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Art Exhibition by 

Battlefront Artists [54K JPEG]

Artist/Sponsor/Advertiser: Dangon, Henri, artist
Title: Salon des Armées, réservé aux artistes du front. Au profit des oeuvres de guerre. Jardin des Tuileries. Paris: Imp. H. Chachoin, [1916]
Physical Description: Lithograph, color (120.5 x 79 cm)
Translated Title: A special exhibition of paintings by battlefront artists. To benefit the workers of the war. Jardin des Tuileries.
Summary: A soldier holding a small wooden statue of Winged Victory that he has been carving. In 1916, the Ministry of Beaux-Arts and the Ministry of War promised artists serving in the war that their work would be shown in official war exhibitions on the home front. The government sponsored the Salon des Armées to show the work of the mobilized artists and this exhibition realized 60,000 francs. The proceeds supported not only needy artists at home but also the disabled. The striking contrast between the continuing French culture, even from within the trenches, and the barbarianism of the Germans was brought home by these exhibitions. This poster won first prize.
Note: Signed: Henri Dangon
Call number: POS - Fr .D35, no. 1 (C size) (C size)
Reproduction number: LC-USZC2-4069 (color film copy slide); LC-USZC4-1635 (color film copy transparency)

Exhibition to benefit the 

victims of the shelling of Rheims [68K JPEG]

Artist/Sponsor/Advertiser: Sénéchal, Adrien, 1896- 1955, artist
Title: Le crime de Reims. Exposition . . . au profit des victimes du bombardement de Reims et du refuge franco-belge. Sceaux: Charaire, [1916]
Physical Description: Lithograph, two-color (94.5 x 70.5 cm)
Translated Title: The crime of Rheims. Exhibition ... to benefit the victims of the shelling of Rheims and for the French-Belgian shelter.
Summary: A view of the burning ruins of Rheims cathedral. The city of Rheims was shelled with explosives and incendiaries by the Germans during ten days in September of 1914 with the cathedral as the main target. Outraged, particularly by the attack on the cathedral, the government at Bordeaux sent an official protest. At the time of the shelling the cathedral was serving as a hospital with a red cross hanging from its tower. The Germans, however, believed it was also used as an observation tower by the French, hence the heavy and unrelenting bombing. The Germans had eyewitnesses who corroborated this story, but the French consistently denied it. The tracery, towers, and nave of the cathedral were heavily damaged, but the walls remained intact.
Note: Signed: A. Sénéchal, 1916
Note: Signed: Henri Dangon
Call number: POS - Fr .S464, no. 1 (C size) (C size)
Reproduction number: LC-USZC2-4081 (color film copy slide)

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