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The Santiago Campaign;
Reminiscences of the operations for the capture of Santiago de Cuba
in the Spanish-American War, June and July, 1898


Brigadier General C. D. Rhodes.

Major General J. T. Dickman.

Events Leading up to the Spanish-American War.

The Santiago Campaign......Brigadier General E. J. McClernand.
The Regulars......Brigadier General M. B. Stewart.
Bates' Independent Brigade.....Colonel Harry E. Wilkins.
The Ninth Infantry in the Santiago Campaign.....Colonel Edwin V. Bookmiller.
The Sixth and Sixteenth U. S. Infantry.....Colonel B. B. Simmonds, and Colonel E. R. Chrisman.
The Thirteenth U. S. Infantry.....Brigadier General Paul B. Malone.
The Rough Riders.....Lieutenant Colonel Arthur F. Cosby.
The Second Massachusetts Infantry at Santiago.....General Embury P. Clark.
The Ninth Massachusetts Infantry, U. S. Volunteers.....Captain Peter J. Cannon.
The Seventy-first New York Infantry.....Chaplain George R. Van Dewater.
The Eighth Ohio Infantry, O. N. G......General Edward Vollrath.
The Thirty-third Michigan Infantry.....From official records.
The Thirty-fourth Michigan Infantry.....From official records.
The First Illinois Infantry at Santiago.....General J. B. Sanborn.
The First District of Columbia Infantry.....Major F. S. Hodgson.
Personal Recollection of the Artillery at Santiago.....Brigadier General Dwight E. Aultman.
The Quartermaster Department.....Major General C. F. Humphrey.
The Medical Corps at Santiago.....Colonel Valery Havard.
The Army Chaplains at Santiago.....Chaplain Cephas C. Bateman.
The Bloody Ford.....Major George J. Newgarden.
The Field Hospital at Siboney.....Colonel Francis A. Winter.
Address at Los Angeles.....Major General William R. Shafter.
The Arrival of Reinforcements.....Brigadier General S. D. Rockenbach.
Memories of Santiago.....Colonel James A. Moss.
The Diary of a Captain.....Brigadier General William C. Brown.
As a Captain Tells the Story.....Colonel R. C. Van Vliet.
A Reminiscent Story......Colonel O. R. Wolfe.
Diary of a Lieutenant.....Brigadier General C. D. Rhodes.
Recollections of Las Guasimas.....Major General C. McK. Saltzman.
Some Recollections of Santiago.....Brigadier General William D. Beach.
The Battle of San Juan.....Brigadier General William E. Horton.
Letter to Captain E. D. Dimmick, 9th Cavalry.....Theodore Roosevelt.

Organization of the Fifth Army Corps.
Farewell Letter from a Spanish Doughboy.....Pedro Lopez de Castillo.
Congratulatory Orders to the Fifth Army Corps.....Major General William R. Shafter.
Santiago Battlefield Memorials.

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