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What is in a Record?

Records in COLDBACK are generated from a bibliographic form on a screen, with blanks that are filled in by the CRBP project staff. Each line of the form, called a Field, is used to enter information such as author, title, pagination, etc. There are over forty such Fields which may be used. Since the database had previously used the standard MARC system for labelling Fields, we defined Fields in STAR that correspond to MARC Fields and also defined shorthand versions, or tags, of all the Fields.

Tags are not used when searching through the STAR/Web search screen. However, when searching in the DOS version of STAR, tags are used for Field-specific searching. Thus for author use NAME, for pagination PG, and so on. Use the following to view some sample records or the entire list of STAR tags.

Other STAR Databases that Support COLDBACK

There are a number of auxiliary STAR databases which support the main database, COLDBACK. The most useful of these are the Authority Files which govern the content of some Fields in COLDBACK records.

If a Field has an Authority File, it means that only terms of the Authority File can be entered in that Field when generating the record. It follows that for searching in the DOS version of STAR, you should enter only Authority File terms when searching such fields. There are no such restrictions, however, when searching through the STAR Web search screen--you may use any keywords, including personal names and place names.

The Authority Files are:

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  July 16, 2010
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