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Updated September 2015

The Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division (MBRS) offers duplication to a variety of film, video, and file formats (listed below). In every instance, pre-payment is required. Only Credi cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express), money orders, and checks accepted. Shipping charges for physical media are paid by customer (if you have a Fedex account, you may include your account number on the Order Form and waive the shipping charge noted in the cost estimate).

All transfer rates have a 30-minute minimum with 15-minute increments thereafter.

Duplication requests must be for an entire reel/tape/file. No individual segments of source material may be requested.
All High Definition transfers are created at 1080p 24fps with a 1:1 frame ratio for preservation. Requests for HD material will always be provided at this frame rate and speed.

Additional charges may apply to orders:

  • $24 set-up charge on all orders.
  • $58 set-up charge on standard-definition orders requiring frame rate conversions to PAL and/or silent film speed.
  • $20 minimum fee for each litigation order requiring certification. Additional surcharge per item based on the extent of the duplication request.

Cancellation policy

$25 cancellation fee for all orders over $100. Rush orders will have and additional $25 cancellation fee. Standard orders may be canceled within 5 days after an order is submitted for a full refund and rush orders may be canceled within 24 hours after an order is submitted for a full refund.

Estimated completion times begin when all requested items have been delivered to the film and/or video labs. All source material must be retrieved from the vaults or file archive which sometimes requires 1 to 2 days for acclimatization and delivery.


Standard Delivery: approximately 6-8 weeks
No rush service available

  • $18 surcharge for all reel changes
  • $18 gate change surcharge for orders with both 35mm and 16mm reels.


Standard Delivery: 5-7 business days
Rush Delivery: 1-4 business days

  • $252/hour for RUSH orders. Rush service not guaranteed, but considered on a case-by-case basis depending on volume of orders already received.
  • $7.50 surcharge for all tape/file changes
  • $18 format change surcharge for orders with multiple video formats

**NOTICE - Until further notice, there will be an increase in the duplication rates to account for cost increases and changes in technology**

Please specify the preferred tape, DVD or digital file format from the options below:


The Library only provides digital files in the formats listed below.
Please be as specific as possible when ordering, including any necessary details for our video technicians (bitrate, wrapper, etc.).

We do not offer upconversion from standard definition.

Format Options:

High Definition (1080p, 24 fps):

  • ProRes 4:2:2 (MOV wrapper) – standard or HQ
  • DNxHD (MXF wrapper) – 175 mbps (10-bit) or 115 mbps (8-bit)
  • H.264 – 6 mbps

Standard Definition (NTSC or PAL):

  • Uncompressed (AVI or MOV wrapper) – delivery on hard drive only
  • ProRes 4:2:2 (MOV wrapper) – standard or HQ
  • MPEG-2 Program Stream - High Quality (50 mbps)
  • MPEG-2 Program Stream - DVD quality (5 mbps VBR, 9 mbps peak)
  • H.264 – 1.5 mbps

Delivery Options:

  • Direct download from online Signiant Media Exchange* server. Download links are distributed via e-mail. Some restrictions apply, depending on file sizes.
  • Hard drive purchased from the Library (see stock prices below). Drives are external USB and formatted for PC.

*Signiant Media Exchange may not be compatible with all browsers. Access to the application requires the following:

   - Cookies and JavaScript enabled
   - Pop-up blockers disabled
   - Java runtime installed

TAPE/DVD FORMATS with stock charges

PAL available when noted

Hard Drive

LaCie Rikiki - 1 TB $ 55.00

HDCAM (1080p, 24fps)

HDCAM cassette – 124 minutes $ 80.00
HDCAM cassette – 94 minutes $ 61.00
HDCAM cassette – 64 minutes $ 43.00
HDCAM cassette – 32 minutes $ 24.00
HDCAM cassette – 12 minutes $ 17.00

Digital Betacam (NTSC and PAL)

DIGITAL BETACAM Cassette — 94 minutes $ 36.00
DIGITAL BETACAM Cassette — 64 minutes $ 23.00
DIGITAL BETACAM Cassette — 32 minutes $ 15.00

Betacam SP

BETACAM SP cassette — 90 minutes $ 22.00
BETACAM SP cassette — 60 minutes $ 14.00
BETACAM SP cassette — 30 minutes $ 8.00

Betacam SX (NTSC and PAL)

BetacamSX cassette – 94 minutes $ 22.00

BetacamSX cassette – 64 minutes

$ 19.00

BetacamSX cassette – 32 minutes

$ 10.00


DVCPRO Cassette - 126 minutes $ 32.00
DVCPRO Cassette - 66 minutes $ 17.00
DVCPRO Cassette - 34 minutes $ 13.00


DVCAM Cassette –124 minutes $ 22.00
DVCAM Cassette – 64 minutes $ 15.00
DVCAM Cassette – 34 minutes $ 12.00


4.7GB Disk in Jewel Case - 60 minutes $ 2.00


Videotape Cassette - 120 Minutes $ 1.00


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  April 28, 2016
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