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2017: Mapping the Great War: A Pair of Lectures on the Maps of the First World War

Presentation Flyer: May 25, 2017 at 12 pm in the Mumford Room of the Library of Congress Madison Building, 101 Independence Ave. SE

The program will begin with The Maps of a World War I, a lecture by Ryan Moore. He will discuss how maps illustrate the military and political facets of the war. He will also discuss how aerial photography, scouting, and prisoner interviews were used to populate intelligence on maps.

Special guest from Great Britain, Professor Peter Doyle, a military historian and terrain analyst, will present Terrain, Maps, and Failure at the Dardanelles, 1915. He will discuss the disastrous Allied campaign at Gallipoli and how planners like England’s top naval administrator Winston Churchill relied upon misleading intelligence gleaned from maps.

Link to YouTube video of this lecture.

2017: The King of Maps: A Presentation on Philip Lee Phillip’s First Acquisition Trips by Cheryl Fox of the Manuscript Division

Presentation Flyer: February 22, 2017 at 12 pm in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave. SE, LM B01

Link to PDF version of the presentation.

2016: Islands in the Stream: Cuban Maps from the Past to the Future

Islands in the Stream: Cuban Maps from the Past to the Future

A presentation by Julio Cesar Perez Hernandez, discussing the history of Cuba through cartography, starting with the Juan de la Cosa map of 1500, up to his own Master Plan for XXI Century Havana. Mr. Perez Hernandez is an architect and urban planner.

2015: Finding the Antipodes: The Cartographic History of Polar Exploration from 1500 to the Present

Conference Flyer

2014: From Terra To Terabytes: The History of 20th Century Cartography and Beyond

Morning, Day 1 Speakers: Mark Monmonier, Stephen Hornsby, James Akerman and Ralph Ehrenberg
Afternoon, Day 1 Speakers: Keith Clarke, Timothy Barney and Laura Kurgan
Morning, Day 2 Speakers: Judith A. Tyner and Phillip Stooke
Afternoon, Day 2 Speakers: Jill Desimini, John Hessler and Douglas Richardson
Conference Program

2013: Re-Drawing Ptolemy: The Cartography of Martin Waldseemüller and Mathias Ringmann

AM Session Speakers: John Hébert, John Hessler, David Parsons, Susan Danforth, Daniel DeSimone, Sylvia Albro and John Bertonaschi.
PM Session Speakers: Wesley Brown, Richard Pflederer, Surekha Davies, Marguerite Ragnow and Chet Van Duzer
Conference Invitation

2012: Visualizing the Nation's Capital: Two Centuries of Mapping Washington, D.C.

Day 1 Morning Speakers: James H. Billington, George Tobolowsky, Ralph Ehrenberg, Richard Stephenson, Ronald Grim, Edward Redmond, Patrick O'Neill
Day 1 Afternoon Speakers: William Stanley, Chas Langelan, Don Alexander Hawkins, Charlene Drew Jarvis, Timothy Davis, Iris Miller, Gail Lowe, Douglas Richardson, Anthony Williams
Day 2 Speakers: Jon Campbell, Pamela Scott, Roberta Stevens, Dan Bailey, Thomas Patterson, Susan Spain, Eliza Voigt
Press Release

2011: Re-Imagining the U.S. Civil War: Reconnaissance, Surveying and Cartography

AM Session Speakers: Edward Ayers (President of the University of Richmond); Susan Schulten (Professor of history at the University of Colorado); Richard Stephenson (Former Map Librarian at the Library of Congress)
PM Session Speakers: John Cloud (Historian at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); Adrienne Lundgren (Senior Photographic Conservator at the Library of Congress); Robert Mergel (Civil War Reenactor and Surveyor)
Press Release

2010: Re-Examining the Portolan Chart: History, Navigation and Science

Speakers: Evelyn Edson, Alison Sandman, Richard Pflederer, John Hessler, Fenella France
Press Release

2009: Exploring Waldseemüller's World

Day 1 Morning Speakers: James H. Billington, Deanna Marcum, John Hébert, Richard Kagan, Owen Gingerich, Nicholás Wey Gómez
Day 1 Afternoon Speakers: Alison Sandman, Rita Costa-Gomes
Day 1 Morning Speakers: Christine Johnson, Peter Dickson, Chet Van Duzer
Day 1 Afternoon Speakers: John Hessler, S. Blair Hedges and Jessica K. Templeton, Susan Dackerman
Press Release
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