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I've Killed Men; an epic of early Arizona



Boors and Saddles
The O. K. Corral Massacre
The End of the Earps
Law Comes to Tombstone
Minor Trouble in Tucson
Death of Boyhood
Unhappy Days in Wisconsin
Holocaust in Hinckley
Maverick on New Range
Swapping Lead
Gambler and Cowboy
Sea-Going Cowboy
Llewellin on the Prod
Christmas As Planned
Scouting for Funston
Jungle Campaign
Just One Fight After Another
Foot Trouble
Dodging Hungry Lead
Final Procession
Kosterlitzky's Acordado
Drifting to the "Wild Bunch"
Hand of Destiny
Death to the Gringos!
Riding Trouble's Trail
The Adobe Wall Beckons
The Trail Forks

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