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Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information (FSA/OWI) Collection

Subject Index: Classification Number Listing - .3 (People)

This subject index presents the categories assigned in the 1940s to make it possible to browse the FSA/OWI photographs by what they depict. The agency used a decimal number classification scheme.This section of the subject index presents the categories by their classification numbers. The classification numbers retrieve photos that are filed under the classification number in the FSA/OWI file of photographic prints. An alphabetical listing of the words associated with the classification numbers is also available.

  • The categories and the words used to describe them are products of their era and have not been altered for this presentation.
  • Not all numbers retrieve descriptions and images, either because the information has not yet been added to the description, or because the originating agency never applied the number to any photographs.
  • For more information, view the introduction to this list.

.3Crowds, People
.305In Terminals and Stations
.31Groups of People
.314In the Streets
.318At Meetings, Events
.3186At Fairs, Carnivals
.32Men, Men's Heads
.322Men in their Prime
.323 Middle Aged Men
.324Old Men
.325Individual Men, Full Figure
.326 Men in their Prime
.327 Middle Aged Men
.328 Old Men
.3291Foreigners and Americans of Foreign Extraction
.329132Bus and Truck Drivers
.329142Farmers and Farmers' Heads
.329144Farmers' Figures
.329146Farmers with Equipment
.329147Farmers in Groups
.329148Hired Farm Hands
.329152French Canadians
.329157Industrial Workers, Mechanics
.329158Italian Americans
.329159Orientals, Japanese
.32916Jewish Americans
.329164Longshoremen, Stevedores
.329168Migrant Workers
.329175Portuguese Americans
.329177Railroad Men
.32918Scandinavian Americans
.329183Sheep Ranchers
.329184Shipyard Workers
.329185Spanish-Americans and Mexicans
.329186Steel Workers
.329187Sugar Laborers
.32919Transients, Vagrants
.3293Details: Hands, Feet, etc.
.3296Clothes, Accessories
.33Women, Women's Heads
.331Young Women
.332Women in Prime of Life
.333Middle Aged Women
.334Elderly Women
.339142Farm Women
.339157Women in Industry
.339168Migratory Farm Workers
.339185Spanish-American and Mexican Women
.3396Clothes, Accessories
.351Husband and Wife
.354Farm Families
.355Migratory Agricultural Workers
.35525Elmer Thomas Family Leaving Home
.356Miners' Families
.361Children with Adults
.3612Under Privileged
.362Infants and Children
.363Young Children
.3632 Under Privileged
.364Older Boys
.3642Under Privileged
.365Older Girls
.366Groups of Children
.36657Oriental Children
.367 Under Privileged [Children]
.3673In Slums
.3675Migrant Children
.3676Miners' Children
.368Children with Animals
.371Children at Home
.3713Washing, Dressing, etc.
.372In the Country
.373In the City
.374Work, Chores
.3742Farm Chores
.37426Migrant Cranberry Pickers
.3744City Children Doing Farm Work
.3751School Buildings
.37515Going To and Leaving School
.3752School Busses
.37527Faculty Administration
.3753Groups of Students
.3755Nursery Schools
.37554Eating and Drinking
.3756Grade Schools
.37565One-Room Schools
.3758High Schools
.37586Science and Labwork
.375889Health Education
.376Sectarian Schools
.3762Assemblies Ceremonies
.37623Student Government
.37624School Newspapers
.3763Manual Training and Domestic Skills
.37635Military Training
.3764Victory Program
.3765Pre-Flight Training
.3767Day Care for Children of War Workers
.37675Cafeterias and School Lunches
.3768 Playgrounds
.377Child Care and Health
.3781 Boyscouts [i.e. Boy Scouts]
.37844-H Clubs
.3795Children Reading
.38Creative Activity
.3814Artwork by Children
.382Making Things
.385At Play
.3855In Street and Undesirable Places
.386With Toys
.3872Athletic Sports
.3874Winter Sports
.3877At Fairs, Carnivals

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  May 14, 2014
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