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The U. S. S. Yankee on the Cuban Blockade, 1898



The U.S.S. Yankee on The Cuban Blockade by Rear Admiral Willard H. Brownson, U.S.N.

As the First Lieutenant Remembers It by Rear Admiral John Hubbard, U. S. N.

The First Naval Battalion, S. N. Y. by Captain W. Butler Duncan, N. M., N. Y.

"A Clean Sweep Fore and Aft" by Henry C. Rowland.

Reports of Commander Brownson

Report of Lieutenant De Carranza y Reguera...Commanding Gunboat Diego Velazquez.

A Night Escape by Stevens Vail.

Four Months Aboard an Auxiliary Cruiser

Record of Officers and Crew of The Yankee

Songs of The Yankee


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