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Selected Dun and Bradstreet Publications in the Library of Congress

About This Guide

To guide researchers, this guide provides information about selected Dun and Bradstreet business publications in the Library of Congress. Each is briefly described; the Library's holdings are summarized; and each title is linked to its predecessor and successor titles.

Although they are not included here unless part of a series, the Library has numerous Dun and Bradstreet directories devoted to businesses in single foreign countries. Current editions are available in the Business Reading Room, generally as part of the Foreign Industrial Directory collection. Titles vary greatly.

In addition, the Library has over one hundred catalog entries for its extensive collection of regional directories. These may be searched in the Library's online catalog under titles which begin either Dun's Regional Business Directory or D&B Regional Business Directory -- followed in each case by the name of the region.

Index of Dun & Bradstreet Publications Included in This Guide

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Apparel trades book

Bradstreet's weekly
Business month
Business month {microform}
Business failures

Career guide
Credit Clearing House book
Credit Clearing House rating information book
Credit Clearing House record

D & & B business rankings
D & B census of American business
D & B Europa
D & B reports

D&B directory of service companies
D&B healthcare reference book
D&B reference book of corporate managements

Dun & Bradstreet export documentation digest
Dun & Bradstreet export documentation handbook
Dun & Bradstreet exporter's encyclopedia
Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. Reference Book
Dun & Bradstreet middle market directory
Dun and Bradstreet monthly review
Dun & Bradstreet record of business closings
Dun & Bradstreet record of business closings. Monthly business failures
Dun & Bradstreet reference book of American business
Dun & Bradstreet reference book of corporate managements
Dun & Bradstreet reference book of transportation
Dun & Bradstreet reports
Dun & Bradstreet reports magazine
Dun & Bradstreet weekly review
Dun and Bradstreet weekly review {microform}
Dun & Bradstreet's guide to your investments
Dun & Bradstreet's key business directory of Latin America
Dun & Bradstreet's key business ratios
Dun and Bradstreet's monthly review {microform}

Dun's {microform}
Dun's business identification service {microform}
Dun's business month
Dun's business month {microform}
Dun's business rankings
Dun's census of American business
Dun's directory of service companies
Dun's employment opportunities directory
Duns Europa
Dun's guide to healthcare companies
Dun's healthcare reference book
Dun's Keogh directory
Dun's Latin America's top 25,000
Dun's middle market disc {computer file}
Dun's reference book of corporate managements
Dun's reference book of transportation
Dun's review [1975-1981]
Dun's review [1937-1953]
Dun's review [1893-1933]
Dun's review : a Dun & Bradstreet publication
Dun's review and modern industry
Dun's review and modern industry {microform}
Dun's review; international edition. Dun's international review
Dun's review microform [1975-1981]
Dun's Review {microform} [1967-1969]
Dun's review {microform} [1937-1953]
Dun's review {microform} [1893-1933]
Dun's statistical review
Dun's statistical review. Quarterly failure report

ERISA red book of pension funds
ERISA top 25,000 companies
Export documentation handbook
Exporter's encyclopaedia [1982-]
Exporters' encyclopaedia [1904-1966]
Exporters' encyclopaedia. World marketing guide

Industry norms and key business ratios. Library ed.
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year. Agriculture, mining, construction, transportation, communications, utilities.
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year. Finance, real estate, services.
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year. Manufacturing.
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year. Retailing.
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year. Wholesaling
International market guide. Continental Europe
International market guide. Latin America

Key business directory of foreign companies in ASEAN
Key business directory of Indonesia/Philippines & Thailand
Key business directory of Malaysia
Key business directory of Singapore
Key business ratios

Latin America market guide
Latin America sales index : West Indies, Central and South America
Latin America 25,000

Market guide
Market guide continental Europe
Market guide, Latin America
Million dollar directory
Million dollar disc {computer file}
Modern industry
Modern industry {microform}
Monthly business failures
Monthly failures

News from Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., Business Economics Division. K, Monthly failures

Principal international businesses

Quarterly business failures
Quarterly business failures report

Reference book {microform}
Reference book of corporate managements
Reference book of manufacturers

Selected key business ratios in 125 lines of business

Trade code key

U.S. business failures

Who owns whom: Australasia and Far East
Who owns whom. Australia and Japan, international
Who owns whom. Australasia, Asia, Middle East & Africa
Who owns whom. Continental ed.
Who owns whom: Continental Europe
Who owns whom. Continental Europe (HighWycombe, England.)
Who owns whom (High Wycombe, England)
Who owns whom. (International subsidiaries of U.S. companies)
Who owns whom. North America
Who owns whom. North & South America
Who owns whom. North American edition
Who owns whom. (United Kingdom)
Who owns whom. United Kingdom & Ireland
Who owns whom: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

Your investments: how to increase your capital and income

This guide, which was initiated under the auspices of the Business Collections and Services Working Group of the Library of Congress, was prepared by Margo McGinnis, Collection Development Specialist, Business Reference Services, Science, Technology & Business Division, 1999.

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