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Communities in the US Named Lisbon

Using the U.S. Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), it is possible to identify and map at least thirty-seven communities throughout the United States where populated places (towns, villages, hamlets) and/or minor civil divisions (townships) were named Lisbon during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Several of these, however, refer to historical locations, where the settlement has disappeared and the name no longer appears on current U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps.

Today, the Lisbons with the largest populations include townships in Androscoggin County, Maine (9,457), and Waukesha County, Wisconsin (8,277). Some are the seats of local government, including the county seats of Columbiana County, Ohio (3,037), and Ransom County, North Dakota (2,177). On the other hand, many of these localities, such as the one in Howard County, Maryland (1,000), are unincorporated and are no more than a crossroads village or hamlet, with only a few houses and stores. Current U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps have been selected to illustrate two communities that bear the name "Lisbon."
Localities Named Lisbon in the US
Localities Named Lisbon in the United States. Washington: Geography and Map Divison, Cartographic Lab, 1997. Computer-generated map (31).

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Communities in the US Named Lisbon

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