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Military Law Historical Monographs, Studies, Texts and Treatises

The full text of selected works on military law that address some of the current research needs and interests of The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School Library, U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia External Link, will be added regularly to this site.

OCLC Number
Military Law and Precedents (William Winthrop; 1920) 277052322
Military Commissions (Thomas C. Marmon, Joseph E. Cooper, and William P. Goodman;
April 1953)
Civil Affairs Military Government: Selected Cases and Materials (September 1958) 315851052
Report to Honorable Wilber M. Brucker, Secretary of the Army, by the Committee on the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Good Order and Discipline in the Army (18 January 1960) 367631869
Command of the Army. A Legal and Historical Study of the Relations of the President, the Secretaries of War and the Army, the General of the Army, and the Chief of Staff, with one another (Archibald King; October 1960) 456703860
Report to General William C. Westmoreland by the Committee for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Administration of Military Justice (1 June 1971) -
Prisoners of War: Repatriation or Internment in Wartime; American and Allied Experience,
1775 to Present
(Charles H. Murphy; 20 July 1971)
Military Jury System Needs Safeguards Found in Civilian Federal Courts
(FPCD 76-48; 6 June 1977)
Fundamental Changes Needed to Improve the Independence and Efficiency of the Military
Justice System
(FPCD 78-16; 31 October 1978)
Court-Martial Jurisdiction
(Jan Horbaly; Ph.D. Dissertation. Yale Law School; Degree Conferred June 10, 1986)
Report of the Commission on the 50th Anniversary of the UCMJ
(Walter T. Cox III, Chair; May 2001)
Setting Servicemembers Up for Success: Buying a Home, a Legal and Financial Analysis
(Lieutenant Colonel Samuel W. Kan; November 2006)

Setting Servicemembers Up for More Success:  . . . A Tax and Estate Planning Analysis
(Lieutenant Colonel Samuel W. Kan; January 2010)
Survivor Benefits (Lieutenant Colonel Samuel W. Kan; August 2010) 666378261

J.A.G.S. Texts

Military Affairs, J.A.G.S. Text No. 3 (1 October 1943, Repro. with Addenda, 15 May 1944) -
War Powers and Military Jurisdiction, J.A.G.S. Text No. 4 (1 December 1943) 646030214
Law of Land Warfare, J.A.G.S. Text No. 7 (1 September 1943, Reissued 1 July 1945) 317717490
Selected Opinions - Military Affairs, J.A.G.S. Text No. 9 (1 February 1944) 646032329
Law of Belligerent Occupation, J.A.G.S. Text No. 11 (1 June 1944, Reissued 2 July 1945) 370746888
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  January 6, 2015
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