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Karr Collection Television Commercials: By Product Types and Brand Names

Acne medications
           Cover Girl acne medication
           Cover Girl Plus 3 acne medication
Adhesive bandages
           Band-Aids adhesive bandages
After-bath fresheners
           Avon after-bath fresheners
           Bravura after-shave and cologne
           Mennen Skin bracer after-shave
           Old Spice after-shave
           Skin Bracer after-shave
Air conditioners
           Norge air conditioner
Air fresheners
           Florient air freshener
           Mist air freshener
           Wizard air freshener
Airline travel
           American Airlines airline travel
Aluminum foils
           Reynolds aluminum foil
Amusement parks
           Cedar Point amusement park
           Bromo Seltzer antacid
           Chooz antacids
           Rolaids antacid
Anti-sleeping pills
           Action Aids pills
           Zerex antifreeze
           Allerest allergy tablets
           Allerest antihistamines
           Arrid antiperspirant
           Arrid Extra-Dry antiperspirant
           Ban antiperspirant
Antiseptic powders
           Ammen's antiseptic powder
Apple strudels
           Hostess apple strudel
           Granny Smith apples
Artificial sweeteners
           Scoop artificial sweetener
           Sweeta artificial sweetener
           Anacin aspirin
           Aspergum aspirin
Asthma medications
           Bronitin asthma medication
           Primatene asthma medication
Automatic dishwashing detergents
           Finish automatic dishwashing detergent
Automatic garage doors
          Genie automatic garage door
Automatic toilet bowl cleaners
           Self-cleaning toilet bowl
Automobile products
           Texaco automobile products
Automobile tires
           Armstrong tires
           Firestone studded tires
           Firestone tires
           General Tire tires
           Goodyear automobile tires
           Kelly-Springfield tires
           Sup-R-Belt tires
           Town & Country snow tires
Automobile wax
           Master Wax automobile wax
           300 Series automobiles
           Ambassador automobile
           Camaro automobile
           Chevelle automobile
           Chevrolet automobiles
           Chrysler automobiles
           Corolla automobile
           Corona automobile
           Dart automobile
           Datsun automobiles
           Ford automobiles
           Impala automobile
           Marlin automobile
           Maverick automobile
           Nova automobile
           Oldsmobile Toronado automobile
           Plymouth automobiles
           Rambler Rebel automobile
           Volvo automobiles
           Wagon automobile
Baby foods
           Beech-Nut baby food
           Beech-Nut strained pears baby food
           Cherry Gel baby food
Baby powders
           Johnson's baby powder
Back medications
           Doan's back pills
           Lazy Maple bacon
Bacon bits
           Betty Crocker Bacos bacon bits
Baked beans
           Campbell's baked beans
           Friend's baked beans
Baked goods
           Aunt Jemima baked goods
           Hostess baked goods
           Stella D'Oro baked goods
Banking services
           National Industrial banking services
Banking services?
           Rhode Island Hospital Trust
Bath oil
           Softique bath oil
Bath oil beads
           Sardo bath oil beads
Bedroom furniture
           Castro bedroom furniture
Beef stews
           Bounty beef stew
           Dinty Moore beef stew
           Ballantine beer
           Budweiser beer
           Carling Black Label beer
           Hamm's beer
           Knickerbocker beer
           Michelob beer
           Narragansett beer
           Schaefer beer
           Schlitz beer
           Schmidt beer
Biscuit mix
           Betty Crocker Bisquick biscuit mix
           Fieldcrest Chateau blanket
           Biz bleach
           Clorox 2 bleach
           Clorox bleach
           Proctor-Silex blender
Boat shows
           New England boat show
           Cross Your Heart bra
           Maidenform bra
           Gorman bread
           Hollywood bread
           Home Pride Butter Top bread
           Profile bread
           Roman Meal bread
           Stroehmann bread
           Sunbeam bread
           Tip Top bread
           Wonder bread
           Shake 'N Bake breadings
Breath mints
           Certs breath mints
           Adorn Bikini brush
Bus travel
           Greyhound bus travel
Cake mix
           Betty Crocker cake mix
           Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix
           Betty Crocker devil's food cake mix and fudge frosting
           Betty Crocker German chocolate cake mix and frosting
           Betty Crocker lemon cake mix
           Betty Crocker orange cake mix and frosting
           Betty Crocker sour creme layer cake mix and frosting
           Betty Crocker upside-down cake mix
           Pillsbury cake mix
           Pillsbury date bread mix
           Pepperidge Farm cake
Candlemaking kits
           J.C. Penny candlemaking kit
           Almond Cluster candy
           Black Cow candy
           M & M's candy
           Milk Duds candy
           Pom Poms candy
           Rose Collection candy assortment
           Slo-Poke candy
           Sugar Babies candy
           Sugar Daddy candy
           Sugar Mama candy
           Whitman's Sampler candy assortment
Candy bars
           3 Musketeers candy bar
           Almond Joy candy bar
           Caravelle candy bar
           Milky Way candy bar
           Mounds candy bar
Candy grams
           Candy Gram
Canned beans
           Campbell's beans in molasses
Canned chicken
           Underwood canned chicken
Canned corn
           Del Monte canned corn
           Green Giant canned corn niblets
           Green Giant canned creamed corn
Canned foods
           Bounty canned foods
Canned fruit
           Del Monte canned fruit
Canned green beans
           Green Giant canned green beans
Canned macaroni
           Franco-American Macaronios
Canned mushrooms
           B in B mushrooms
Canned pineapple
           Dole canned pineapple
Canned puddings
           Betty Crocker canned pudding
           My-T-Fine canned pudding
Canned ravioli
           Chef Boy-Ar-Dee canned ravioli
Canned spaghetti
           Chef Boy-Ar-Dee canned spaghetti
           Franco-American spaghetti
           Franco-American Spaghettios
Canned vegetables
           Green Giant canned vegetables
Car dealerships
           Fiore Pontiac car dealership
           Monsanto carpet
           Monsanto carpet squares
Cat foods
           9-Lives cat food
           9-Lives tuna and egg cat food
           Calo cat food
           Friskies Buffet cat food
           Friskies cat food
           Little Friskies cat food
           Purina Cat Chow cat food
           Puss 'N Boots cat food
           Cap'n Crunch cereal
           Cheerios cereal
           Corn Flakes cereal
           Cream of Wheat instant cereal
           Cream of Wheat Mix 'n Eat cereal
           Fruit Loops cereal
           Heartland natural cereal
           Kellogg's Snack Pack cereal assortment
           Life cereal
           Maple cereal
           Maypo oat cereal
           Post 40% bran cereal
           Post Alpha Bits cereal
           Post Fortified Oat Flakes cereal
           Post Honeycomb cereal
           Post Oat Flakes cereal
           Post Raisin Bran cereal
           Post Shredded Wheat cereal
           Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal
           Post Toasties cereal
           Product 19 cereal
           Puffa Puffa rice cereal
           Raisin Bran cereal
           Rice Honey cereal
           Rice Krispies cereal
           Special K cereal
           Sugar Frosted Flakes cereal
           Team Flakes cereal
           Total cereal
           Variety Pack cereal assortment
           Wheat Honey cereal
           Wheatena cereal
           Wheaties cereal
           Whistles/Wheaties cereal
Chain saws
           Homelite chain saw
Cheese products
           Prince cheese and pasta products
           Northwest cherries
Chewing gum
           Dentyne chewing gum
           Dentyne peppermint chewing gum
           Juicy Fruit chewing gum
           Wrigley's chewing gum
           Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum
Chicken croquettes
           Howard Johnson's chicken croquettes
Chicken soups
           Campbell's chicken soup
Chicken stews
           Bounty chicken stew

Children's clothing
           Play Knit children's clothing
Children's shoes
           Keds Grasshoppers children's shoes
           Kinney children's shoes
           Hormel chili
Chocolate cakes
           Pepperidge Farm chocolate layer cake
Chocolate chips
           Toll House Morsels chocolate chips
Chow mein
           La Choy chow mein
           Belair cigarettes
           Benson & Hedges cigarettes
           Benson & Hedges Silva Thins cigarettes
           Century 100's cigarettes
           Colony cigarettes
           Kent cigarettes
           L & M cigarettes
           Lucky Filter cigarettes
           Lucky Strike cigarettes
           Marlboro cigarettes
           Newport cigarettes
           Old Gold cigarettes
           Pall Mall cigarettes
           Parliament cigarettes
           Raleigh cigarettes
           Salem cigarettes
           Salem Menthol cigarettes
           Spring 100's cigarettes
           Tareyton 100's cigarettes
           Tareyton cigarettes
           Waterford cigarettes
           Winston cigarettes
           Ben Franklin cigars
           El Producto cigars
           Roi-Tan cigars
           Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus
Clothes dryers
           Silver Lining clothes dryer
           Hanger-Upper clothesline
           Haggar clothing
           Hanes clothing
           Qiana nylon clothing
Cocoa mix
           Deluxe cocoa mix
           General Foods baker's coconut
           Chase & Sanborn coffee
           Hills Bros. coffee
           Kava coffee
           Luzianne coffee and chickory
           Maxim coffee
           Maxwell House coffee
           Yuban coffee
Coffee cakes
           Pillsbury cinnamon strusel coffee cake
           Proctor-Silex Lifelong coffeemaker
           Sunbeam electric percolator
Cold creams
           Pond's cold cream
Cold cuts
           Eckrich cold cuts
           Passport 360 cologne
           Tangle Tamer comb
           Woman's day encyclopedia of cookery
           Burry cookies
           Burry fudge cookies
           C.C. Biggs chocolate chip cookies
           Fiddle Flakes cookies
           Gaucho peanut butter cookies
           Keebler cookies
           Lickity Splits cookies
           Mr. Chips chocolate chip cookies
           Scooter Pie cookies
Cooking bags
           Cooking Magic cooking bags
           Teflon II cookware
Copper cleaners
           Twinkle copper cleaner
Corn chips
           Fritos corn chips
Corn oil
           Mazola corn oil
Corn syrups
           Karo corn syrup
Corned beef hash
           Armour corned beef hash
           Bounty corned beef hash
           Avon cosmetics
           Bold Blush cosmetics
           Cover Girl makeup
           Deep Magic cosmetics
           Dippity-Do cosmetics
           Sure Shades cosmetics
Cottage cheese
           Hood cottage cheese
Cotton swabs
           Q-Tips cotton swabs
           Whitehall cotton swabs
Cough drops
           Smith Brothers cough drops
Cough syrups
           Formula 44 cough syrup
           Pertussin cough syrup
           Keebler crackers
           Souperfish crackers
           Souperfish saltine crackers
Cranapple juice
           Ocean Spray cranapple juice
Cranberry juice
           Ocean Spray cranberry juice
Cranprune juice
           Cranprune juice
Credit cards
           Amoco credit card
           Hostess cupcakes
Cuticle removers
           Cutex cuticle remover
Dairy products
           A & P dairy products
Dental creams
           Colgate dental cream
Denture adhesives
           Cushion Grip denture adhesive
           Dentucreme denture adhesive
Denture cleaners
           Efferdent denture cleaner
           Polident denture cleaning powder
           Polident denture cleaning tablets
           Schick denture cleaner
           5 Day deodorant
           Arrid deodorant
           Ban deodorant
           Cashmere Bouquet deodorant body powder
           Dial deodorant
           Fresh For Girls Only deodorant
           Hour After Hour deodorant spray
           Mennen deodorant
           Push Button deodorant
           Right Guard deodorant
           Secret deodorant
           Jello Whip 'N Chill dessert
Deviled ham
           Underwood deviled ham
           Pampers paper diapers
Diet gelatin
           D-Zerta diet gelatin
Diet margarine
           Fleischmann's diet margarine
           Mazola diet margarine
Diet meals
           Metrecal liquid meal
Diet soft drinks
           Diet Pepsi soda
           Faygo diet soft drinks
           Fresca diet soda
           Tab diet soda
Dishwashing liquids
           Dove dishwashing liquid
           Lux dishwashing liquid
           Noxzema Kind dishwashing liquid
           Palmolive dishwashing liquid
           Vel dishwashing liquid
Dishwashing machine spot removers
           Jet-Dry dishwashing machine spot remover
           Clean 'N Kill disinfectant spray
           Fantastik disinfectant
           Fantastik disinfectant spray
           Lysol spray disinfectant
           Vanish disinfectant
Disposable towels
           Handi-Wipes disposable towels
Dog biscuits
           Milk Bones dog biscuits
Dog foods
           Burger Bits dog food
           Calo dog food
           Chuck Wagon dog food
           Gaines Burger dog food
           Gravy Train dog food
           Ken-L-Ration dog food
           Ken-L-Ration Special Cuts dog food
           Prime dog food
           Prime Variety dog food
           Purina Puppy Chow dog food
           Rival dog food                           
           Scramble dog food
           Baby Magic doll
           Baby Party doll
           Little Miss Fussy doll
           Pipsqueek dolls
           Dunkin' Donuts donuts
           Hostess donuts
Drain cleaners
           Down The Drain liquid drain cleaner
           Drano liquid drain cleaner
           Liquid Plumber liquid drain cleaner
           Plunge liquid drain cleaner
           Pennsylvania Dutch dumplings
Egg custards
           Jello Golden Egg custard
Electric dispensers
           Touch-N-Tear electric dispenser
Electric shavers
           Norelco electric shaver
           Remington electric shaver
           Schick electric shaver
Electric watches
           Accutron electric watch
           Magnavox electronics
           Motorola electronics
           Sylvania electronics
           Sylvania television/slide projector/cassette player
           Columbia encyclopedia
English muffins
           Wonder English muffins
           Natural eyelashes
Fabric softeners
           Downey fabric softener
           Final Touch fabric softener
           Nu Soft fabric softener
           Sta-Flo fabric softener
           Sta-Puf fabric softener
Fabric softeners?
           Glissade fabric finish
           Sta-Flo fabric finish
Facial cleaners?
           Schick facial cleaner?
Facial creams
           Happy Face facial cream
Facial tissues
           Kleenex facial tissues
           Scott facial tissues
Fast food restaurants
           Burger Chef fast food restaurants
           Burger King fast food restaurants
           Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants
           Pennsylvania Dutch fettucine
Financial services
           Household Finance financial services
           Sylvania Blue Dot flashcubes
Flea collars
           Hartz Mountain flea collar
Flea medications
           Sulfadene flea medication
Floor wax
           Beacon Wax floor wax
           Floor Shine floor wax
           Glo Coat wax
           Jubilee wax
           Non-Scuff floor wax
           Prolong floor wax
           Pronto floor wax
Foot soaps
           Johnson's foot soap
           Eckrich frankfurters
           Swing-A-Ring frisbees
           Betty Crocker chocolate frosting
           Pillsbury chocolate frosting
Frozen bread
           Aunt Jemima frozen bread
Frozen breakfasts
           Swanson frozen breakfast
Frozen chicken dinners
           Morton frozen chicken dinner
           Morton frozen fried chicken dinner
Frozen corn
           Green Giant frozen corn niblets in butter sauce
Frozen creamed chip beef
           Swanson frozen creamed chip beef
Frozen creamed vegetables
           Bird's Eye frozen creamed vegetables
           Bird's Eye frozen peas & potatoes in cream sauce
Frozen foods
           Aunt Jemima frozen waffles, corn sticks and bread sticks
           Morton frozen foods
Frozen french fries
           Bird's Eye Tasti frozen french fries
Frozen fruit
           Bird's Eye frozen fruit
Frozen macaroni
           Stouffer's frozen macaroni and cheese
Frozen mixed vegetables
           Bird's Eye frozen mixed vegetables
Frozen peas
           Bird's Eye frozen peas
Frozen pies
           Morton frozen cream pie
Frozen pizzas
           Appian Way frozen pizza
           Buitoni frozen pizza
           Roman frozen pizza
Frozen pot pies
           Morton frozen pot pies
Frozen puddings
           Bird's Eye Cool 'N Creamy frozen puddings
Frozen ravioli
           Roman frozen ravioli
Frozen rice
           Green Giant frozen rice
           Green Giant frozen rice medley
Frozen sweet potatoes
           Bird's Eye frozen sweet potatoes
Frozen turkey dinners
           Morton frozen turkey dinners
Frozen turkeys
           Checkerboard Farms frozen turkey
Frozen vegetables
           Bird's Eye frozen vegetables
           Green Giant frozen vegetables
Fruit drinks
           Hi-C fruit drinks
Furniture polishes
           Behold furniture polish
           Endust furniture polish
           Cross Over the Bridge game
           Parcheesi game
           Shell Coin game
           Tension game
Gas stations
           Arco gas stations
           Texaco gas stations
           Chevron gasoline
           Esso gasoline
           Imperial gasoline
           Mobil detergent gasoline
           Shell gasoline
           Sky Chief gasoline
           Sunoco gasoline
           Texaco gasoline
Gasoline stations
           Shell gasoline stations
           D-Zerta gelatin
           Jello 1-2-3 gelatin dessert
           Jello gelatin
Gift shops
           Personally Yours Gift Shop
           18 Hour girdle
           Maidenform girdle
Glass cleaners
           Windex glass cleaner
           Pennsylvania Dutch goulash
           Franco-American giblet gravy
           Franco-American gravy
Green beans
           Green Giant green beans
Hair dryers
           Schick hair dryer
Hair dyes
           Adorn hair color
           Born Blonde hair product
           Breck hair dye
           Innocent hair dye
           Nice 'N Easy hair dye
           Tried & True hair color
Hair gels
           Dippity-Do hair gel
           Vitalis hair gel
Hair products
           Steamset hair accessories
Hair relaxers
           Curl Free hair relaxers
Hair removers
           Nair hair remover
           Neet depilatory
Hair rinses
           Tangle Tamer Creme hair rinse
Hair texturizers
           Breck Basic hair texturizer

           Adorn hairspray
           Hidden Magic hairspray
           Ozon hairspray
           Protein 21 hairspray
Hamburger buns
           Sunbeam hamburger buns
Hamburger mix
           Shake 'N Bake hamburger mix
Handcraft expositions
           Guilford Handcraft Exposition and Sale
Heating oil
           Chevron heating oil
           Aatrex herbicide
           Treflan herbicide
Hot dog rolls
           Sunbeam hot dog rolls
           Loew's hotels
Household cleaners
           Ajax household cleaner
           Ajax spray cleaner
           Comet household cleaner
           Easy-Off household cleaner
           Galaxy household cleaner
           Janitor In A Drum household cleaner
           Jato household cleaner
           Lestoil household cleaner
           Lysol household cleaner
           Pine-Sol household cleaner
           S.O.S. household cleaner
           Spic & Span household cleaner
           Super Spray household cleaner
           Tomorrow's Lestoil household cleaner
           Top Job household cleaner
           Whistle spray cleaner
           Windex Ammonia household cleaner
Household items
           Zale's Jewelers household items
Ice cream
           Brrr Blops ice cream
           Hood ice cream
Ice shows
           Ice Capades ice show
           Ice Follies ice show
Insect repellents
           Black Flag insect repellent
Instant beef broths
           MBT instant beef broth
Instant breakfast drinks
           Carnation instant breakfast drinks
           Start instant breakfast drink
           Tang instant breakfast drink
Instant breakfasts
           Get Up 'N Go instant breakfast
Instant cocktail mix
           Bar-Tender instant cocktail mix
           Home instant cocktail mix
Instant coffee
           Chase & Sanborn freeze dried coffee
           Kava instant coffee
           Maxim freeze dried instant coffee
           Maxwell House instant coffee
           Nescafe instant coffee
           Yuban instant coffee
Instant decaffeinated coffee
           Sanka instant decaffeinated coffee
Instant diet foods
           Slender instant diet foods
Instant milk
           Carnation instant milk
Instant milk shakes
           Great Shakes instant milk shake
Instant onion soup mix
           Lipton onion soup mix
Instant rice
           Minute Rice instant rice
Instant soft drink mix
           Tang instant orange drink
           Wyler's instant lemonade mix
           Wyler's instant root beer mix
           Wyler's instant soft drink mix
           Nationwide insurance
           Sun Life insurance
           Proctor-Silex iron
           Wrangler jeans
           Zale's Jewelers diamond rings
           Zale's Jewelers jewelry
           Del Monte ketchup
           Heinz 57 ketchup
           Heinz ketchup
           Hunt's ketchup
Laundry detergents
           Advanced All laundry detergent
           Ajax laundry detergent
           All cold water laundry detergent
           All laundry detergent
           Axion laundry detergent
           Bold laundry detergent
           Bonus laundry detergent
           Borateem laundry detergent
           Breeze laundry detergent
           Clorox 2 laundry detergent
           Cold Power laundry detergent
           Drive laundry detergent
           Fab laundry detergent
           Gain laundry detergent
           La France bleach detergent
           La France laundry detergent
           Oxydol laundry detergent
           Punch laundry detergent
           Silver Powder laundry detergent
           The Un-Polluter laundry detergent
           Tide XK laundry detergent
           Wisk laundry detergent
           Woolite cold water laundry detergent
Laundry soaps
           La France laundry soap
Lawn mowers
           Ariens riding lawn mower
           Key-Lectric lawn mower
           Toro electric lawn mower
           Toro riding lawn mower
           Corectol laxative
Lead-free gasoline
           Amoco lead-free gasoline
Leather coats
           Damschroder's leather coats
Leather goods
           Hickock leather goods
           Sunkist lemons
Life insurance
           John Hancock life insurance
           Nationwide life insurance
           Maidenform lingerie
           Avon lipstick
           Creme Center ultralucent lipstick
Liquid tire chains
           Dow liquid tire chain
Loan services
           Fresh Start loan services
           Household Finance loan services
           Nationwide loan services
           Mueller's elbow macaroni
           TV Guide magazine
           Age Of Discovery publication
Maple syrups
           Vermont Maid maple syrup
           Blue Bonnet margarine
           Chiffon margarine
           Fleischmann's margarine
           Imperial margarine
           Mrs. Filbert's margarine
           Sof-Spread margarine
           Ultra Lash mascara
Mashed potatoes mix
           Betty Crocker Bacos bacon bits
           Betty Crocker mashed potato buds mix
           Country Style mashed potatoes mix
           Beautyrest mattress
           Cains mayonnaise
           Hellmann's mayonnaise
Meat pies
           Stouffer's meat pies
           Bisodol medication
Men's clothing
           H.I.S. men's clothing
           Jack Lang men's clothing
Men's pants
           Damschroder's men's pants
Men's shirts
           Cot 'N 'Rite men's shirts
           Man Prest men's shirts
           Manhattan men's shirts
           Permanent Press men's shirts
           Van Heusen men's shirts
Men's suits
           Damschroder's men's suits
Metal polishes
           Noxon metal polish
           O-Cedar mop
           Howard Johnson's motels
Motor oil
           Havoline motor oil
           Shell motor oil
           Colgate 100 mouthwash
           Lavoris mouthwash
           Micrin mouthwash
           Scope mouthwash
           Sterisol mouthwash
Muffin mix
           Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix
           Betty Crocker dinner muffin mix
           Betty Crocker muffin mix
Music albums
           Wake Up To Me Gentle album
Music albums?
           Mercury amusement
           Gulden's mustard
Nasal decongestants
           4-Way nasal spray decongestant
           Dristan nasal mist decongestant
Non-dairy creamers
           Coffee-Mate non-dairy creamer
           Cremora non-dairy creamer
           Mueller's noodles
           Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles
           Pennsylvania Dutch noodles
Noodles mix
           Betty Crocker noodles Romanoff mix
           Planters nuts
           Quaker Oats oatmeal
           Quaker Oats oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
           Raisins & Spice oatmeal
Oil filters
           Purolator oil filter
Orange juice
           Bird's Eye Awake frozen orange juice
           Bird's Eye Awake orange juice
           Bird's Eye Valencia orange juice
           Hood orange juice
           Minute Maid frozen orange juice
           Minute Maid orange juice
           Sunkist oranges
Oven cleaners
           Dow oven cleaner
           Easy-Off oven cleaner
           Frigidaire self-cleaning oven
Pain relievers
           Anacin pain reliever
           Bufferin pain reliever
Pain relieving ointments
           Ben-Gay pain relieving ointment
           Omega Oil pain relieving ointment
           Dutch Boy paint
           Lucite paint
Paper cups
           Dixie cups
Paper towels
           Kleenex paper towels
           Scott paper towels
           Teri paper towels
           Viva paper towels
           Pop Tarts pastries
           Post Toastem Pop-Ups pastries
           Sara Lee Danish pastries
           Sara Lee light breakfast rings
Peanut butter
           Skippy peanut butter
           Skippy peanut butter with Smoky Crisps
           Green Giant peas
           Bic pens
           Deskette pens
           Flair felt tip pens
           Flair pens
           Paper Mate pens
           Sheaffer pens
           Arpege perfume
           Elan perfume
           Evening In Paris perfume
           On The Wind perfume
Petroleum jelly
           Chesebrough-Pond's vasoline
Pickles and relishes
           Cains pickles and relishes
Pie crusts
           Betty Crocker pie crust
Pie mix
           Jello creamy pie mix
           Adoration pillows
           Dole pineapple
Pizza rolls
           Jeno's pizza rolls
Plastic bags
           Baggies plastic bags
           Ziploc plastic bags
Plastic wraps
           Baggies plastic wrap
           Handi-Wrap plastic wrap
           Roma Ware
Plumbing chemicals?
           Drano household plumbing chemical
Plumbing services
           Roto-Rooter plumbing service
Political campaigns
           Brosco for Attorney General
           Celanese Fortrel polyester
           Dacron polyester
Polyester sheets
           Kodel polyester sheets
Potato chips
           Lay's potato chips
           Wise potato chips
Potato mix
           Betty Crocker potatoes au grautin mix
           Stouffer's potatoes au gratin mix
Power tools
           Black & Decker power tools
           Betty Crocker puddings
Razor blades
           Ever Sharp razor blade
           Krona Chrome razor blade
           Personna razor blade
           Platinum Plus razor blade
           Frigidaire refrigerator on rollers
           Kelvinator refrigerator
           Howard Johnson's restaurants
Rice mix
           Minute Rice rib roast rice mix
Rug cleaners
           Glory rug cleaner
           Shetland rug cleaner
           Scoop saccharin sweetener
Salad dressings
           Good Seasons salad dressing
           Henri's sour cream salad dressing
           Pfeiffer salad dressing
           Pfeiffer thousand island salad dressing
           Seven Seas salad dressing
           Diamond salt
           Sterling salt
           Rockwell Tools sanding tools
Sandwich bags
           Baggies sandwich bags
           Bounty sauces
           McCormick sauces
           Eckrich smoked sausages
Scouring pads
           Ajax soap pads
           S.O.S. scouring pads
           Compoz sedatives
Sewer services
           Roto-Rooter sewer service
           Halo shampoo
           Lustre Creme shampoo
           Prell shampoo
           Tegrin dandruff shampoo
Shaving creams
           Foamy shaving cream
           Gillette self-heating shaving cream
           Gillette shaving cream
           Hot One shaving cream
           Noxzema medicated shaving cream
           Noxzema shaving cream
           Rapid Shave shaving cream
           Rise hot shaving cream
           Rise shaving cream
           Fieldcrest sheets
           Kodel polyester sheets
           Endicott Johnson shoes
           Hush Puppies shoes
           Kinney shoes
Silk stockings
           London-Aire silk stockings
Sinus and cold medications
           Dristan sinus and cold medication
Skin care products
           Deep Magic skin care products
Skin creams
           Noxzema skin cream
Skin creams?
           Noxzema skin cream?
Snack cakes
           Dinky Twinkies snack cakes
           Hostess Ho Hos snack cakes
           Hostess King Dons snack cakes
           Hostess snack cakes
           Twinkies snack cakes
Snack foods
           Bows snacks
           Post Corn Crackos
           Wise Cheese Pixies
Snack pies
           Hostess fruit pies
           Dove soap
           Ivory soap
           Lava soap
           Lifebuoy deodorant soap
           Lifebuoy soap
           Palmolive Gold deodorant soap
           Palmolive Gold soap
           Safeguard soap
Soft drinks
           Bitter Lemon soda
           Bitter Orange soda
           Canada Dry ginger ale
           Canada Dry soft drinks
           Coke soda
           Cott soft drinks
           Diet Rite Cola soda
           Faygo soft drinks
           Pepsi soda
           Schweppes tonic water
           Sport Cola soda
           Sprite soda
           Wink soda
Sore throat medications
           Relieve sore throat mist
           Campbell's chicken noodle soup
           Campbell's soups
           Chunky soups
           Great American soups
           Manhandler soups
Sour cream
           Hood sour cream
           Mueller's spaghetti
           Ronzoni spaghetti
Spaghetti dinners
           Chef Boy-Ar-Dee spaghetti dinners
Spark plugs
           Autolite spark plugs
Sports shows
           Sports show
Stain removers
           Spot stain remover
           Pruf! spray starch
           Pruf! starch
           Sta-Flo starch
Steam inhalants
           Vapo Steam steam inhalant
           Sylvania stereophonics
           Cling-Alon stockings
           Loop-Top stockings
           Supp-Hose Fascination stockings
           Woolworth's nylons
Sugarless chewing gum
           Trident sugarless chewing gum
Sun hair lotions
           Sunbrella sun hair lotion
           Pantry Pride supermarkets
Support stockings
           Supp-Hose support stockings
           Montgomery Ward tablecloths
           Lipton tea
           Red Rose tea
           Salada tea
           Tender Leaf tea
           Tetley tea
           Bell telecommunications
           Trimline telephone
           Motorola color television set
           Quasar color television set
           Quasar television
Thrift stores
           Atlantic Thrift Center
           Ariens tiller
           Proctor-Silex toaster
Toilet paper
           Soft-Weave toilet paper
           White Cloud toilet paper
Tomato paste
           Contadina tomato paste
           Hunt's tomato paste
Tomato sauces
           Chef Boy-Ar-Dee tomato sauce
           Hunt's tomato sauce
Tomato soups
           Campbell's tomato soup
           Colgate toothpaste
           Crest toothpaste
           Maclean's toothpaste
           Pepsodent toothpaste
           Ultra Brite toothpaste
           Vote toothpaste
           Canadian Government Travel Bureau tourism
           Canadian Office of Tourism tourism
           727 Marx jet riding toy
           Baby Party toy
           Chugging Choo Choo toy train
           Electro-Shot shooting gallery
           Hoppity Horse riding toy
           Johnny Astro toy
           Johnny Express toy
           Johnny Service toy
           Johnny Speed toy
           Johnny Toymaker toy
           Pinto Pony riding toy
           Poweride riding toy
           Rings and Things toy
           Suzy Homemaker toy
           Suzy Homemaker toy oven
           Suzy Homemaker vanity set
Traveler's checks
           American Express traveler's checks
           Chevy Pickup truck
           Datsun Pickup truck
Tuna fish
           Bumble Bee tuna fish
           Chicken Of The Sea tuna fish
           Del Monte tuna fish
           Starkist tuna fish
           Butterball turkey
           Checkerboard Farms turkey
           Stop & Shop turkey
           Cantrece II
Vacuum cleaners
           Shetland Chrome Vac vacuum cleaner
           Shetland Power Vac vacuum cleaner
Vegetable beef soups
           Campbell's vegetable beef soup
Vegetable soups
           Campbell's vegetable soup
           Chocks vitamins
           One-A-Day vitamins
           Pals vitamins
Washing machines
           Frigidaire washing machine
           Noree washing machine
           Norge Scot washing machine
           Accutron watches
           Baylor watches
           Hamilton watches
           Zale's Jewelers watches
Water pills
           Pamprin water pill
Whipped cream
           Bird's Eye Cool 'N Creamy whipped cream
           Bird's Eye Cool Whip whipped cream
           Dream Whip whipped cream
           Taney wigs
Window cleaners
           Ajax window cleaner
           Little Home winemaker
           Chianti wine
           Italian Swiss Colony wine
           Rhineskeller wine
Women's clothing
           White Stag women's clothing
Women's facial products
           Lady Sunbeam Face Saver
Women's underpants
           Olga's women's underpants
Wood paneling
           Pinehill wood paneling
           Dupont yarn
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