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Russian Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Ephemera: A Finding Aid

Inventory. Folder 2.9
(Monitoring groups)

Description of Selected Items

(Business cards - 1) Poster with a box checked Grazhdanin Nabliudatel'

The card is issued by the organization Grazhdanin-nabliudatel' / Гражданин Наблюдатель  ('Citizen Monitor') and provides a website where the reader can register as an election monitor and contacts [email protected] and The cartoon on the card shows V. Churov as a Jack-in-the-box messing around with election ballots. The caption reads "Ne izbavit'sia ot trolia bez grazhdanskogo kontrolia" / Не избавиться от троля без гражданского контроля  ('No way to get rid of trolls without citizen monitoring')

(Flyers - 3)

One flyer has general information for those considering becoming monitors. Contact information for all parties with registered candidates, citizen monitoring groups and information agents covering the election is provided in a concise form.

Another flyer is issued by a group of monitoring organizations, namely Demokraticheskii Vybor / Демократический Выбор, Golos / Голос, Rosvybory / Росвыборы, Grazhdanin-nabliudatel / Гражданин-наблюдатель, and Shkola nabliudatelia / Школа наблюдателя. It is an invitation to participate in the meeting "Forum nabliudatelei" / Форум наболюдателей on February 11, 2012. The sites mentioned are http://заметим.rf and

A third flyer is issued by the project called "Narodnyi Nabliudatel'" and has the slogans "Stan' narodnym nabliudatelem" / Стань народным наблюдателем,“  ('Become a citizen monitor') and "V nashikh silakh protivostoiat' mashine fal'sifikatsii" / В наших силах противостоять машине фальсификации  ('We can stop the machine of falsification'), the website address provided is http://я-надлюдатель.рф.

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  September 14, 2016
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