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The sinking of the Merrimac:
a personal narrative of the adventure in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba,
June 3, 1898, and of the subsequent imprisonment of the survivors


Part I
The Scheme and the Preparations
A Suggestion from San Juan--"Unsinkables" for Havana--Admiral Sampson announces his purpose--The plan of feigning a chase; why discarded--....

Part II
The Run In
Disappointment at the recall--A day of waiting--The plan of going in at sunset--Two elements of weakness--....

Part III
Imprisonment in Morro Castle
Generous reception on the Mercedes--A surprise for the Spanish officers--How the news of the crew's safety came to be sent to Admiral Sampson--....

Part IV
Prison Life in Santiago and Observations of the Siege
The tramp from the Morro to Santiago--The new prison--The writer's comfortable quarters--A visit from the British consul--Sad news of Acosta--....

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