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Karr Collection Television Commercials: Personalities

Albert, Eddie                            Biz bleach

Bauer, Hank                              Ozon hair spray

Benny, Jack                              Sky Chief gasoline
                                         Texaco gasoline (Phone booth)

Berra, Yogi                              Ozon hair spray

Blanc, Mel                               Fritos corn chips

Blyth, Ann                               Hostess cupcakes (Ann Blyth and family, Ann
                                         Blyth and family--floating close, Vitamin
                                         fortified--cupcakes) Hostess fruit pies (Ann
                                         Blyth and family, Ann  Blyth and family--
                                         floating close, Mother and kids, Mother says
                                         yes) Hostess Ho Hos snack cakes (Mother says
                                         yes) Hostess King Dons snack cakes (Mother and
                                         kids) Hostess snack cakes (Vitamin fortified--
                                         cupcakes, Vitamin fortified--fruit pies,
                                         Vitamin fortified--  Twinkies) Twinkies snack
                                         cakes (Ann Blyth and family, Ann Blyth and
                                         family--floating close, Mother and kids,
                                         Mother says yes, Vitamin fortified--Twinkies) 

Bostwick, Barry                          H.I.S. men's clothing (Coordinates)

Bracken, Peg                             Bird's Eye frozen sweet potatoes

Broderick, James                         Bromo Seltzer antacid (Card game)

Caesar, Sid                              Heinz 57 ketchup

Cantrell, Lana                           Arrid deodorant (Lana Cantrell)

Carter, Jack                             Supp-Hose support hose (Flamenco/Carter)

Casper, Billy                            Rise shaving cream (Billy Casper)

Chamberlain, Wilt                        Maypo oat cereal

Charisse, Cyd                            Maxwell House coffee (Cyd Charisse)

Clark, Fred                              Toro riding lawn mower

Clarke, Bobby                            Jack Lang men's clothing

Coco, James                              Drano liquid drain cleaner (Plumbers
                                         convention) Norelco electric shaver (Boxing

Connors, Chuck                           Minute Rice instant rice (Chuck Connors)

Cox, Wally                               Sport Cola soda

Crosby, Bing                             Minute Maid orange juice (Bing Crosby family,
                                         Crosby family, Crosby family '64, Crosby

Dangerfield, Rodney                      Buitoni frozen pizza (Pizza party)

De Camp, Rosemary                        Borateem laundry detergent (Rosemary dress)

Duncan, Sandy                            Hidden Magic hair spray (Briefing)

Durante, Jimmy                           Corn Flakes cereal (Hall of Fame, Pah, Small 

Flagg, Fannie                            Sprite soda
                                         Indy 500 (Peggy Fleming)

Fleming, Peggy                           Ice Follies ice show

Funt, Alan                               Gillette self-heating shaving cream
                                         Gillette shaving cream
                                         Hot One shaving cream (Girl in hat, Man at
                                         airline counter)

Garagiola, Joe                           Doan's back pills (Nagging backache)
                                         Fresh Start loan plan

Gibson, Henry                            Glo Coat wax (Kids today)

Gobel, George                            Bounty beef stew
                                         Bounty canned foods
                                         Bounty chicken stew

Godfrey, Arthur                          Axion laundry detergent (Godfrey and boys,
                                         Godfrey nursery, Popularity, Soaking beats
                                         washing, Stained towel, Total wash)
                                         Colgate toothpaste (Tooth toughener)

Griffith, Andy                           Post Toasties cereal

Hackett, Buddy                           Lay's potato chips

Harrelson, Ken                           Sports show

Howard, Elston Mrs.                      Gulden's mustard (Mrs. Elston Howard)

James, Anthony                           Autolite spark plugs

Johnson, Van                             Post Fortified Oat Flakes cereal (Bomber

Karras, Alex                             Faygo soft drinks (Redpop, What flavors?) 

Keaton, Diane                            Hour After Hour deodorant spray (Parking lot,

Kelly, Bob                               Jack Lang men's clothing (Philadelphia Flyers)

Killy, Jean-Claude                       Camaro automobile (Jean-Claude Killy)
                                         Nova automobile (Nova)

Klugman, Jack                            Bromo Seltzer antacid (Man)

Lasser, Louise                           Jello Whip 'N Chill dessert (Young marrieds)

Lincoln, Abby                            Maxwell House coffee (Abby Lincoln)

London, Julie                            Arrid deodorant (Julie London)

MacMurray, Fred                          Greyhound bus travel (Ameripass)

Maravich, Pete                           Vitalis hair gel

Marshall, Peter                          Product 19 cereal (Jog the box)
                                         Variety Pack cereal assortment

Mason, Marsha                            Palmolive Gold deodorant soap (Restaurant)

Mays, Willie                             Supp-Hose support hose (Mays)

McGiver, John                            Baggies plastic bags (McGiver--zoo, Uncle

Merrill, Robert                          Schaefer beer (Merrill)

Moore, Clayton                           Jeno's pizza rolls (Ballroom)
(as Lone Ranger)

Mulligan, Gerry                          Narragansett beer (Mulligan)

Palmer, Arnold                           Rockwell sanding tools

Peters, Roberta                          Maxwell House coffee (Roberta Peters--

Pepitone, Joe                            Ozon hair spray

Pflug, Jo Ann                            Pruf! starch (Park)

Richards, Bob                            Wheaties cereal (Baseball, Cascade,
                                         Handball,Sounds crisp, Track & field, What's
                                         your favorite sport?)

Schaefer, Laurie L.                      Campbell's soups (Beauty queen) (Miss America

Serling, Rod                             Anacin pain reliever (All the drugs/cups
                                         Sunkist oranges (Porch)

Silverheels, Jay                         Jeno's pizza rolls (Ballroom) (as Tonto)

Stapleton, Jean                          Chef Boy-Ar-Dee tomato sauce (In-laws)

Starr, Bart                              Dinty Moore beef stew (Bart Starr)
                                         Maypo oat cereal

Stevenson, McLean                        Dristan sinus and cold medication (Extra

Tarkenton, Fran                          Hormel chili

Tayback, Vic                             Autolite spark plugs

Thomas, Danny                            Maxwell House instant coffee (Danny Thomas, 
                                         Patio, Which hand?)

Thomas, Terry                            Maxwell House instant coffee (Danny Thomas)
(Danny Thomas's daughter)

Tomlin, Lily                             All laundry detergent (Woman in tank)
                                         Special K cereal (Larger size)

Unitas, Johnny                           Supp-Hose support hose (Huddle/Unitas)

Vanderbilt, Amy                          Mist air freshener

Welch, Raquel                            Coke soda (Raquel)

White, Betty                             Fantastik disinfectant
                                         Fantastik disinfectant spray

Worley, Joanne                           Bold laundry detergent

Yastrzemski, Carl                        Gulden's mustard (Red Sox)
                                         Sports show
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  November 1, 2018
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