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Russian Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Ephemera: A Finding Aid

Inventory. Folder 1.7
Get-out-the-Vote PublicityElection sticker

Description of Selected Items

(Business cards - 1)

The card contains an appeal to participate in the elections. The front side has the logo of the election which reads "4 dekabria. Vybory deputatov gosudarstvennoi Dumy RF" / 4 декабря.Выборы депутатов государственной думы РФ   ('December 4. Elections to the State Duma') Special feature: it has a protective strip similar to a lottery ticket. A note reads: "Sotrite zashchitnuiu plenku i uznaite, zachem nuzhno prikhodit' na vybory" / Сотрите защитную пленку и узнайте, зачем нужно приходить на выборы   ('Scratch off the protective foil and find out why it is important to participate in the elections') . The text on the reverse side under the seal reads " . . . chtoby podderzhat' svoiu partiiiu" / …чтобы поддержать свою партию   ('. . . to support your party')

(Cards - 1)

A blank postal card for distribution through the post office containing information for voters. One side has the logo of the election and the reverse side has a fill-in form with the polling station number, its address, and phone number.

(Newspapers - 1)

This item is a local edition of the free tabloid "Moi Raion" / Мой район   ('My District') distributed in the following districts of Moscow: Shchukino, Khoroshovo-Mnevniki, Tushino, Pokrovskoe-Stershnevo, Mitino, and Leningradskoe shosse districts; 10 leaves (20 pages), dated Nov 25, 2011; the print run is not given. Along with various advertising materials, it has an article organized as a spreadsheet showing a political party vs. its position on issues of high social importance, entitled "Vybiraem soznatel'no. Pozitsiia partii idushchikh na vybory v Gosudarstvennuiu Dumy, po kliuchevym dlia izbiratelia voprosam" / Выбираем сознательно. Позиция партий идущих на выборы в Государственную Думу, по ключевым для избирателя вопросам   ('Choose conscientiously. The positions of parties participating in the Duma elections on the key social issues').

Other noteworthy articles in the issue include:

-an article "Prilozhit'sia k sviatyne" / Приложиться к святыне   ('To Venerate the Sacred') about venerating Poias Presviatoi Bogoroditsy / Пояс Пресвятой Богородицы   ('The Cincture of the Theotokos'), an icon which was brought to Moscow from Greece. It was displayed at Khram Khrista Spasitelia / Храм Христа Спасителя   ('The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour') in November 2011. The arrival of the icon coinciding with the Duma elections drew criticism due to the close relations between the Patriarch and the ruling elite.

-a travel essay "Spas-Kamen'" about the Spaso-Kamennyi monastery / Спасо-Каменный монастырь, in Vologda Oblast'. Incidentally, the article describes the places photographed by S. Prokudin-Gorskii at the dawn of the 20th century and whose materials are deposited at the Library of Congress.

(Pocket calendars - 1)

A 2012 pocket calendar with the election's logo.

(Posters - 2)

One poster is an appeal to verify the correctness of voter information online using ahead of Election Day. The second poster, entitled "Poriadok golosovaniia" / Порядок голосования   ('Voting Procedures') has a comprehensive list of voting procedures for both local elections committee members and individual voters. Each rule has a reference to the specific paragraph in the Federal Law on Elections. Each step is appropriately illustrated.

(Metro tickets - 1)

A Moscow metro system single pass ticket with the election's logo on the reverse side.

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  September 9, 2016
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