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The Lieber Collection

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Alphabetical Index of the Lieber Collection: T - W

  • Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Or tables, shewing the form and amount of the tribute money, levied by the federal government; on agriculture and commerce, to be transferred into the pockets of the manufacturers and sugar planters. Political Tract No.4, November 1831. Charleston: State Rights and Free Trade Association, 1831. (PDF)
  • Telegram dated December 19, 1933, Providence, Rhode Island, to Miss Nancy Morrison, Judge Advocate Generals Office, War Department. Text in full: "Forum has my permission to make photostat copy Lieber signature and two page article Agassize. Kind regards to you, Ameilia Lieber Stearns." [The name Agassize, refers to Louis Agassiz, generally spelled without the final letter e]. (PDF)
  • Trial of Lieutenant Joel Abbot, by the General Navy Court Martial, Holden on Board the U.S. Ship Independence, at the Navy Yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts, on allegations Made Against Him, by Capt. David Porter, Navy Commander. Reported by F.W. Waldo, Esq. One of His Counsel. To Which is Added and Appendix, Containing Sundry Documents in Relation to the Management of Affairs on the Boston Station. F.W. Waldo. Boston: Russell & Gardner, 1822. (PDF)
  • Unbound book of pamphlets concerning secession in the United States including: pages 439-756 from a publication featuring reviews of books (Count de Gasparin pages 439-462 pages missing, The Free Trade Policy of Great Britain, pages 463-472, The Southern Apology for Secession, pages 731-756). The Right of Secession, The Rebellion: Its Causes and True Significance. In Letters to a Friend Abroad, by Henry T. Tuckerman (1861), pages 1-48. Proceedings of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, Mass., on its CCXXIV. Anniversary, June 2, 1862, by Rev Francis Vinton (1862) pages 1-68. The Constitution Not a Compact Between Sovereign States: A Speech by the Hon. Daniel Webster, in the Senate of the United States, Jan., 1833, in Reply to the Resolutins Offerred by Mr. Calhoun, of South Carolina, Affirming the Right of Secession, (1861) pages 1-44. An Oration Delivered on the Fourth of July, 1862, Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston, by George Ticknor Curtis (1862) pages 1-46. Speeches of Mr. Webster at Capon Springs, Virginia; Together with Those of Sir H.L. Bulwer & Wm. L. Clarke, Esq., June 28, 1851, pages 1-18, with inscription from "Dr. Francis Lieber, with kind regards of Edward Everett." Secession: A Folly and a Crime. (1861) pages 1-29 with inscription "F Lieber LLD. from J.R. Ingerson." What are the Conditions of a Candid and Lasting Reconcilitation Between the Two Sections of the Country? (1861) pages 1-69. Speech by Hon. Elisha R. Potter, of South Kingstown, Upon the Resolution in Support of the Nation, with an Additional Note (1861) pages 1-15. The Fallacy of Neutrality. An Address by the Hon. Joseph Holt, to the People of Kentucky, Delivered at Louisville, July 13th, 1861; Also His Letter to J.F. Speed, Esq. (1861) pages 1-31. The Crisis: Its Rationale, by Thomas Sizer (1862) pages 1-100 with note on cover that reads "Dr Francis Lieber, Columbia College, N.Y." The Causes of the American Civil War, by John Lathrop Motley (1861) pages 1-24. State Sovereignty, Rebellion Against the United States by the Poeple of a State Is Its Political Suicide, by James A. Hamilton (1862) pages 1-32. An Oration by Edward Everett (1861) pages 1-48. The Contest in America by John Stewart Mill (1862) pages 1-32. Discours Prononces Au Dejeuner De L'Union Americaine (1861) in French and English. (PDF)
  • The United States vs. William C. Corrie. Presentment for Piracy. Opinion of the Hon. A.G. Magrath, District Judge in the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of South Carolina. The slave trade not declared piracy by the Act of 1820. Charleston: S.G. Courtenay & Co., 1860. (PDF)
  • Universal History, from the Creation of the World to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century. By the late Hon. Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee. In two volumes. Vol. II. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Company, 1836. (PDF)
  • Universal History, from the Creation of the World to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century. Hon. Alexander Fraser Tytle, Lord Woodhouselee. Volume I. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Company, 1837. (PDF)
  • Untitled, hand-written journal by Guido Norman Lieber.
  • The Use of the Army in Aid of the Civil Power. G. Norman Lieber, Judge-Advocate General , U.S. Army. War Department, Document No. 64. Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1898. (PDF)
  • Die Verbreitung der Activen Menschenrasse uber den Erdball Andeutungen von Dr Gustav Klemm [The Spread of the Active Races of Man Over the Globe. Interpretations by Dr Gustav Klemm]. Dresden: Teubner, 1845. (PDF)
  • View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages, by Henry Hallam. From the sixth London edition [originally published in 3 volumes in 1834]. Complete in one volume. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1859. (PDF)
  • Vossiche Berlinische Zeitungen, Vom Juli Bis Dezember 1812. (PDF)
  • William Penn: An Historical Biography, from new sources, with an extra chapter on the "Macaulay Charges." William Hepworth Dixon, Philadelphia: Blanchard and Lea, 1851. (PDF)
  • Die Wissenschaft des Staates, Erster Theil: Der Mensch [Science of States. Part One: Man]. Pertinax Philalethes (pseudonym), St Gallen & Bern: Verlag von Huber und Comp., 1848. (PDF)
  • The Works of Rufus Choate with a Memoir of His Life. Samuel Gilman Brown. Vol. II. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1862. (PDF)
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  January 24, 2018
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