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Russian Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Ephemera: A Finding Aid

Inventory. Folder 2.7
(General Opposition groups)

Description of Selected Items

(Business cards - 1)

The card is issued by the party "Tret'ia sila" / Третья сила   ('Third power') and has details about the meeting on February 23, 2012 and the organizers' contact information The meeting is called "Al'tmiting" / Альтмитинг.

(Cards - 3)

One card is an invitation to a protest march "Za chestnye vybory" / За честные выборы ('For fair elections') on Kaluzhskaia ploshchad' / Калужская площадь  ('Kaluga Square') in Moscow on February 4,2012. The text reads "two months after they stole our votes and one month before the presidential election".

One card is an appeal from Boris Mironov who declares himself a "people's candidate" standing up for Russians "Russkii! Boris' za svoi narod!... Dlia Russkoi pobedy malo tvoego golosa! Proiavi aktivnost'. Eto nash poslednii mirnyi shans" /Русский! Борись за свой народ! Борись за Россию! . . . Для Русской победы мало твоего голоса! Прояви активность. Это наш последний мирный шанс!  ('Russians! Fight for your people! Fight for Russia! . . . For the Russian victory, your vote alone is not enough. Be active! This is our last peaceful option'). The websites provided are and

A card issued by Grakon ("grazhdanskii kontrol" / гражданский контроль  ('citizen's control') gives information on the work of a virtual monitoring site organized in preparation for the presidential elections by a group of volunteers operating from both Russia and abroad,

(Flyers - 10)

Two flyers are issued by the election headquarters of V. I. Cherepkov calling to ignore the elections by receiving an absentee ballot (otkreputel'nyi talon) and not using it, thus removing one's name from the voter's list.

Three flyers are issued by the party "Volia" / Воля  ('The Will'), the group supporting candidate Svetlana Peunova; They have extracts from the candidate's political program and contact information, including the cell phone numbers of supporting activists.

One flyer issued by KRI (Komitet za rabochii Internatsional) calls for the boycott of the elections. The second flyer issued by KRI is a post-election call for civil protests in general. It is entitled "Sleduiushchii tur - na ulitsakh!" / Следующий тур – на улицах!  ('Next [elections] round [is] on the streets!"').

One flyer is an invitation to a protest march "Za chestnye vybory" / За честные выборы  ('For fair elections') on Kaluzhskaia ploshchad' in Moscow on February 4, 2012.

The text reads "two months after they stole our votes and one month before the presidential elections." It is similar to the card issued by the same organization described above. Two flyers, identical in content but different in size, issued by the movement "Drugaia Rossiia" / Другая Россия ('The Other Russia') refer to the protest demonstration scheduled for March 5, 2012, on Lubianskaia ploshchad' / Лубянская площадь in Moscow. The flyer has a black-and-white photograph of Putin with a caption "Eshche 12 let? Spasibo, NET!" / Еще 12 лет? Спасибо, нет!  ('12 more years? Thanks, but no thanks!')

(Stickers - 6)

One sticker is issued by the movement "Za Rossiiu bez Putina" / За Россию без Путина ('For a Russia without Putin'). It has the shape and size of a regular car tag. The tag number is 04 03 12 (the presidential election date in the format day/month/year) and words "Prokatim Putina" / Прокатим Путина  ('Let's flunk Putin'). The sticker issued by calls for participation in a rally for fair elections on Kaluzhskaia ploshchad' in Moscow on February 4, 2012. is a social media site that was active during the 2011/2012 election campaigns.

The sticker is issued by the movement "Za chestnye vybory" movement and gives information about an event Belyi Krug / Белый Круг  ('White circle') organized on February 26, 2012, in downtown Moscow. The slogan "voz'mem Kreml' v kol'tso" / Возьмем Кремль в кольцо  ('Let's encircle the Kremlin') aimed to demonstrate the unity of the citizens' opposition against Putin and his politics; the choice of the date was not accidental -- according to the Russian Orthodox calendar, February 26 in 2012 was the Mardi Gras / Широкая масленница, which is traditionally viewed as a farewell to winter. The organizers announced the event as "farewell to Putin's political winter."

Some 30,000+ people wearing symbols of the white protest movement gathered along the Sadovoe Kol'tso / Садовое Кольцо ('Garden Ring') street moving to downtown Moscow in a live circle. The action was organized through social media. The sticker "Puteshestvie za chestnye vybory" / Путешествие за честные выборы  ('Walk for fair elections') announces the demonstration on February 4, 2012.

The sticker "Belyi Gorod za chestnuiu vlast'" / Белый Город за честную власть  ('Belyi Town for fair government') issued by the "Za chestnye vybory" movement announces the post-election protest demonstration on May 7, 2012. It provides a map of the demonstration route. Here, the expression "Belyi Gorod" / Белый Город has a double meaning. One, most recent, is the name of a protest movement which chose white as the symbol of purity and which is a continuation of the "Belyi Circle" movement; the other is the historical name of the Moscow area enclosed within the Bul'varnoe Koltso (Boulevard Ring) named after the white color of the limestone walls built to protect it. It may also be viewed as Belyi Gorod (the place where ordinary citizens live), opposed to the Kremlin (historically, the seat of the government). The sticker is issued by - an organization called Proekt po osushchestvleniiu obshchestvennogo kontrolia za protsessom vyborov / Проект по осуществлению общественного контроля за процессом выборов  ('The elections monitored by people project'). It calls for people to volunteer as monitors at the presidential elections. The sticker shows an Ace playing card with the picture of Putin as Ace which is secretly held in the sleeve of a swindler. The text reads "Stan' nabliudatelem 4 marta - ne dai sebia obmanut'!" / Стань наблюдателем 4 марта – не дай себя обмануть!  ('Become an observer on March 4 - do not let yourself be taken in!')

     Selected Images from Folder 2.7

Poster entitled Za chestnye vybory

Poster with a hand pulling an ace card with Putin's image out of a sleeve

Campaign image

Campaign image

Poster of Belyi Krug
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