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Western Survey Photographs: A Checklist of the Stereographs from the Clarence King and George M. Wheeler Explorations, 1867-1874

Checklist 2

Stereographs from Lieutenant George M. Wheeler's Explorations West of the One Hundredth Meridian, 1871 through 1872, published 1873 by the U. S. Engineer Department

View across Grand Cañon
Timothy H. O'Sullivan.
No. 138. View across Grand Cañon, 1871.

In 1873, stereographs from the first two years of George M. Wheeler's expedition were published by the U.S. Engineer Department, along with a catalogue listing each view. Timothy O'Sullivan's 1871 of the Colorado River and Arizona are included in this set. To make the series complete, William Bell's 1872 views of Utah, the Colorado River, and geological scenes from the set are listed here as well. The stereographs are numbered irregularly. Titles are transcribed here exactly as printed on the mounts. The stereographs are albumen silver prints on four-by-seven-inch mounts. Unless otherwise noted, all stereographs are from the collections of the Library of Congress.

1871, Timothy H. O'Sullivan, Photographer


Stereo #CaptionReproduction #
No. 111 The Start, Camp Mohave, A. T. LC-DIG-stereo-1s01786
No. 113 The Boat, "Picture." (Colorado Historical Society)
No. 114 Camp below Painted Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00148
No. 116 Camp Big Horn, Black Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00149
No. 117 Black Cañon, above Camp 7. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00150
No. 118 Limestone Walls, Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s02969
No. 119 Black Cañon, looking down. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00151
No. 120 Middle of Black Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00152
No. 123 Across Black Cañon, from Camp 8. LC-DIG-stereo-1s01787
No. 126 Down Black Cañon, from Mirror Bar. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00155
No. 127 Mohaves caught Napping. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00157
No. 130 Camp at Crossing of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00159
No. 131 Maiman, a Mohave Indian. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00160
No. 132 Nee-chi-qua-ra, a Mohave Indian. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00161
No. 134 Foot of Grand Cañon, from below. (Not listed in 1873 catalogue.) LC-DIG-stereo-1s00162
No. 135 Melon Cactus. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00163
No. 136 Grotto Spring, Grand Cañon. (University of California, Bancroft Library)
No. 137 Tufa Cliff, Grand Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00165
No. 138 View across Grand Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00166
No. 139 Baptismal Font, Grand Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00167
No. 142 Grand Cañon, from opposite Diamond Creek. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00168
No. 143 Grand Cañon Wall, opposite Diamond Creek. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00169
No. 144 Mohave Indians; Panambona and Mitiwara. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00172
No. 145 Grand Cañon, above Grotto Spring. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00173
No. 149 Crew of Trilobite. (University of California, Bancroft Library)
No. 150 Crew of the "Picture," at Diamond Creek. (Bibliothèque nationale de France)


Stereo #CaptionReproduction #
No. 151 Camp Life, Arizona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00177
No. 152 Party Group at Prescott. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00178
No. 153 Fred W. Loring at Prescott. (Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives)
No. 157 View across the Crater of San Francisco Mt. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00179
No. 158 San Francisco Mt. From its Base. (Not listed in 1873 catalogue.) LC-DIG-stereo-1s00180

1872, William Bell, photographer


Stereo #CaptionReproduction #
No. 1 Mt. Nebo, from the West. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00184
No. 3 Mt. Nebo foot-hills, from the West. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00185
No. 6 Willow Creek Cañon, near Mt. Nebo. (University of California, Bancroft Library)
No. 7 Lake Mona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00186
No. 8 Eroded Rocks, Sevier Valley. (Collection of Neil S. Goldblatt)
No. 9 Salt Creek Cañon, near Mt. Nebo. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00187
No. 10 Salt Creek Canyon, near Mt. Nebo. (Yale Collection of Western Americana)
No. 12 Salt Creek Cañon, Gypsum Bed. (Yale Collection of Western Americana)
No. 13 Gunnison. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00188
No. 14 Sevier River at Gunnison. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00189
No. 19 Mt. Range; Castle Valley in distance. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00190
No. 21 Mt. Range, near Castle Valley. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00191
No. 22 Mt. Range, near Castle Valley. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00192
No. 23 Red Lake, South of Castle Valley. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00193
No. 25 Volcanic Rocks, Grass Valley. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00194
No. 26 Range West of Grass Valley. (Collection of Neil S. Goldblatt)
No. 30 Mt. Baldy, near Beaver. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00195
No. 31 Kanab Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00196
No. 32 Kanab Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00197
No. 34 Cave, Kanab Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00198
No. 36 Piñon Tree, Kanab Cañon. (Collection of Neil S. Goldblatt)


Stereo #CaptionReproduction #
No. 38 Headland, Colorado Basin. (Two variant views have been published with this caption: Library of Congress, a view with people; Collection of Lance Cook, one without people) LC-DIG-stereo-1s00200
No. 39 Jacob's Pool, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00201
No. 40 Jacob's Pool, Colorado Basin. (Yale Collection of Western Americana)
No. 41 Jacob's Pool, Colorado Basin LC-DIG-stereo-1s00202
No. 42 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00203
No. 43 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00204
No. 44 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00205
No. 45 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00206
No. 46 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00207
No. 47 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00208
No. 49 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00209
No. 50 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00210
No. 52 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00212
No. 53 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00213
No. 54 The Bath, Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00215
No. 55 The Bath, Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00216
No. 56 Mouth of Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s01790
No. 57 Mouth of the Paria. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00220
No. 58 Mouth of the Paria. (Collection of Lance Cook)
No. 59 Mouth of the Paria. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00222
No. 60 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00223
No. 61 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s01791
No. 62 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00227
No. 63 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00228
No. 64 Grand Cañon, Mouth of Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00229
No. 66 Grand Cañon; mouth of Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00230
No. 67 Grand Cañon; mouth of Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00231
No. 68 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00232
No. 69 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00233
No. 71 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00234
No. 72 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00235
No. 73 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00236
No. 74 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00237
No. 75 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00238
No. 76 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00239
No. 77 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00240
No. 78 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00242
No. 79 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00243
No. 80 Grand Cañon, Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00244
No. 81 Grand Cañon; Sheavwitz Crossing. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00245
No. 83 Devil's Anvil, Sheavwitz Crossing. (Two variant views have been published with this caption, one with people, one without) LC-DIG-stereo-1s00248
No. 84 Plateau of the Grand Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00249
No. 85 The Bear, Colorado Plateau. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00250
No. 87 Yellow Pine, Colorado Plateau. (University of California, Bancroft Library)


Stereo #CaptionReproduction #
No. 88 Salt Creek Cañon, Utah. (Bibliothèque nationale de France)
No. 89 Salt Creek Cañon, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00251
No. 91 Cross-bedded Sandstone, Kanab, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00252
No. 92 Cross-bedded Sandstone, Kanab, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00253
No. 94 Cross-bedded Sandstone, Kanab, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00254
No. 95 Cross-bedded Sandstone, Kanab, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00255
No. 97 Cross-bedded Sandstone, Kanab, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00256
No. 98 Weathered Limestone, Grass Valley, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00257
No. 99 Fish Lake Beach, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00258
No. 100 Non-conformable Strata, Salina Cañon, Utah. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00259
No. 101 Colorado River, above the Paria. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00260
No. 102 Colorado River, below the Paria. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00261
No. 103 Colorado River, below the Paria. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00262
No. 104 Chocolate Butte; mouth of the Paria. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00263
No. 105 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s01788
No. 106 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00266
No. 107 Grand Cañon of the Colorado. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00267
No. 108 Sand Sculpture, Grand Cañon. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00268
No. 109 Lava Cone, Devil's Hole, Arizona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00269
No. 110 Perched Rock, Rocker Creek, Arizona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00270
No. 111 Chocolate Mesa, Rocker Creek, Arizona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00271
No. 112 Vermilion Mesa, Rocker Creek, Arizona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00272
No. 113 Vermilion Mesa, Jacob's Pool, Arizona. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00273
No. 114 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00274
No. 115 Kanab Wash, Colorado Basin. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00275
No. 116 Tufa Bank, Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00276
No. 118 Limestone Walls, Kanab Wash. (Yale Collection of Western Americana)
No. 120 Weathered Sandstone, Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00278
No. 121 Weathered Sandstone, Kanab Wash. LC-DIG-stereo-1s00279
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