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Subject Index: Classification Number Listing - .5 (Transportation and Work)

This subject index presents the categories assigned in the 1940s to make it possible to browse the FSA/OWI photographs by what they depict. The agency used a decimal number classification scheme.This section of the subject index presents the categories by their classification numbers. The classification numbers retrieve photos that are filed under the classification number in the FSA/OWI file of photographic prints. An alphabetical listing of the words associated with the classification numbers is also available.

  • The categories and the words used to describe them are products of their era and have not been altered for this presentation.
  • Not all numbers retrieve descriptions and images, either because the information has not yet been added to the description, or because the originating agency never applied the number to any photographs.
  • For more information, view the introduction to this list.

.505Animal Drawn Vehicles
.5052 Riding Horses
.5054Pack Horses
.5056Horses, Donkeys
.5058Sleighs, Sledges, Sleds
.5104Details, Licences, Decorations
.5106Car Pooling
.5107Parking, Parking Lots
.5112Garages, Storage and Repair
.5117Accidents, Wrecks
.5133Migrants' Cars
.5138Moving Household Goods
.51435Trucks Transporting People
.5144Truck Terminals
.5145Loading and Unloading
.5147On the Road
.51476At Service Stations
.5148Truck Repairs at Garages
.51485Truck Drivers
.51525Passengers in Busses
.51528Waiting for Busses, Boarding
.5153Bus Terminals
.51534 People at Terminals
.51536Drivers, Dispatchers
.51537Bus Garages, Repairs
.5155Highway Markers, Signposts, Toolgates
.5157Road Conditions, Ferries
.516Street Cars
.5165Conductors, Motormen
.5167Carbarns, Terminals
.5168Maintenance, Repairs
.517Subways and Elevated Trains
.5177People Going to and From Work
.5203Railroad Stations
.520322Chicago Union Station
.52035People in Large Stations
.52037People on Platforms
.5204Station Personnel
.52045Baggage Service
.5207Train Crews
.5209Express Handling
.521Express and Freight Handling
.5213Freight Trains and Cars
.52131Train Crewss, Operations
.52134Refrigerator Cars, Icing
.52137Tank Cars
.521138Ore Cars
.5215Railroad Yards
.52151Yard Operations
.52152Repairs at the Riptrack
.52157Yard Offices
.52158Tracks, Bridges, Tunnels
.5216Signal Systems
.5217Railroad Maintenance
.52186Railroad Workers
.52187Railroad YMCA, Accommodations
.52188Catching a Ride
.522Water Transportation
.5225Merchant Seamen
.52266Merchant Marine Training
.523Inland Shipping
.5234Loading and Unloading
.52342Coal Barges, Loading Operations
.52344Ore Barges, Loading Operations
.52346Grain Boats, Loading Operations
.5237Ferry Boats
.524Air Transportation
.52445Training Civilian Pilots
.52615Tickets, Baggage
.5262Control, Communicating
.5263Ground Crews
.52633Training Maintenance and Ground Crews
.527Travelers' Accommodations, Hotels
.53 Agriculture
.5304Clearing Land
.53075Reservoirs, Stock Water Dams
.53104Working Cultivated Land
.53161Sugar Beets
.531704Projecting Agricultural Diseases
.531708Grading, Packing
.53186Peas, Pea Vines
.531866Pea Pickers' Camp
.53188Soy Beans
.5319Gourd Like Fruits
.5327Small Vegetable Gardens
.53273Planting, Seeding
.5328Victory garens
.53285Victory Gardeners
.53449Citrus Fruits
.53536Husking, Shelling
.53539Storage, Corn Cribs
.53586Sampling, Inspecting
.537Grasses, Hay, Sorghum
.53708Baling Hay
.53718Kaffir Corn, Sudan Grass
.537201Planting Cotton
.537202Cultivating Cotton
.537206Picking Cotton
.537208Cotton Choppers and Pickers
.537209Bringing in from the Field
.53721Weighing, Recording
.537211Trasnporting to Gin or Market
.5374Sugar Cane
.537404Sugar Cane Harvesting
.537502Cultivating, working Topping
.537508Barns, Curing, Stripping
.537512Transporting to Market
.537514Auctioning, Marketing
.538Commercial Flower Gardening
.53855Plant Quarantine, Inspection
.541Dairy Farms
.54105More Milk for Victory
.5412Dairy Cattle
.5414Milking, Shipping Milk
.54157Keeping Good Milk Good
.543Poultry, Chickens
.54305Victory on an Egg Shell
.5439Other Fowl
.544Beef Cattle
.5442Round Up
.5443Branding, Dehorning, Castrating
.5445Cow Hands, Cowboys
.5447Disease, Care
.5448Shipping, Marketing
.5455Shearing Goats
.5464Lambing and Shearing
.5468 Shipping, Marketing
.548Horses, Mules, Donkeys
.54801Round Up, Branding
.54802Horse Breeding
.54804Breeding and Training Farm
.54815Dog Kennels
.54817Bee Keeping
.54818Veterinary Medicine
.54825Building and Repairing Fences
.5484Agricultural Machinery
.5485Maintaining Farm Machinery
.54854Homemade Tools and Equipment
.5486Farm Planning and Accounting
.5487Agricultural Training
.5488Miscellaneous Farm Work
.55Lumbering, Forest Products
.551Nurseries, Planting Trees
.553Lumberjacks, Lumbercamps
.5537Hauling Logs
.5538Pulpwood Drive
.55385Booming Operations
.55387Sluicing Operations
.55445Women Sawmill Workers
.555Tie Cutting Camp
.5573Maple Syrup
.5587Fur Trapping and Trappers
.55875Fur Auction
.5607Hauling in the Catch
.561Fishermen in their Boats
.562Life on Board
.564Unloading, Dock Scenes
.5647Indians, Celilo Falls, Oregon
.565Crabs, Oysters
.5721Small Private Mines, "Gopher Hole" Mines
.57225Safety Operations
.5723Blasting and Drilling
.5725Loading and Transport
.57254Machine Shop
.5726Breaking and Cleaning Plants
.57303Drilling, Blasting, Mucking
.57305Transporting Ore to Mill
.57339Abandoned Gold Mines
.576Petroleum, Oil Wells
.58Technical Research
.585 Business: Banks, Office, Stockrooms
.58507Small Business Management
.586Office Workers
.5865Government Office Workers
.5868Office Machines
.5913Land Clearing, Earth Moving
.592Road Construction
.5922Alcan Highway
.5928City Streets
.5934Dams and Lock Construction
.59345Stock Water Dams and Other Water Controls
.5936Water Supply
.5938Oil Pipeline Construction
.5945Building Materials
.595Construction Projects
.59502Aerial Views
.59505Washington, D.C. (Official Buildings)
.59506Washington, D.C. (War Emergency Buildings)
.5959Urban Alterations
.596Construction of Small Houses
.596054Greenbelt, Maryland
.596055 Greenhills, Ohio & Greendale, Wisconsin
.59625Rammed Earth Construction
.59627Adobe Houses
.5963Carpentry, Log Houses
.59685Doors, Windows
.59687Screen Doors and Windows
.597Farm Buildings and Grounds
.59709Well Drilling
.5971Building Trades
.598Prefabricated Houses
.5981Stockpiles, Pre-cutting, Pre-casting, Pre-assembly, Miscellaneous
.5982Delivery, Erection
.5984Landscape Architecture
.5985Demolition, House Wrecking
.5987Moving Houses
.5989Miscellaneous Trades
.5995Training for Industrial Skills

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