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Russian Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Ephemera: A Finding Aid

Inventory. Folder 2.1.
Sergei Mironov / A Just Russia (JR)Mironov

Description of Selected Items

(Booklets - 3)

All three booklets have a photograph of S. Mironov on the cover and the Just Russia logo. The titles are

Sergei Mironov: Chest' imeiu / Сергей Миронов: Честь имею!   ('Sergei Mironov: salute!'). The booklet has a short autobiography with a career time-line and a reference to his webpage in the popular Russian social media site Zhivoi Zhurnal [ZheZhe] / Живой Журнал [ЖЖ]    ('LiveJournal [LJ]') ( Multiple photographs show Mironov in various settings. Noteworthy detail: on the cover page photograph, Mironov is wearing a black and orange "Georgievskaia lentochka" / Георгиевская ленточка  ('Ribbon of Saint George'), which was created as a symbol of remembrance of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (World War II). This symbol is very appealing to Russians across the political spectrum.

Sergei Mironov. Predvybornaia programma. Kurs: spravedlivost' / Сергей Миронов. Предвыборная программа. Курс: справедливость   ('Sergei Mironov. Election program. Path: justice').

Sverim resheniia / Сверим решения   ('Let's verify our resolutions'). The booklet has two distinct parts. The first one is the interpretation of the JR political platform as viewed by S. Mironov. The second part is autobiographical material organized around the collection of rare minerals that S. Mironov gathered while working as a geologist. It is entitled "Malakhitovaia shkatulka Sergeia Mironova" / Малахитовая шкатулка Сергея Миронова  ('The malachite box of Sergei Mironov'), in reference to the popular book of folk fairy tales about minerals "Malakhitovaia Shkatulka" by the Russian Soviet writer Pavel Bazhov. A short, informal interview with Mironov in which he refers to himself as an adventurer concludes the booklet.

(Newspapers - 2)

Both newspapers are tabloid size, 16-pages long, with print runs of 1,000,000. The art in both issues is represented by multiple colored photographs and political cartoons.

One newspaper dated Feb 15, 2012 is entitled "Khotim dostoinoi zhizni?! Mironov - nash otvet" / Хотим достойной жизни?! Миронов – наш ответ!  ('Do we want a decent life?! - Mironov is the answer!'). The headlines on the title page read: "Tvoi golos izmenit stranu!" / Твой голос изменит страну!  ('Your voice will change the country!'); "Sergei Mironov predlozhil luchshii sostav pravitel'stva" / Сергей Миронов предложил лучший состав правительства  ('Sergei Mironov has proposed a better government'), and "Pri vsem "bogatstve" vybora - al'ternativy net?" / При всем «богатстве» выбора – aльтернативы нет?  ('With the "wealth" of choices - Is there no alternative?'). The latter article has a list of political cartoons showing the other four presidential candidates in an uncomplimentary light.

Other materials include:

  • presentation of the proposed government,
  • thirteen short Q&A with photographs of the questioners,
  • an article by Oksana Dmitrieva, "Khochesh' tsarskie chertogi? Plati vysokie nalogi!" / Хочешь царские чертоги? Плати высокие налоги!  ('Do you want luxury living quarters? Pay high taxes!'), about progressive taxation for the wealthy'),
  • commentary by Nikolai Levichev on a recent editorial by Vladimir Putin in the newspaper Vedomosti / Ведомости, "Strane nuzhen novyi prezident" / Стране нужен новый президент  ('The country needs a new president'), and
  • four comics on subjects of social issues, all ending with a common call to vote for Mironov.

The second newspaper, dated March 2, 2012, is entitled "Kto on - Mironov? Sopernik Putina No. 1. Vpervye! Polnaia biografiia ot pervogo litsa" / Кто он – Миронов? – соперник Путина №1. Впервые! Полная биография от первого лица  ('Who is he - Mironov? – Putin's #1 rival. For the first time ever! – Complete biography first hand'). The front page has a black-and-white photograph of S. Mironov.

The contents of this issue include:

  • articles expanding on the candidate's political program under the umbrella title "Kurs na spravedlivost': osnovnye napravleniia" / Курс на справедливость: основные направления  ('The goal is justice: the main objectives'),
  • four autobiographical articles by Mironov, "Moe detstvo" / Мое детство),“  ('My childhood'), "Nikto krome nas" /(Никто кроме нас),”  ('No one but us'), Kak ia rabotal geologom" / Как я работал геологом  ('When I was a geologist'), and "Kak ia prishel v politiku" / (Как я пришел в политику  ('How I got into politics'). All articles have photographs;
  • an article by N. Levichev entitled "Programma Putina ochen' slabaia" / Программа Путина очень слабая  ('Putin's program is very weak'),
  • an article by S. Mironov criticizing G. Ziuganov and V. Zhirinovskii "Ziuganov and Zhirinovskii pokazali svoe istinnoe litso" / Жириновский и Зюганов показали свое истинное лицо  ('Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov have shown their true colors'), and
  • an article by Rimma V. Markova, the manager of Mironov's election headquarters "No pasarán! Oni ne proidut!" / Они не пройдут!)  ('No pasarán! They shall not pass!'). Part of the latter title is a slogan which has been known in Russia since the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Since then it has become a popular Russian catch phrase that does not need interpretation. The article addresses matters of interest for pensioners and veterans.

(Pocket calendars - 1)

A 2012 pocket calendar which has the logo of JR and a photograph of Mironov wearing boxing gloves with the caption "K bor'be gotov!" / К борьбе готов!  ('Ready to fight!'). A caption on the glove reads "Za spravedlivost'!" / За справедливость!  ('For justice!').

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