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American Currency Exhibit
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

This online exhibit focuses on the history of money in the United States from the Colonial era forward. Included are notes of the original thirteen colonies, the initial issue of the Continental Congress, notes of the First and Second Banks of the United States, Perkins Plate, Sutler, Mormon and Gold Dust Notes, Confederate currency, legal tender notes, National Gold Bank Notes, Treasury Coin Notes, and Federal Reserve Notes. the site also features an "Artistry and Imagery" section containing illustrations and discussion of recurring themes in the designs appearing on U.S. money, such as allegories, portraits, shields, eagles, mottoes, borders, monuments and buildings, symbolic plants, state seals, cornucopia, and historical events.

National Numismatic Collection
The Smithsonian Institution

This major world numismatic collection, the largest in North America, comprises approximately 1.6 million objects, including over 450,000 coins, medals and decorations and 1.1 million pieces of paper money. Although the collection represents the numismatic history of the world, the emphasis is on the development of money and medals in the United States. Among the items in the collection are the Brasher half doubloon, the 1849 double eagle (first of the gold 20 dollar pieces), and two 1877 fifty dollar patterns, the 1913 Liberty head nickel as well as all three types of the 1804 dollar.

Virtual Money Museum
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

The Museum's online exhibits represent a virtual walk through of each exhibit in the Money Museum located in the Bank's headquarters in downtown Richmond. The exhibits focus on the story of money in Colonial America and the United States, but also include displays of money-related artifacts and exhibits featuring primitive monies, medieval and ancient coins, and other items.

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 Woman posed with stack of packages of $1 silver certificates at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C. [between ca. 1950 and ca. 1969]

Image :
Woman posed with stack of packages of $1 silver certificates at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C. [between ca. 1950 and ca. 1969]

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