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742. Elvas [Border Fortress of the Kingdom of Portugal in the province of Alentejo]. Benjamin, Ferdinand Jean. Lisbon. 1763. Colored pen-and-ink ms., 62 1/2 x 70 cm. Scale not given.

This is a carefully executed French plan of the external walls and supports of the fortress of Elvas and of a small fortification, Forte de Santa Lucia (Fort de Sainte Lucie) connected to it. Plan includes numerous profiles. Forts are identified in French and Portuguese. Map is oriented with south at top. A note at top reads, "Num[e]ro 1." Map is from the Force Map Collection, 704.

G6694 .E4 1763 .D Vault


abaixo: Mina de São Domingos
longitudinal: Mina de São Domingos
transversas: Mina de São Domingos
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743. [Mining maps of Minas de São Domingos, Portugal]. 1874. 4 plans on 4 sheets. Colored pen-and-ink ms., 4 sheets: "Planta da lavra a céo aberto e edificios", 82 x 220 cm.; "Planta do piso 12 metros abaixo da superficie do mineral", 73 x176 1/2 cm.; "Seccao longitudinal sobre a massa", 75 1/2 x 161 1/2 cm.; "Perfis transversas sobre a massa", 93 x 132 1/2 cm. Scale for all sheets, 1:400.

The principal plan, "Planta da lavra..." shows the working mine, contour lines, and various buildings and houses, e. g., "Cazas para Mineiros", "Cazas para Empregados", "Cazas para Artistas", "Armazens", "Escola", "Igrega", etc. Plan also includes a color keyed legend providing information on the mine. Three additional plans shows the mine underground, a longitudinal section, and a transversal profile.

G6694.M48H1 s04 .M5 Vault


744. Representation. D'un Choc survenu entre les Espagnols et un Corps Portugais sous les Ordres Brigadier General Bourgoyne auprès de Villa Velha avec la Description des diverses tentations des Espagnols pour passer le Fleuve Taje, en Octobre en 1762 [Portugal]. 1762. Colored pen-and-ink ms., 43 1/2 x 43 1/2 cm. Scale not given.

This detailed French military map depicting the progress of a battle in the vicinity of Vila Velha between attacking Spanish troops on one side and Portuguese and British troops on the other includes the Tejo (Tagus) River, the town of Vila Velha, a castle, destroyed buildings, locations of Spanish, Portuguese, and English troops, fortifications, the route taken by allied (Portuguese and British) troops, Burgoyne's tent, and pictorial representation of relief, vegetation, and cultivated fields. Map also includes extensive notes with a color-coded key for troops by nationality. At that time, General John Burgoyne served as Brigadier General of the Portuguese army. Map is oriented with southwest at top. This battle was part of the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), a world-wide conflict between Britain and France, which also involved Spain as an ally of France.

G6694.V584 1762 .R Vault



745. Island of Madeira [Portugal]. [late 18th century]. Pencil, pen-and-ink ms., 34 x 48 1/2 cm. No scale given.

This British map of Madeira includes coastline, coastal features, towns, administrative divisions, streams, peaks, and triangulations from various geographical sites.

G9142.M2 17-- .I Vault

Madeira, Portugal/Portugal/Atlantic Ocean

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