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Sources for Research in English Genealogy :
Names, Geographical

1.	Cameron, Kenneth.  
	English Place-names. 3rd ed.  London: B. T. Batsford, 1977, c1961.  258 p.,
	[4] leaves of plates.: ill.  
                                                  DA645.C3 1977  
	 Bibliography: p. 229-233.

2.	Ekwall, Eilert, 1877- 
	The concise Oxford dictionary of English place-names.  4th ed.  Oxford:
	Clarendon Press, 1960.  546 p. 
                                                  DA645 .E38 1960 
	Bibliography: p. xxxvi-xii. 


3.	English Place-Name Society.  
	[Survey of English Place-names].  Cambridge [Eng.]: The University press,
	"The English Place-Name Society was founded in 1923 to carry out the survey
	of English place-names and to issue annual volumes to members who subscribe to
	the work of the Society." 

	Partial contents: vol. I. (Part l) Introduction to the survey of English
	place-names; (Part 2) The chief elements used in English place-names, vol. II.
	The place-names of Buckinghamshire, vol. III. The place-names of Bedfordshire
	and Huntingdonshire, vol. IV. The place-names of Worcestershire, vol. V. The
	place-names of the North Riding of Yorkshire, vols. VI, VII. The place-names
	of Sussex, Parts 1 and 2, vols. VIII, IX. The place-names of Devon, Parts 1
	and 2, vol. X. The place-names of Northamptonshire, vol. XI. The place-names
	of Surrey, vol. XII. The place-names of Essex, vol. XIII. The place-names of
	Warwickshire, vol. XIV. The place-names of the East Riding of Yorkshire and
	York, vol. XV. The place-names of Hertfordshire, vol. XVI. The place-names of
	Wiltshire, vol. XVII. The place-names of Nottinghamshire, vol. XVIII. The
	place-names of Middlesex, vol. XIX. The place-names of Cambridgeshire and the
	Isle of Ely, vols. XX-XXII. The place-names of Cumberland, Parts 1, 2, and 3,
	vols. XXIII, XXIV. The place-names of Oxfordshire, Parts 1, and 2, vols. XXV,
	XXVI. English place-name elements, Parts 1 and 2, vols. XXVII-XXIX. The
	place-names of Derbyshire, Parts 1, 2, and 3, vols. XXX-XXXVII. The
	place-names of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Parts 1-8, vol. XXXVIII-XLI. The
	place-names of Gloucestershire, Parts 1-4, vol. XLII, XLIII. The place-names
	of Westmorland, Parts 1 and 2, vol. XLIV-XLVIII,LIV. The place-names of
	Cheshire, Parts 1-4, 5, I:i and ii, vols. XLIX-LI. The place-names of
	Berkshire, Parts 1, 2, and 3, vols. LII, LIII, LIX-LX. The place-names of
	Dorset, Parts 1-3, vol. LV. The place-names of Staffordshire, Part 1, vols.
	LVI, LVII. Cornish place-name elements, vols. LVIII, LXIV-LXVI, LXXI. The
	place-names of Lincolnshire, Parts 1-4, vol. LXI. The place-names of Norfolk,
	Part 1, vols. LXII-LXIII, LXX. The place-names of Shropshire, Parts 1 and 2,
	vol. LXVII-LXIX. The place-names of Rutland.

4.	Mills, A.D.
	A Dictionary of English Place Names.  Oxford; New York: Oxford University
	Press, 1993.
                                                  [DA645.M55 1993]

                                                  Not yet in LC

5.	1991.  xxxi, 388 p.                                   DA645.M55 1991

6.	Reaney, Percy H. (Percy Hide), 1880-1968.  
	The Origin of English Place-names.  London: Routledge and Paul, [1960].  277
	p.: ill.
	Bibliography: p. 243-246. 
	Reprinted in London by Routledge and K. Paul in 1985. 
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