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383. Ulster County gazette. w., May 5, 1798-Dec. 27, 1800+

Note: Established May 5, 1798, judging from the date of the earliest issue located, May 12, 1798, vol. 1, no. 2; published with the title of Ulster County Gazette. The next two issues located, June 30, 1798, no. 9, and Sept. 15, 1798, no. 20, were known as the Ulster and Delaware Gazette. The issue of May 4, 1799, vol. 2, no. 53, was again entitled the Ulster County Gazette. The issue of Jan. 4, 1800, is famous for the large number of reprints that were made of it. Sixty-four separate reprints are on record, of which the Library of Congress has 33. These began to appear in the first half of the nineteenth century, perhaps as early as 1825. At the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876, thousdands of copies were sold as souvenirs. In 1877, a centennial exposition at Kingston, N.Y., offered a similar opportunity, and since that time there have been many others. For many decades there was no known original in existence, but in November 1930, the Library of Congress secured one, together with the issues of Dec. 28, 1799, and Jan. 11, 1800. Continued by the Ulster gazette, sometime between April 30- August, 1803.

Publisher: Samuel S. Freer and son.

L.C. file contains:

1799. Dec. 28. Box 39, Fol. 2
1800. Jan. 4. Note: Numerous photo- stats, facsimilies and reprints. Box 39, Fol. 3 A-F
1800. Jan. 4 (facsimile and photostat), 11. Box 39, Fol. 2
1800. Jan. 4 (original). Box 44

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