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Comfort Starr House
Comfort Starr House

Saltbox Houses in the Historic American Buildings Survey

Page 4: Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia and Bibliography


Dibble House, Molalla
Call number: HABS ORE, 3-MOLA.V, 2-

Rhode Island

Thomas Clemence House
Call number: HABS RI, 4-JONTO, 1-
Solomon Carpenter House
Call number: HABS RI, 5-KING, 4-


Sowell House, Scotsville
Call number: HABS, VA,2-SCOTS,5-

Selected Bibliography

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Presentation of a modern saltbox, with plans.

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Three centuries of Cowles family history at Oldgate, a 1680 saltbox built in Farmington Connecticut. Also, its association with Anna Roosevelt, who commissioned Olmsted to lay out the gardens.

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How an 18th-century saltbox was moved to a new site and restored.

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How the Harbolds designed a modern saltbox in Connecticut. Illus. with photos, plans.

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In Chapter 2, "Colonial: 1600-1780," the saltbox house is explained. Includes a floor plan, and a perspective (pgs. 27-28).

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Cover story. The history of saltboxes with diagrams and illustrations.

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Three generations of changes to the Adonijah Bidwell House of Monterey, Massachusetts and their social context are studied.

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Describes the restoration of a 1739 saltbox house in Connecticut.

Fine Homebuilding on Frame Carpentry. Newtown, Conn.: Taunton Press, 1990. 127 p., illus. (some color). [LC call number: TH2301.F456 1990].

Includes the chapter: "Framing an open-plan saltbox."

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Manufactured houses are described, including a New England saltbox derived from a design by Acorn Structures.

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Authentic early American palette for restoration of an 18th century saltbox.

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Howe, Jeffery W. A Digital Archive of American Architecture [web site]. Chestnut Hill, Mass.: Boston College, 1996- . [URL:]

About 1400 digitized images of American architecture, plus explanatory material. Includes the saltbox.

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Architect Lewis presents a modern 5-bay saltbox in a perspective drawing and plans.

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In the chapter on "Colonial Houses: Postmedieval English," discusses development of the saltbox form; perspective illustration (pgs. 105-109).

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Disassembling old homes and reassembling them elsewhere. Includes a 1670 saltbox from Wallingford, Connecticut moved to North Stamford.,

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The saltbox house's brief history; a modern version for sale from History House Plans with blueprints.

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Renovation of a Roxbury, Connecticut house, especially the interior.

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Architect Roth presents a saltbox design with exposed second-story beams; photo and plans.

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Renovation by Theodate Pope Riddle of a saltbox in Farmington, Connecticut.

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Brief history of the form and the development of the saltbox. Index to houses at front.

Shipman, Wanda. "A Saltbox for All Reasons." Blair & Ketchum's Country Journal, vol. 13 (Sept. 1986): 44-51.

Architect Hank Huber's country saltbox design can be re-blocked to suit needs, and has three framing options . Available from Environmental Design Associates.

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Includes floor plans.

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The owners of the 1812 Stone-Swan House in Westfield, New York give a chronicle of its restoration. Many photographs, including interiors under construction.

Prepared by: Marilyn Ibach, Reference Specialist. Last revised: January 2002
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