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Guide to Medieval Studies Research at the Library of Congress


Medieval studies, an interdisciplinary field of scholarship has traditionally referred to the history of Europe from fall of the Western Roman Empire until the emergence of the Renaissance in northern Europe in the early sixteenth century. It thus encompasses a one thousand year period. Its temporal vastness is only surpassed by the field’s enormous multifaceted nature, for there is virtually no subject which does not fall at some point under the jurisdiction of the middle ages. These subjects include art, architecture, philosophy, history, medicine, science, philology, cartography, demography, religion, and many others. Medieval Europe was not isolated from the rest of the known world. Cultural exchanges occurred quite frequently between Europe and North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Orient. This guide is an attempt to connect the researcher with materials in the Library of Congress which relate to all topics of the middle ages, including those locales not traditionally associated with medieval Europe.

Enchiridion Exquisitioni de Studiis Mediaevalibus apud Bibliothecam Congressum


Studia Mediaevalia, generalis disciplina traditionale historiam Europae a ruina Imperii Romani Occidentis usque ad fundamentum Renascentiae in Europa aquilonia incipientis in saeculo sextusdecimo significabat. Sic disciplina aevitatem mille anno complectitur. Profunditas temporalis aetatis excessit modo natura magna et diversa disciplinae, quoniam virtualiter non est materia quae interdum non posset coniiceri sub studio Mediarum Aetatum. Haec studia, scilicet ars, architectura, philosophia, historia, medicina, scientia, philologia, cartographia, demographia, religio, et multa alia est. Europa medieavalis ceteris partibus mundi non seponebat. Interactiones culturales inter Europam et Africam Aquiloniam, Orientalis Mediam, Centralem Asiam et Orientem factae sunt. Hoc enchiridion repraesentat impetum ut exquaesitor adplicaretur materiis in Bibliotheca Congresso quae tota studia de mediis aetatiis narrant, complectentes haec loci cottidio non connexa Europa medieavale.


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  December 1, 2016
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