied business topics, such as introductory topics for those planning to start a business or more advanced topics aimed at the experienced small business owner.

HOLDINGS: The SBDC Resource Center contains books, news articles, videos, periodicals, and SBA publications. CD-ROM capabilities will be available by the Fall of 1994.

LIMITATIONS: Individuals and business requesting SBDC services must be established as for-profit organizations.

PUBLICATIONS: Contact the SBDC to receive a brochure or a current course schedule.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: U.S. Small Business Administration, Collin County Community College, and the State of Texas.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 2 full-time, 2 part-time, numerous volunteers.


CLIENTELE: About 80% of clients represent start-up businesses. The remaining 20% are owners of existing businesses.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: The Collin County SBDC is part of a consortia that serves 49 counties in North Texas. Our services are primarily aimed toward small businesses in Collin County.

IMPACT ON REGION: From October 1992-September 1993, the SBDC provided counseling for 602 individuals and training for 466.
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McLennan SBDC

1400 College Drive
Waco, TX 76708

TELEPHONE: (254) 299-8141

FAX: (254) 299-8054


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: To assist small business in their start-up and to provide assistance for them to prosper and grow.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Have a new Business Information Center (computers, WP, QuattroPro, desktop publishing), modems, and access to bulletin boards.

AREAS OF INTEREST: There are several programs under the umbrella organization, the Business Resource Center (which is a one-stop shop for small business owners). Each offer a whole array of classes (effective management, procurement, home based business, import business)
  1. SBDC
  2. Export/Import Assistance Center
  3. Business Information Center
  4. SCORE
  5. Small Business Incubator
HOLDINGS: Resource library houses VCR's and videos on a range of topics, have a collection of books on small business which can be checked out, SBA publications.

LIMITATIONS: Must be a small business.

PUBLICATIONS: Publish an annual update, brochures on all the different centers and programs.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Grant from the SBA matched by McLennan County Community College. The Business Information Center is funded through a grant from the Southwestern Bell Foundation and the Incubator is community supported.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 7 full-time, 2 part-time, SCORE members (25), 15-member board of directors, local business people volunteer as well.

FOUNDED: June 1988

CLIENTELE: 40% start-up, 60% on-going or already in business.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: All of McLennan County, Bosque County, Bell, Falls, Hill, and Coryell Counties.

IMPACT ON REGION: Track the number of hours spent on counseling with a client, number of hours of training provided to small businesses. Track the number of full-time, part-time employees that each business has. Number of new businesses started, number of small businesses retained.
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International Trade Center SBDC

501 W. César E. Chávez Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78207-4415

TELEPHONE: (210) 458-2470


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: "The International Trade Center is one of the largest and the most successful trade assistance organization in the State of Texas. Established in 1992, it provides businesses with high-value trade consulting services, cutting-edge market research and innovative training programs that deliver results."
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Trinity Valley Community College - SBDC

100 Cardinal Drive
Athens, TX 75751

TELEPHONE: (903) 675-7403

FAX: (903) 675-5199


E-MAIL: not availabl

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: To assist small business in a 5 county region through free counseling, seminars, workshops and in providing information.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Provide more one-on-one counseling than information services. Texas Marketplace -- through the Texas Dept. of Commerce, trade leads, government contract leads, bulletin boards to match inventors with manufacturers.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Financing, loan packaging, and through Texas A & M provide technical assistance to clients.

HOLDINGS: Videos, will be adding CD-ROMs.

LIMITATIONS: Have to be or want to be a small business (500 employees or less).

PUBLICATIONS: Publish 60 page "How to Start a Business" manual for various towns, distribute information from the IRS, SBA, and the Texas Department of Commerce.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Half by the SBA and the other half by Trinity Valley Community College.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 2 full-time, 2 part-time counselors, 5 volunteers.


CLIENTELE: 40% start-up, 60% on-going.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: 5 county region in east Texas.

IMPACT ON REGION: Track the number of hours spent with a client, the number of clients, the number of jobs created, and number of loans they've helped clients get.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Utah
Utah Small Business Development Center (Salt Lake Comm. College)

1623 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

TELEPHONE: (801) 957-3480

FAX: (801) 957-3489


CONTACT US: External Link
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Wayne Brown Institute - VentureCapital.Org

P.O. Box 2135
201 South Main Street Suite #400
Salt Lake City, UT 84110-2135

TELEPHONE: (801) 595-1141

FAX: (801) 595-1181


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: Mission: To assist worthy early stage technology based companies raise equity capital for the purpose of creating new wealth, jobs and tax base.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Maintain database of early stage technology based companies in Utah, database of investors, and wealthy individuals in the state.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Business Plan Review Program, Corporate Development Program (Mentoring Service), Utah Venture Capital Conference, consultants to the Arizona Venture Capital Conference, and the proposed Los Angeles Technology Forum.

HOLDINGS: Videos (shot "How to Raise Venture Capital" - contains interviews with top venture capitalists in the country).

LIMITATIONS: Work almost exclusively with technology based companies that have the potential for extremely rapid growth (for example, $50-$100 million in sales within 7-10 years).

PUBLICATIONS: Publish guidelines for business plans, various conference materials, handout material describing the Institute and its programs, produce videos that talk about the Institute, and how to raise equity capital.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Mostly from the private sector (big corporations, service providers, utilities), some state and local government money, some fees from programs.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 1 full-time, 1 part-time, employ consultants as needed.


CLIENTELE: High-tech companies and their constituencies. True client is the investment community.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Primarily Utah, but have done projects all over the world.

IMPACT ON REGION: Uses independent party to survey clients and obtain the following information: the amount of money raised; where the money was raised; assistance provided by the Institute; and number of jobs created. The Institute has helped over 30 companies raise over $45 million dollars, creating in excess of 1,000 jobs since its founding in 1983.

  1. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Kauffman Foundation Contact: Jana Matthews or Ray Smilor
  2. IC2 (Institute for Creativity and Capital) Institute, Austin, Texas. Contact: Laura Kilcrease or David Gerhardt (Texas Capital Network) Director: Dr. George Kozmetsky
  3. National Business Incubator Association (NBIA) in Athens, Ohio
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Vermont
Vermont Small Business Development Center (Vermont Technical College)

P.O. Box 188
Randolph Center, VT 05061-0188

TELEPHONE: (800) 464-SBDC or (802) 728-9101

FAX: (802) 728-3026


CONTACT US: External Link
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands Small Business Development Center (University of the Virgin Islands)

8000 Nisky Center, Suite 202
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802-5804

TELEPHONE: (340) 776-3206

FAX: (340) 775-3756


CONTACT US: External Link
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Virginia
Virginia Small Business Development Centers

600 East Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23219-1891

TELEPHONE: (800) 986-6958

FAX: (804) 225-3384


CONTACT US: External Link
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Mason Small Business Development Center
George Mason University

4031 University Drive
Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030

TELEPHONE: (703) 277-7747

FAX: (703) 277-7722


E-MAIL: [email protected] External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The SBDC, affiliated with George Mason University, provides consulting, training and information services to N. Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Leesburg, Fairfax).

INFORMATION SERVICES: Small collection of business development material (directories, newsletters, periodicals, industry guides -- "Entreguides," house about 1,000 publications. Use the main university library for CD-ROM and database searches (mostly ABI/Inform, ERIC, scan Washington consortium holdings).

AREAS OF INTEREST: Programs for pre-start-ups, planning, licensing -- called SmartStart, also have Legal Start, training services related to these topics on a more intensive level (8 week course on business plan development), electronic bid matching services, Commerce Business Daily (CBD) -- online service, sponsor a women's networking program with the SBA.

HOLDINGS: National Trade Databank (NTDB), some census files, will be getting more CD-ROMs on a jukebox system (still identifying the CD's, but will definitely have NTDB, ABI/Inform).

LIMITATIONS: No check-out, no evening or weekend hours. Have to be serious about starting a business or already in business to use their consulting services.

PUBLICATIONS: Press Kit (package of information contains brochure, newsletter, training calendar).

SOURCES OF FUNDING: George Mason University, SBA, Defense Logistics Agency, city of Fairfax, Loudoun County, generate some of their own revenue, private sector fund raising.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 14 full-time equivalents, 8 full-time, 15-20 part-time, 100 volunteers (50 of which are very active).


CLIENTELE: Have worked with 2,500 individuals and companies through training and consulting. About 55% had not gone into business yet, approximately 45% were already in business, and of the 45% in business, about half did under $100,000 in revenue, the other half did $600,000.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax City, Loudoun County, Falls Church and Leesburg.

IMPACT ON REGION: Measure the success of their clients and try to gauge what their impact was on them. Track jobs, sales, investment, companies started, jobs saved and jobs stabilized.

Measure satisfaction in 5 key areas: (Questions asked in exit interviews)
  1. How helpful was the staff?
  2. How courteous was the counselor?
  3. Was your counselor understanding of your business situation?
  4. Counselor's general level of knowledge related to his subject.
  5. How satisfied were you with the time it took to get an appointment?
  6. In addition, Would you recommend the center? How satisfied were you with the center?
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Washington
Washington Small Business Development Center (Washington State University)

College of Business & Economics
501 Johnson Tower
Pullman, WA 99164-4851

TELEPHONE: (509) 335-1576

FAX: (509) 335-0949


CONTACT US: External Link
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Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington

2001 6th Avenue
Suite 2100
Seattle, WA 98121

TELEPHONE: (206) 464-7123

FAX: (206) 587-4224


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: One-stop shop for exporters - especially value added manufactured products.

INFORMATION SERVICES: NTDB, Washington Market Place, international trading networks with 10 countries.

AREAS OF INTEREST: FTA Duty Assistance provided, ISO 9000 training provided.


LIMITATIONS: Clients in excess of funding must pay fees.


SOURCES OF FUNDING: Washington state.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 4 full-time, 2 part-time, 2 volunteers.


CLIENTELE: 3 year minimum.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Washington state. Idaho, Montana, Oregon - if fees are provided.

IMPACT ON REGION: Jobs created - 160+; businesses assisted - 40 (30 on a 3 year contract); objectives are long-term contracts and security of employment plus business expansion, combined with growth of business and employment.
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Office of Economic Development

Municipal Building, Room 330
700 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1730
Seattle, WA 98104-5072

TELEPHONE: (206) 684-8090

FAX: (206) 684-0379


CONTACT US: External Link

The City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development (OED) is an executive office of the City of Seattle municipal government.

Its mission is to provide business assistance and community and workforce development services to businesses, community organizations and residents so that Seattle has a strong economy, thriving neighborhoods, and broadly shared prosperity.


  • Retain and expand Seattle's family-wage business sectors and encourage small business development.
  • Increase the percentage of working-age adults who find and retain family-wage employment--with special emphasis on people of color, women, and people with disabilities.
  • Strengthen neighborhood business districts and support community-based economic development across Seattle--with special emphasis on low-income communities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction for businesses accessing City services.

INFORMATION SERVICES: The Office of Economic Development has recently published a series of brochures (Spring 2001) and launched a comprehensive new web site in August 2001. The web site External Link provides links to a network of organizations participating in the economic development of the Seattle region -- through workforce development programs, providing support for business, and neighborhood and community development programs.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Resources for People, Enterprises and Neighborhoods

OED invests funds from a variety of sources--city general fund, federal dollars, foundation grants--into economic development activities. The small staff of the office provides program management, policy planning and direct services to assist specific enterprises or groups of firms, neighborhoods and individual Seattle residents.

Building the Community
The office works chiefly through partnerships with community-based organizations, community lending institutions, community colleges, individual businesses and business organizations. by providing funding and organizational support to local organizations serving Seattle's many communities the office leverages its resources and accesses the talents and capacities of many people to maintain and enhance the city's economic health.

Film and Tourism in Seattle
The Mayor's Film Office with OED works to market Seattle as a great place to film and oversees the permitting and regulation of filming in Seattle. OED staff participate in city-wide coordination of special events in seattle such as sporting events, conventions and international symposia.

Business Development Programs
The office's business development programs provide technical and financial assistance, business development and expansion services and policy advice to Seattle's industrial, high tech and business community. OED works with many partners to attract and retain businesses and spur economic activity, including the Economic Development Council, the Downtown Seattle Association and the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau.

HOLDINGS: Mostly vertical files.

LIMITATIONS: Staffing, budget and time constraints.

PUBLICATIONS: New series of pint and web site publications available in 2001. Alternative formats available upon request.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: City General Fund, federal dollars, foundation grants. Office has an annual operating budget of approximately $8 million.

NUMBER OF STAFF: 37 full-time, including 15 staff at the Seattle Jobs Initiative.


CLIENTELE: There are three main categories of clientele.

Workforce Development Programs: Community based organizations, employers, community colleges and low income residents seeking job training, placement and retention in living-wage jobs.

Support for Business Programs: Seattle's industrial, high tech and business communities and small businesses (particularly women/minority-owned businesses and businesses located in distressed areas).

Neighborhood and Community Development Programs: Neighborhood business districts and community-based development organizations.


IMPACT ON REGION: OED reports biennially to the Mayor and City council on outcomes related to its business plan.
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Seattle Public Library

1000 Fourth Ave.,
Seattle, WA 98104-1109

TELEPHONE: (206) 386-4636

FAX: (206) 386-4648


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: A public library with many services geared towards the business and technology communities. Serve clients by in-person, telephone, fax, using electronic resources, through teaching, and public presentations given to industry groups and the general public. Emphasize small business and international trade (especially Pacific Rim trade). Place a high premium on effective service, and the constant exploring of the most effective delivery of information via technology. Provide equipment and services to handicapped individuals, diverse ethnic communities, new immigrants, and the disenfranchised.

Special Note:
As of July 2001, the Business and Technology Department is separated into two departments:  "Business, Government, Language Study and Social Sciences Department" and "Science and Technology Department". Emphasis continues to be placed on serving the small businesses and the international business community.

Provide a wide variety of online and print resources.  All the web-based electronic resources are available at the Central Library and 22 neighborhood libraries.  Remote access to most online resources is also available to library card holders.  Information may be mailed, emailed, or faxed free of charge up to 10 pages.

Web-based electronic resources of interest to the businesses include:

  • Alldata
  • Associations Unlimited
  • Axciom Infobase Phone Directory
  • Business and Company Resource Center from Gale Group
  • Business & Industry Database from Gale Group
  • Economist Intelligence Unit (selected reports)
  • eShaman Resource Center
  • FIS Online
  • General Business File ASAP from Gale Group
  • InvesText Plus
  • Northwest High Tech
  • Proquest
  • Reference USA
  • Washington Occupational Information System (WOIS)

    In addition, there are two public workstations to access the following electronic products in CD-ROM format at the Central Library:

  • Directory of United States Importers
  • Directory of United States Exporters
  • Washington Company Index (for local companies)

Print resources include directories; business and trade journals; small business resources; engineering standards and specifications; depository federal government publications; loose-leaf services including publishers such as RIA and CCH.

  1. International trade with emphasis on Asia Pacific Region, Russian Far East, Europe, and Latin America; educational, job, and career resources; resources supporting small business; environmental and natural resources; technical resources such as patent search assistance, engineering, and related journals.
  2. Small Business: do monthly small business resource program in the community in conjunction with the SBA and SCORE with the library's resources, at SBA/SCORE day-long workshop for entrepreneurs.
  3. Working with the Small Business Community: do bi-monthly small business resource program in the community in conjunction with the SBA and SCORE at SBA/SCORE day-long workshop for entrepreneurs. Give presentations and form collaborations with community groups; suggest links to web-sites of interest to small businesses; develop niche-oriented new book lists.

HOLDINGS: Beyond extensive circulating and reference collections in various formats featured in the catalog, additional resources can be found on the library's web site External Link under the Selected Web Sites.  Also collecting are current and superceded industry standards.

LIMITATIONS: De facto limitation that no cost be passed on to their users - limit their delivery of search results and refer them to other ways of getting to the information by paying for it.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures and booklists on selected topics are generated to feature new publications received or of interest.  Examples: 
  • International Business: A Selected List of Recent Publications Acquired;
  • Small Business Resources: A Sampling of Books and Resources from Seattle Public Library;
  • Small Business Resources: Popular Start-Up Guided Available from the Seattle Public Library;
  • Small Business Resources for Caterers, Coffee Shops. Food Product Developers, Microbrewries, and Restaurants.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: Primarily by the city budget (tax base) with some additional gift monies received through corporate grants, gift donations, and federal and state library grants.

Business, Government, Language Study, and Social Sciences Department - 12 full-time, 11 part-time

12 full-time, 12 part-time

The entire Seattle Public Library: 322 full-time employees, 388 volunteers


CLIENTELE: Serving the small businesses: 30% start-up, 50% on-going businesses, 20% visitors; Serving the businesses with international trade interests: 35% other service organizations; 40% on-going businesses; 25% others, such as college students, job seekers, etc.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Primarily, the Greater Seattle Area and the Central Puget Sound Region.

IMPACT ON REGION: 2000 data for Business and Technology department: 
Information services (number of questions answered) in 2000: 1,282,128 library-wide; 48,842 Business and Technology Department.
In-house use of materials:  1,421,958 library-wide; 158,764 Business and Technology Department.
Circulation:  5,053,534 library-wide; 63,769 for Business and Technology Department.
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Seattle Vocational Institute

2120 S. Jackson
Seattle, WA 98144

TELEPHONE: (206) 587-4950

FAX: (206) 587-4939


CONTACT US: External Link

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: MISSION: To provide basic skills, vocational and work force training opportunity to the culturally diverse, economically and educationally under-served population in the inner-city achieve, through competitive based, open-entry, short-term programs that lead to jobs for the future, personal achievement and educational advancement. Members of the Seattle Community College district institute are responsive to the needs of students and community and collaborates with other members of the district, business, labor, government, and community groups.

INFORMATION SERVICES: Employment Security Co-Location Center -- access lists jobs across the state via computer.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Vocational training, adult basic education, GED preparation, English as a second language, medical office administration classes, medical office technician, acute care nursing assistance program, medical assistance program, medical transcription program, dental assistance, business computer specialist, computer information processing, A+ service and Network Technician, computer based accounting, phlebotomy, Multiple trades, career counseling, financial aid, on-site child care, jobs placement assistance, continuing education classes, office administration.

HOLDINGS: Some instructors may use videos in their classes.

LIMITATIONS: Must be at least 16 years old, entrance requirements for programs, must take an assessments test.

PUBLICATIONS: Brochures on all programs.

SOURCES OF FUNDING: By the state (through State Board of Seattle Technical and Community Colleges).

NUMBER OF STAFF: Approximately 50 full-time, 30 part-time, 4-5 volunteers.

FOUNDED: 1987 as the Washington Institute of Applied Technology (WIAT), became the Seattle Vocational Institute in July of 1991.

CLIENTELE: Average age of students is 29, 90% are low-income, 65% are female, and 77% ethnic.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Seattle/King County area.

IMPACT ON REGION: Measure by FTE students (full time equivalents). Currently have 697 FTE students.
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Small Business Administration -- Seattle District Office

2401 Fourth Avenue Suite 450
Seattle, WA 98121

TELEPHONE: (206) 553-7310

FAX: (206) 220-6570


E-MAIL: not available

DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION: The SBA's Business Information Center (BIC) mission is to guide prospective and present small business owners and managers in the research and preparation of workable business plans, a key component to small business success. The BIC is distinctive in offering a reference library, computer and video facilities and knowledgeable business counselors all in one place.

The BIC is designed specifically to focus clients' energies on researching, drafting, and completing a meaningful business plan.

While the goal is to be a self-help center, the BIC stresses an integrated approach. This allows the BIC to see clients through the entire process.

INFORMATION SERVICES: America Online, Internet (through their connection with Seattle Public Library), can get into LC, Seattle Public Library Online, access to SBA Online, access to NASA database (NASA Far West Regional Technology Transfer Center Network) on technology transfer for the state of Washington, bulletin board (is an electronic library -- have actual text on about 300 different books/materials relating to small business, US-Japan Infoshare (online service to educate people about arts & entertainment, culture, can connect to University of Washington library, CORE II - a computer survey program to test export readiness, access to numerous bulletin boards.

AREAS OF INTEREST: The Business Information Center is set up for those who wish to do research on their own. The Center doesn't do research for people -- they lead them to the materials and necessary resources, SBA conducts workshops and counseling sessions; BIC does some presentations.

HOLDINGS: Videos, CD-ROMs, electronic business plan templates (can purchase through SCORE), National Trade Databank, computer applications in their lab all focus on small business, books related to small business, Small Business Advisor (focuses on legal aspects).



SOURCES OF FUNDING: Funded through SBA's district office, receive contributions from private sector as well (for example, computers and software).

NUMBER OF STAFF: 1 full-time, interns, and volunteers (SCORE members).


CLIENTELE: Start-up and on-going, 100% small business focused.

GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA: Washington state, although can counsel to anyone in the world through e-mail.

IMPACT ON REGION: Based on number of people served. Difficult to track without a staff. The concept of a Business Information Center is being replicated by SBA in major cities nationwide, and as of this publication, there are ten in the United States.
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Lead Small Business Development Center: West Virginia
West Virginia Small Business Development Center
(West Virginia Development Office)

1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Bld. 6 - Rm 652
Charleston, WV 25305-0311

TELEPHONE: (304) 558-2960 or 1-888-WVA-SBDC

FAX: (304) 558-0127


CONTACT US: External Link
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Wisconsin
Wisconsin Small Business Development Center
(University of Wisconsin. Extension)

432 N. Lake St., Rm. 423
Madison, WI 53706-1498

TELEPHONE: (608) 263-7794

FAX: (608) 262-3878


CONTACT US: External Link
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Lead Small Business Development Center: Wyoming
Wyoming Small Business Development Center State Office
(University of Wyoming)

P.O. Box 3922
Laramie, WY 82071-3922

TELEPHONE: WY: 1-800-348-5194 or (307) 766-3505

FAX: (307) 766-3406


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