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Margaret Sanger Collection (LOT 13246)

Rights and Restrictions Information

Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 20540-4730

The Margaret Sanger Collection (LOT 13246) includes photographs gathered from many sources, including wire services, commercial photo studios, publicity photo distributors, and amateur photographers, and may be restricted by copyright. Some photos are not identified with the name of the creator or their source. Privacy and publicity rights may apply.

Access: Permitted; subject to P&P policy on serving originals.

Reproduction (photocopying, hand-held camera copying, photoduplication and other forms of copying allowed by "fair use"): Permitted; subject to P&P policy on copying.

Publication and other forms of distribution: May be restricted.

  1. Wire service, professional photographer, studio, publicity, or other photographs and original artwork from commercial sources may be restricted by copyright. They can be recognized by the name that appears on the front or back of the image, e.g., Underwood & Underwood. More information on specific wire services is available in the Restrictions Notebook under Underwood & Underwood, etc. As the Division learns of photographer's current addresses, that information is added to the Restrictions Notebook under the name of the photographer. Privacy and publicity rights may also apply.

  2. Images by unidentified creators and images from unidentified sources are problematic because of the lack of information. Patrons who wish to show that a reasonable effort was made to determine copyright status should request a copyright search and retain any reply for their records.

Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Margaret Sanger Collection [reproduction number, e.g. LC-USZ62-12345]

For more information, please read: Copyright and Other Restrictions: ... Sources for Information

Prepared by: Prints and Photographs Division staff. Last revised: May 15, 1998.

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