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Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information (FSA/OWI) Collection

Subject Index: Classification Number Listing - .1 (Land)

This subject index presents the categories assigned in the 1940s to make it possible to browse the FSA/OWI photographs by what they depict. The agency used a decimal number classification scheme.This section of the subject index presents the categories by their classification numbers. The classification numbers retrieve photos that are filed under the classification number in the FSA/OWI file of photographic prints. An alphabetical listing of the words associated with the classification numbers is also available.

  • The categories and the words used to describe them are products of their era and have not been altered for this presentation.
  • Not all numbers retrieve descriptions and images, either because the information has not yet been added to the description, or because the originating agency never applied the number to any photographs.
  • For more information, view the introduction to this list.

.142 Panoramas
.1428 Miscellaneous Landscapes
.143 Mountains
.1440-.1556Mines, Quarries, Rocks
.1444 Abandoned Mines
.145 Geological Features
.146 Canyons, Caves
.148 Rock Formations
.1486 Ruins, Caves, Archeology
.1488 Historic Landmarks
.149 Bad Lands
.15 Desert
.1514 Sand Dunes
.1518 Oil and Gas Fields
.152 Foothills, Rolling Country
.153 Grazing Land
.154 Farms, Ranches, Plantations
.1545 Mountain Farms
.155 Commercialized Farms
.156 Farmyards and Buildings
.157 Barns
.15715 Barns in Disrepair
.1587 Fences
.1589 Farms for Sale
.16 Fields and Farmlands
.162 Land Treatment
.163 Poor or Submarginal Land
.1635 Stump Land
.165 Erosion
.166 Drought Conditions
.167 Dust Storms
.1672 Soil Drifts
.1675 Abandoned Farms
.1685Brush and Grass Fires
.1736Forest Fires and Prevention
.1737Fire Prevention
.17556Wildlife Conservation
.1776Spring Thaw
.18Rivers, Streams, Springs
.1804 Waterfalls
.183Canals, Locks
.1835Lakes, Ponds
.1838Swamps, Marshes
.187Industrial Plant in the Country
.19Seashore and Lakeshore

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  May 14, 2014
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