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Subject Index: Classification Number Listing - .4 (Homes and Living Conditions)

This subject index presents the categories assigned in the 1940s to make it possible to browse the FSA/OWI photographs by what they depict. The agency used a decimal number classification scheme.This section of the subject index presents the categories by their classification numbers. The classification numbers retrieve photos that are filed under the classification number in the FSA/OWI file of photographic prints. An alphabetical listing of the words associated with the classification numbers is also available.

  • The categories and the words used to describe them are products of their era and have not been altered for this presentation.
  • Not all numbers retrieve descriptions and images, either because the information has not yet been added to the description, or because the originating agency never applied the number to any photographs.
  • For more information, view the introduction to this list.

.4Home, Living Conditions
.412Substantial, Suburban Houses
.413Row Houses
.414Unit House Project
.4143Rammed Earth Houses
.4145Apartment Houses
.4148Tenement Houses
.4153New England Houses
.4157Victorian Houses
.416Farm Houses
.4163Mansions and Plantations
.4166Substandard Houses
.417Sod Houses, Log Cabins, Adobe Dugouts
.4173Storm Cellars
.4178Abandoned Houses
.419Architectural Details
.42 Rooms
.424Interiors in Bad Condition
.4255Details, Decorative Objects
.43People at Home
.4315Listening to Radio
.433Arriving and Leaving Home
.434Hobbies, Collections
.44Tents, Shacks
.4405Tepees, Hogans
.4407Migratory Workers' Camps
.4408Evictions and Sharecroppers
.441Shacks and Improvised Homes
.4412Log Cabins
.4415Shacktowns and Squatters
.4417Mexican Section
.44203Trailers on Display
.4421Life in Trailers
.4423Covered Wagons, Chuckwagons
.4424Tourist Cabins, Trailer Camps, Houseboats
.443Houseboats, Barges
.444Rooming Houses, Dormitories, Hotels
.4445Dormitories, Bunkhouses
.445Interior Details
.447Hobo Jungles
.448Personal Cleanliness
.449Privies, Toilets
.4506Water Supply
.451Food Preparation
.4527Outdoor Oven
.4528Cooking and Eating Outdoors
.453Canning and Preserving
.45315Community Canning Centers
.4533Other Preservation Methods
.45335Today's Storage
.456Washing Dishes, Cleaning
.4568Soap Making
.457Laundry, Ironing
.46Men's Work, Maintenance
.4622Fuel Supply
.4628Textile Crafts, Sewing, Weaving
.47Porches, Yards, Gardens

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  May 14, 2014
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