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Subject Index: Classification Number Listing - .6 (Work, continued; Organized society)

This subject index presents the categories assigned in the 1940s to make it possible to browse the FSA/OWI photographs by what they depict. The agency used a decimal number classification scheme.This section of the subject index presents the categories by their classification numbers. The classification numbers retrieve photos that are filed under the classification number in the FSA/OWI file of photographic prints. An alphabetical listing of the words associated with the classification numbers is also available.

  • The categories and the words used to describe them are products of their era and have not been altered for this presentation.
  • Not all numbers retrieve descriptions and images, either because the information has not yet been added to the description, or because the originating agency never applied the number to any photographs.
  • For more information, view the introduction to this list.

.6Manufacturing and Processing Industry
.6011Food Products
.6013Frozen Foods
.6027Poultry, Turkeys
.60325 Salmon
.604Dairy Products
.6044 Butter
.6051Fruit and Vegetable Packing
.60515Citrus Fruit
.60585Drying Fruit
.6059Potatoes, Root Vegetables
.6061Rice Mill
.6062Grist Mill
.6063Flour Mills, Bread
.6069Spaghetti, Noodles
.6073Sugar Refining
.6074Sugar, Sugar Beet
.60763Cottonseed Oil
.60766Olive Oil
.60828Hop Kiln
.6083Alcoholic Beverages, Wine
.608476Pecan Shelling
.6091Fur Goods
.60945Boot Making
.6095Saddle Making
.61Textile Industry
.6107Cotton, Ginning and Processing
.61124Wool and Mohair Plant
.6114Clothing Industry
.61165Hats, Millinery
.61175Bedding, Mattresses
.612Wood Products, Millwork, Furniture
.61246Turpentine and Rosin
.61255Creosoting, Treating
.613Papermills and Paper Products
.6136Paper Containers
.61456Postage Stamps
.6147Photo Engraving
.61484Photo Murals
.61485Photo Duplication
.615Chemical Industry
.61688Patent Medicines, Medical Supplies
.616882Ampoule Preparations
.616883Capsule Preparations
.616886Blood Plasma
.617Petroleum Refining, Coal
.6174Storage Tanks
.61744Transporting, Tank Cars and Trucks
.61746Inter-Regional Pipelines
.61783Carbon Black
.61874Tire Retreading
.619Stone, Cement, Clay, Glass
.62055Sheet Steel
.62075 (or 6?) Wheels and Axles
.62153Wire and Cables
.622Machinery, Hardware, Devices
.62223Ball Bearings
.6224Engineering Equipment
.62265Ship Engines
.6227Electric Machinery
.6235Electric Appliances
.6236Household Equipment
.6237Scientific Equipment
.624War Equipment
.6242War Materials
.6244Gas Masks
.625Transportation and Equipment
.6251Wagons and Carriages
.6254Auto Industry
.6255War Transport Vehicles
.6258Locomotives, Rolling Stock
.626Ship Building
.62602General Views
.62606Night Scenes
.62662Early Stages
.626626Cutting, Welding, Rivetting, Chipping
.62663Half Completed Ships
.62664Nearly Completed Ships
.6267Small Boats
.627Aircraft Industry
.62733B-17 Bomber
.627332B-19 Bomber
.6274Electrical Work
.62745Testing and Checking
.6275Aircraft Engines
.6293Packaging, Bottling
.63Warehouse, Storage
.6303Cold Storage
.6304Stock Yards
.6305Grain Elevators
.63051Ever Normal Granaries
.63055Lumber Yards
.63059Coal Yards
.63062Oil and Gas Tanks
.6307Wholesale Dealers
.630704Grain Brokers
.63071Wholesale Food Markets
.630714Fulton Fish Market, New York
.630722Seed Dealers
.630723Burpee & Co. Seed Dealers, Philadelphia
.63073Cotton Dealers
.631Advertising, Stores
.6312Window Displays
.632Department Stores
.6325Five and Ten Stores
.634Drug Stores
.635General Stores
.6356Company and Plantation Stores
.636Cooperative Stores
[.637-639Retail Outlets, Groceries and Vegetables]
.637Food Stores, Groceries and Vegetables
.6375 Meat, Fish
.638Clothing, Shoes
.63889Saddles, Ranch Supplies
.639Hardware, Farm Machinery, Furniture
.6393Seed and Garden Supplies
.63936Feed Stores
.63998Horse and Mule Dealers
.64Automobile Salesrooms
.64074Ship Chandlery
.641Luxuries, Flowers Liquors, Tobacco
.6427Antiques, Curios
.6428Novelties, Souvenirs
.643Secondhand Stores, Pawnshops
.6434Miscellaneous Shops and Stores
.64345Junk Business
.6435Customer Conveniences
.6446Farmers Markets
.6447Roadside Stands
.645Street Vendors
.6451Flower Vendors
.64516Mobile Ice Cream Business
.6452Door to Door Selling
.6453Newspaper Vendor
.64557Itinerant Horse and Mule Dealers
.6463Mechanical Services
.647Cooks, Waiters
.6474Food Preparation
.648Personal Services
.6486Shoe Repair
.6488Barbers Shops
.64882Beauty Parlors
.65105US Power Exhibit
.653Water Supply
.6538Water Witch
.6546Milk and Other Diary Products
.6551Postal Service
.6554Telephone and Telegraph
.6559Municipal Services
.656Safety and Sanitation: Fire Department
.6561Plant and Equipment
.6562Training Drills
.6563Alarms, Fires
.6565Fire Damage, Ruins
.6572Garbage Disposal
.658Miscellaneous Services
.6586Janitors, Caretakers
.66Labor Relations, Unions
.662Meetings, Speakers, Voting
.663Strikes, Pickets
.6654Relief Grants
.6656Work Relief
.667Going To and Leaving Work
.668Workers Being Paid
.67162F.D. Rooseveltiana
.6725Trial of the Nationalists
.6728Movements, Organized Society
.6732Voting, Elections
.6736Town Meetings
.67363Citizens' Organizations
.6738Patriotism, Allegiance
.6744Police Department
.6747Coast Guard
.675Economic Administration
.6755Treasury Department
.677Foreign Relations, State Department
.6773Diplomatic Corps
.6778Immigration, Citizenship Training
.6787Farm Bureau
.67921American Legion
.68 Government and Private Assistance
.6805Farm Security Administration
.68052A New Start on the Land
.68056Published F.S.A. Layout
.6816F.S.A. Representative Meetings
.6818Exhibits: F.S.A.
.681805Exhibit on Negroes
.68198Tennessee Valley Authority
.682F.S.A. Planned Communities
.6822Greenbelt, Maryland
.68251Farm Communities, Part-time Farms
.682519Woodville, California
.68253Land Use and Development
.6826Civilian Conservation Corps
.68264Rural Electrification Administration
.683Migratory Workers, Farm Labor Camps
.6833Farm Security Administration Camps
.68332Arvin, California
.683322Athena, Oregon
.68333Bridgeton, New Jersey
.68333Califpatria, California
.683337Farmersville, California
.68334Firebough, California
.68336Mobile Camp Unit
.68336Merrill, Oregon
.683376Shaffer, California
.68338Sonoma, California
.683385Visalia, California
.68339Wilder, Idaho
.68339Westlen, California
.683394Yuba City, California
.6834Administration, Meetings
.6836Laundry Units
.68382War Housing
.683823Vallejo, California
.68478Aid to the Poor
.68486Aid to the Blind
.6852Vocational Training
.685226Aviation Mechanics
.6854Home Demonstration, Home Economics Training
.6855Home Skills
.686Emergency Aid in Disasters
.6863Flood Relief
.69Civil Disturbances

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