Hispanic Division: Back to 20th-Century Arrivals from Portugal Settle in Newark, NJ

Page from City Directory Listing Portuguese Residents

Although the fire insurance maps do not include the names of property owners or residents, it is possible to reconstruct residential patterns by correlating house numbers, which appear on the map on the street side of each building, with city directories. Displayed here is a page from the 1947 city directory for Newark. Using Lafayette Street from McWhorter to Jefferson, the eastern border of the map sheet, it is possible to identify at least twenty family names that reflect Portuguese ancestry. (These names have been indicated with a dot on the page). Since this area was settled by Italian and Spanish immigrants as well, it is not possible to compile a definitive list without further research.

Newark Directory, 1947. Newark, New Jersey: Price and Lee, 1947. Facsimile. General Collections (28).

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Fire Insurance Map Showing Two Portuguese Churches in Newark

Page from Newark City Directory Listing Portuguese Residents

Portuguese-American Newspaper Published in Newark