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Soldiers marching into 

shelled Verdun [47K JPEG]

Artist/Sponsor/Advertiser: Toussaint, Maurice, b. 1882, artist
Title: Verdun. Paris: Cornille & Serre, [1919]
Physical Description: Lithograph, color (104 x 75.5 cm)
Summary: Soldiers marching beside a river and over a bridge into a shelled Verdun. The battle of Verdun in 1916 was the longest and costliest in terms of lives of the war.
Notes: Signed: Maurice Toussaint, 1919 Édité par la Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de l'Est.
Call number: POS - Fr .T67, no. 2 (C size)
Reproduction number: LC-USZC2-4113 (color film copy slide)

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