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Russian Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Ephemera: A Finding Aid

Inventory. Folder 2.4
(Zhirinovskii. LDPR)Zhirinovskii

Description of Selected Items

(Booklets - 6)
Electronic copies of booklets are available at the official LDPR site,

The first is called "LDPR. Real'nyi Zhirinovskii" / ЛДПР. Реальный Жириновский  ('LDPR. Zhirinovskii just as he is') and had a print run of 10,000, dated February 9, 2012, is a selection of 33 high quality color photographs taken between January 2011 and January 2012 and arranged in chronological order. They show Zhirinovskii as a private and public figure at locations across Russia.

The second is the booklet "LDPR. Obrashenie V.V. Zhirinovskogo" / ЛДПР.Обращение В.В. Жириновского   ('LDPR. Appeal from V.V. Zhirinovskii') with a print run of 7,000,000, dated January 23, 2012, presents his presidential program as an informal conversation with a potential voter and opens with the appeal "Davai pogovorim, tovarishch!" / Давай поговорим, товарищ!  ('Comrade, let's talk!'). One part is entitled "111 strategicheskikh pozitsii LDPR" / 111 стратегических позиций ЛДПР  (111 strategic initiatives of LDPR).

The third had a print run of 50,000, dated January 31, 2012, and is entitled "Urody" / Уроды  ('Freaks'). Opening with the phrase "Zemlia urodov" / Земля уродов  ('The land of freaks'), it is an essay on Russian history with an analysis of 'what went wrong' and a discussion of future options. "Istoriia Rossii - eto istoriia pechali . . . " / История России – это история печали…  ('The history of Russia [is] a history of sorrow. . . ')

"Russkii nabat" / Русский набат  ('Russian alarm bell'), dated January 30, 2012, is the fourth booklet in the series, and had a print run of 75,000. Among other issues of political and social importance, the book calls for a change of the country's political system from a federal to a unitary state, proposes new administrative divisions, and discusses the extent of power delegated to the administrative divisions by the central government. Noteworthy is the title of the opening chapter "Kratkii kurs LDPR" / Краткий курс ЛДПР  ('A crash course on LDPR'), which echoes the notorious "Kratkii kurs istorii VKP(b)" / Краткий курс истории ВКП(б)   ('History of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks): Short Course'), probably referring to the widespread effect of the latter book on the political views of the Soviet people.

The booklet, "LDPR. Poka ne pozdno. . . 33 voprosa k Zhirinovskomu" / ЛДПР. Пока не поздно... 33 вопроса к Жириновскому   (LDPR. While it is not too late. . . 33 questions to Zhirinovskii'), dated January 30, 2012, had a print run of 120,000. The text is organized around questions that voters supposedly asked V. Zhirinovskii. The booklet's first page has a photograph of Zhirinovskii with a caption-quote: "Ia schastlivyi ochen', poskol'ku samyi svobodnyi politik planety, mogu govorit' obo vsekh, obo vsem i vsegda, vezde, vse to, chto khochu. Nikto etogo ne mozhet, krome menia!" / Я счастливый очень, поскольку самый свободный политик планеты, могу говорить обо всех, обо всем и всегда, везде, все что хочу. Никто это не может, кроме меня!)   ('I am very happy because I am the freest politician on the planet; [I] can say whatever I want to about anybody, anything and at any time. Nobody but I can do that!)

The final booklet, "Pokolenie X" / Поколение Х  ('Generation X') with a print run of 20,000 and dated January 30, 2012, addresses the views of LDPR on issues of interest to younger generations of Russians and contains a call to join LDPR. At the same time, it harshly criticizes the opposition political parties "Iabloko" and "Soiuz pravykh sil" as traitors to Russian interests, ER and JR as a parties of corrupt bureaucrats, and KPRF as a party of old-fashioned communists also responsible for the decline and destruction of the Soviet Union.

(Flyer-calendars - 2)

The 2012 flyer-calendars are complementary - they have same size and design; they have color photographs of Zhirinovskii in settings appropriate to his cause. One is for the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland (February 23; in its contemporary form analogous to Father's Day in the US). It reads "S Dnem Zashchitnika Otechestva!" / С Днем Защитника Отечества!  ('[Best wishes] on the Day of the Defender of the Motherland!'). The second one is intended for International Women's Day (March 8; analogous to Mother's Day in the US). It reads "S 8 Marta, dorogie zhenshchiny!" / С 8 Марта, дорогие женщины!  ('Best wishes on March 8, dear women!')

(Newspapers - 2)

One information bulletin dated February 9, 2012, with a print run of 1,500,000, is entitled "Golosui za Zhirinovskogo!" / Голосуй за Жириновского!   ('Vote for Zhirinovskii!')
  •  An item "Eto nuzhno sdelat' v pervuiu ochered'" / Это нужно сделать в первую очередь!  ('This is what needs to be done right away') lists 50 of the most important issues.
  •  An article "Lider XXI veka" / Лидер ХХI века  ('Leader of the 21st century') elaborates on the four key qualities of Zhirinovskii as a leader - honesty, charisma, intelligence, and reliability.
  •  Two articles "Khvatit grabit' Rossiiu!" / Хватит грабить Россию!  ('Stop looting Russia!') and "Kak razvalivali stranu" / Как разваливали страну  ('How [they] wrecked the country) addresses the issues of Russia's territorial losses and growing separatism since the fall of the USSR, as seen by Zhirinovskii.

The second information bulletin dated January 24, 2012, with a print run of 2,682,000, of newspaper size, is entitled "Zhirinovskii ili budet khuzhe!" / Жириновский или будет хуже  ('Zhirinovsky or [everything] will change for the worse!') Materials include:

  •  Two promotional articles "Prezident kotoryi sdelal Rossiiu velikoi" / Президент который сделал Россию великой  ('The president who made Russia great') - the title that does not seem to reflect the stated topic since the article is about what would have happened if V. Zhirinovskii had been elected instead of B. El'tsin back in the early 1990s) - and "Khvatit eto terpet'!" / Хватит это терпеть!  ('It's time to stop putting up with it!"')
  •  A biographical article "Sud'ba Rossii - eto i moia sud'ba. . ." / Судьба России – это и моя судьба  ('The destiny of Russia is my destiny too. . .')
  •  An interview with V. Zhirinovskii entitled "Vlast' nado meniat" / Власть надо менять  ('It's time for a change of leadership'),
  •  An article about the LDPR program "Zakony vo blago liudei" /Законы во благо людей  ('Laws to benefit [ordinary] people') with the subtitle "Partiia real'nykh del" / Партия реальных дел  ('The party of tangible deeds') accompanied by a collection of letters addressed to Zhirinovskii, thanking him for help with specific everyday matters and sent from various regions of Russia.

Both information bulletins have multiple color photographs.

(Pocket calendars - 3)

The 2012 pocket calendars have color photographs of Zhirinovskii on the reverse side. The slogans read: "2012. Zhirinovskii i budet luchshe! Golosui za Zhirinovskogo!" / 2012. Жирновский и будет лучше!  ('2012. Zhirinovskii and [everything] will change for the better!'); "2012. Tol'ko LDPR!" / 2012. Только ЛДПР!  ('2012. Only LDPR!') "2012. LDPR za russkikh! ! / 2012. ЛДПР за русских!  ('2012. LDPR for Russians!').

(Stickers - 2)

The two stickers are complementary - they are of the same size and design - one has a white background, while the other has a black background. The white one reads: "Zhirinovskii i budet luchshe!" / Жирновский и будет лучше!  ('Zhirinovskii and [everything] will change for the better!') . The black one reads "Zhirinovskii ili budet khuzhe!" / Жириновский или будет хуже!  ('Zhirinovsky or [everything] will change for the worse!')

A common caption on several items is "Prochital - peredai drugomu!" / Прочитал – передай другому  ('If you have read it - pass [the printed material] on').

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