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Selected Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche,

This guide presents an alphabetical listing by company of selected annual reports on microfiche for the years 1975-1983 held in the Business Reading Room of the Library of Congress. Although all reports fall within these fiscal years, holdings for most companies do not cover the complete date range. The reports were received as a gift from the Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown, CT.

For earlier holdings of annual reports on microfiche, please see our on-line guide to Selected Pre-1974 Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche. Additionally, Q-File's microfiche collection of SEC filings, the Microfiche Database of Corporate Annual Reports, and U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Documents for the fiscal years 1978-1997 are available in the Business Reading Room and accessible through print indexes.

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Company Dates Notes
  DCL Incorporated   1975-1981  
  DHJ Industries, Inc   1975   See also: Dominion Textile Ltd.
  DMG, Inc.   1980-1982   See also: Danaher Corp.
  DPF Incorporated   1974-1981  
  DWG Corporation   1978-1982  
  Damon Corporation   1975-1982  
  Damon Creations, Inc.   1975-1981  
  Damson Oil Corporation   1975-1982   See also: Dorchester Gas Corp.
  Dan River, Inc.   1976-1982   FY 1982 ends 1/1/1983
  Dana Corporation   1975-1982  
  Daniel Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Dart & Kraft, Inc.   1980-1982   See also: Dart Industries, Inc.
  Dart Industries, Inc.   1975-1979   See also: Dart & Kraft
  Data Acesss Systems, Inc.   1979-1980  
  Data-Control Systems, Inc.   1976   See also: Engineered Electronics, Inc.
  Data Documents, Inc.   1975   See also: Dictaphone
  Data General Corporation   1975, 1977-1982  
  Datapoint Corporation   1977-1982  
  Data Products Corporation   1975-1982  
  Data Terminal Systems, Inc.   1982   See also: National Semiconductor Corp.
  Dataram Corporation   1982  
  Day Mines, Inc.   1975-1980  
  Dayco Corporation   1975-1982  
  Daylin, Inc.   1974-1976  
  Dayton-Hudson Corporation   1974-1983  
  Dayton Power and Light Company (The)   1975-1982  
  DeJur-Amsco Corporation   1975  
  DeRose Industries, Inc.   1975-1978  
  Dean Foods Company   1982  
  Dean Witter Organization, Inc.   1975-1976  
  Dean Witter Reynolds Organization, Inc.   1978, 1980  
  Decorator Industries, Inc.   1979, 1981-1982  
  Deere & Company   1975-1982  
  Decorator Industries, Inc.   1979  
  Del Laboratories, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Del Monte Corporation   1976-1978  
  Dellwood Foods, Inc.   1976-1980  
  Delmarva Power & Light Co.   1975-1982  
  Delta Airlines, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Delta Corporation of America   1975  
  Deltec International Ltd.   1975-1976, 1978  
  Deltona Corporation (The)   1975-1982  
  Deluxe Check Printers, Inc.   1981-1982  
  Dennison Manufacturing Company   1975-1982  
  Denny's, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Den-Tal-Ez, Inc.   1975-1977  
  Dentsply International, Inc.   1975-1981  
  Depositors Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dereco Inc.   1975  
  De Rose Industries, Inc.   1979-1982  
  Deseret Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.   1975-1976  
  Designcraft Jewel Industries, Inc.   1975-1978, 1981-1982  
  DeSota, Inc.   1975  
  DeSoto, Inc.   1976-1982  
  Detroit Edison Company (The)   1975-1982  
  Development Corporation of America   1975-1982  
  Devon Group, Inc.   1977-1982  
  Dexter Corporation (The)   1975-1982  
  Dial Corporation   1977-1981  
  Dial Financial Corporation   1975-1976, 1982  
  Diamond International Corp.   1975-1981  
  Diamond M Drilling Company   1975-1976   See also: Diamond M Company
  Diamond M Company   1977   See also: Diamond M Drilling Company
  Diamond Shamrock Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dick (A.B.) Company   1975-1977   See also: General Electric Co.
  Dictaphone Corporation   1975-1978   See also: Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  Diebold, Inc.   1974-1981  
  Digicon, Inc.   1975-1982  
  DiGiorgio Corporation   1975-1982  
  Digital Equipment Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dillard Department Stores, Inc.   1976-1983  
  Dillingham Corporation   1975-1981  
  Dillon Companies, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Diodes Incorporated   1975-1982  
  Discount Fabrics Inc.   1975-1980  
  Diversey Corporation (The)   1975-1976   See also: Oron Inc.
  Diversified Energies, Inc.   1982  
  Diversified Industries, Inc.   1975-1980  
  Diversified Mortgage Investors, Inc.   1975-1979  
  Dixico Incorporated   1980-1982  
  Dixilyn Corporation   1975   See also: Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co.
  Dr. Pepper Company   1975-1982  
  Documation Incorporated   1977   See also: Storage Technology Corp.
  Dome Mines Ltd.   1975-1982  
  Dome Petroleum Ltd.   1975-1982  
  Domtar Inc   1977-1982   See also: Domtar Ltd.
  Domtar Ltd.   1975-1976   See also: Domtar Inc.
  Donaldson Company, Inc.   1980-1982  
  Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc.   1974-1982  
  Donnelley (R.R.) & Sons Co.   1975-1982  
  Donnkenny Inc.   1975-1977   See also: D K Investors
  Dorchester Gas Corporation   1980-1982   See also: Damson Oil Corporation
  Dorr-Oliver, Inc.   1974-1976   See also: Curtiss-Wright Corp.
  Dorsey Corporation (The)   1975-1982  
  Dougherty Brothers Company   1980-1982  
  Dover Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dow Chemical Company (The)   1975-1982  
  Dow Jones & Company   1976-1982  
  Downey Savings and Loan Association   1975, 1977-1981  
  Dravo Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dresser Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Drexel Bond-Debenture Trading Fund   1982  
  Drexel Utility Shares, Inc.   1979   See also: Energy & Utility Shares, Inc.
  Dreyfus Corporation (The)   1974-1982  
  Driver-Harris Company   1975-1982  
  Drug Fair, Inc.   1975-1980  
  Ducommun Incorporated   1981-1982  
  Duke Power Company   1975-1982  
  Dun & Bradstreet Companies, Inc.   1974-1982  
  Duplan Corporation (The)   1975  
  Duplex Products, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Du Pont de Nemours (E.I.) & Co.   1974-1982  
  Duquesne Light Company   1975-1982  
  Duro-Test Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dutch Boy, Inc.   1976-1979  
  Dymo Industries, Inc.   1975-1977   See also: Oxford Pendaflex Development Corp.
  Dynalectron Corporation   1975-1982  
  Dynamics Corporation of America   1975-1982  
  Dyneer Corporation   1979-1982  
  Dynell Electronics Corp.   1975-1976   See also: United Technologies Corp.
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