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American Beauties: Drawings from the Golden Age of Illustration

Checklist of the Exhibition

Unless otherwise noted, all items are preserved in the Cabinet of American Illustration, Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress.

Wladyslaw T. Benda (1873-1948)
Head of girl with long blonde hair, ca. 1923
Watercolor, charcoal, and colored pencil on paper
Published as cover of
Hearst's International Magazine
, April 1923 (1)

Wladyslaw T. Benda
Girl with earrings, ca. 1924
Watercolor, charcoal, graphite, and brush and ink on paper
Published as cover of
Hearst's International Magazine
, ca. 1924 (2)

Wladyslaw T. Benda
There Was a Woman Standing in the Door as
Though Posed in
the Dark Wood of a Frame, ca. 1918
Charcoal on paper
Published in "The Sun Burned Lady" by Melville Davisson Post,
Hearst's International
Magazine, December 1918 (3)

Nell Brinkley
Golden Eyes with Uncle Sam (dog), ca. 1918
Watercolor, ink, gouache, and opaque white over graphite
under drawing on illustration board
Swann Fund purchase (4)

Jaro Fabry
Katherine Hepburn, ca. 1937
Published as cover of Cinema Arts, 1937
Watercolor and gouache on paper
Swann Fund purchase (5)

Charles Dana Gibson
Summer Sports, ca. 1904
Ink over graphite under drawing on illustration board
Published in Life, June 2, 1904 (6)

Charles Dana Gibson
The Sweetest Story Ever Told, ca. 1910
Ink over graphite on illustration board
Published in Collier's Weekly, August 13, 1910 (7)

John Held, Jr.
Elegant woman in silver dress holding a fan, n.d.
Watercolor, metallic silver paint, gouache,
and graphite on paper
Swann Foundation Fund purchase (8)

Georges LePape
Couple Lighting Cigarettes, ca. 1919
Gouache over graphite on bristol board
Published in Vanity Fair, December 1919 (9)

Russell Patterson
Where There's Smoke There's Fire, ca. 1920s
India, red and brown inks, and
watercolor on illustration board (10)

Coles Phillips
Know All Men by These Presents, ca. 1910
Gouache, watercolor, and charcoal on illustration board
Published as cover, Life, January 27, 1910
Bendiner Fund Purchase (11)

Ethel McClellan Plummer
Vanity Fair on the Avenue, 1914
Watercolor, gouache, and ink on paper board
Published in Vanity Fair, June 1914 (12)

Rita Senger
(active 1915-1930s)
Woman dancing on the shore, ca. 1916
Gouache, watercolor over graphite on watercolor board
Published as cover of Vanity Fair, July 1916 (13)

Charlotte Harding
A "quick change"--for the rest of the afternoon, ca. 1901
Charcoal, wash, and opaque white on layered paper
Published in "Our Foolish Virgins"
by Eliot Gregory, Century, November 1901 (14)

Frederic Rodrigo Gruger (1871-1953)
Too Chary of Their Complexions
to Brave the Sun
ca. 1914
Crayon and wash on paper
Published in "The Goldfish,"
Saturday Evening Post
, January 10, 1914 (15)

John Held, Jr.
The Girl Who Gave Him
the Cold Shoulder
ca. 1925
Gouache on illustration board
Cover of Life (16)

Edward Penfield
Young woman sitting beside table
holding umbrella, 1910-1925
Watercolor, gouache, and ink over graphite on paper
Advertisement for Hart,
Schaffner, & Marx clothes (17)

Harrison Fisher (1875-1934)
Young woman holding a rose, ca. 1934
Cover of Hearst's International
combined with Cosmopolitan, April 1934 (19)

Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952)
Young woman holding skates, ca. 1924
Cover of Motor, February 1924 (20)

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